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Monday, January 23, 2006

Mall Walking 

I was surfing and ended up at a post at discoverwalking.com:

Most cities in the US have malls within an easy drive or better yet a short walk. The obvious advantage of walking in the mall is that it is in a temperature controlled environment. Most malls have two stories so you can add a little more cardio by walking up and down the stairs as you make your loop....

If you are walking alone plan out your day in your head while you walk.

If you follow the 10,000 step program you should try to get at least 6,000 steps walking in the mall. Without trying most of us can walk at least 4,000 steps in the normal course of the day.

I generally mall walk before the mall opens, so I'm not assaulted with issues as Kelley is:

The mall is really an interesting place to walk...here we are, trying to be healthy, and we pass so many yummy smells...the movie theater popcorn (yum), the cookie place that sells Icees (yum), the pretzel place, the pizza place. It doesn't help that the Chik-fil-a sample lady is always trying to pawn her little treats off onto us! The pretzel lady too. I always leave our walks yearning for a cherry Icee...

Ayn Marie had a good experience:

I canceled "plans" with my so-called-friend (she probably would've canceled them anyway if I hadn't) and I called my new friend that I met on myspace. She just happens to be a mommy and she goes to my church, and we went mall-walking. It was so nice. I personally had never been mall-walking before and I have to say my only experience I have ever had with mall-walking is making fun of old people with their hand weights...but it was nice. And really it was perfect, 4 times around is a mile, the kids loved it and we stayed nice and warm.

And it's good for you:

There are a number of benefits to mall walking. Malls are not subject to the weather. It is possible to enjoy year round comfort in a mall without precipitation, wind, or temperature. Additionally, malls are relatively secure places....Lots of malls encourage the practice of mall walking though clubs, price reductions, and health screenings. Some malls even offer rewards programs like mugs every fifty miles. Mall walking can also encourage friendships. Talking with other walkers is easy and fun.

There are also some drawbacks to mall walking, though. It can get rather boring, as walking for any length of time means seeing the same stores....One other drawback is that the floors are typically concrete which can be harder than asphalt. Mall walking is also not conducive to a fast pace. Speedier walkers may find they are better off on an indoor track....

If you’re not walking with a friend, you should try listening to music. Make a tape, cd, or mp3 of your favorite music and bring along your media player. You can groove to all of your favorite tunes while you watch the scenery float by. It can also be helpful to use the time you spend walking to clear your head by thinking, dreaming, and planning, not just plotting the list of housework tasks you must finish when you get done walking. As odd as it may sound, try playing games as you walk. Create your own version of “I-Spy,” or invent other mind games to keep yourself busy. You are likely to be more motivated if you schedule a favorite activity after you walk. Try to have a cup of coffee with another walker, or schedule something else you enjoy.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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