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Monday, April 17, 2006

This Post is Tangentially Related to Michael the Maintenance Man Burton 

I had to read wikipedia to discover that Bean has a blog. (So does Frank Murphy, by the way.)

So what does Bean, who would make my White Album blog sound like New Traditionalists, blog about? Well, he covered all of these subjects (and more besides) in a single post:

So here's a mystery for you. Earlier this month the first issue of Playboy magazine for Muslim readers went on sale in Indonesia....What I don't get is why the copy of the magazine that I won on ebay was pulled from the auction site for a "violation of our stated policies." I have looked over the "prohibited and restricted items" explanation and can not figure out what the infraction was. I should be able to see unattractive women showing a peek of their ankles as much as my Indonesian brothers....

"There is no disputing that many people who would have remained in Seattle have moved away because they could not afford to stay. It is becoming a serious question with everybody who is not wealthy, where this thing is to end. For end it must. The breaking point is not far away."

Sounds like scary times, right? Interestingly, the quote above is from the old Seattle Star newspaper and it was published in 1901....

Back in 1986 it was said, and frequently, that Randy Travis saved country music. And he did it my making records the way they used to sound before the "Urban Cowboy" movie and accompanying popification of Nashville....

And he's blogged about something that interests me:

Here's a new product I'm looking forward to trying: Coca-Cola Blak is "a fusion of Coca-Cola effervescence and coffee essence." So it's a carbonated mash up of Coke and coffee. That intrigues me. It ships this week. The evil Pepsico tried a similar, inferior beverage a while back called Pepsi Kona but like everything they do it was both bad and unsuccessful. Coke rules so hard.

I initially heard about this product on the radio. Not on KROQ, but on a Las Vegas radio station (can't remember which). The weekend jocks said that it tasted like it had cigarette ashes in it. Yum. I actually want to try it, but I've only seen it in a 4-pack (at Stater Brothers) and I don't want to try it THAT bad.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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