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Monday, April 17, 2006

OK, here's where Debbie Schlussel hates conservatives 

I swear that I had not heard about this person before today, but she's an odd one. View this exchange of letters between Schlussel and My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

I appreciate your obsession with me, but this is a cease and desist letter.

It has come to my attention that you have posted on your site a photo of me to which I own the exclusive rights and use. I hold the copyright to the photo and the exclusive trademark to my likeness and image. I do not recall having licensed that photo to you or granted you permission to post it. Please immediately remove the photo from your site and cease and desist from its use.

If you do not do so, I will not hesitate to pursue legal action to enforce my rights against you. To that end, if you refuse to remove the photo, I will ask the court to assess fees against you for the period during which you posted the photo unauthorized, in addition to other damages I will be seeking against you.

Since you claim–and that is the operant word, claim–to be a conservative, one would think you would respect the property rights of others and not attempt to Kelo them. That photo is my property, and I have not granted you use of it, nor would I ever. I sent a similar notice to your friend at another website, and because he realized he was violating the law and engaging in copyright and trademark infringement, he removed my photo. You must do the same, or I will be seeing you in court.

Debbie Schlussel
YOU claim to be a conservative? BWAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!

No problem with the photo; actually, I thought I had replaced it with the non-retouched version that Right Wing Nation had provided. Whatever.

“You must do the same, or I will be seeing you in court.”
Yeah, that’s a real “conservative” thing to do. Bite me.

First and last notice: Get over yourself.

Perhaps Schlussel doesn't care for the "Support Denmark" banner on the My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy blog. She must think it's anti-American.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

That's funny.
I saw at least two posts from liberals that said that Schlussel makes Ann Coulter look good.
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