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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And you thought Paul and Mohammed were bad 

What religion is prevalent in the area that printed this quote in a textbook? Hint: not Christianity or Islam.

"A donkey is like a housewife ... In fact, the donkey is a shade better, for while the housewife may sometimes complain and walk off to her parents' home, you'll never catch the donkey being disloyal to his master."

Well, I don't know if these people are married, but they certainly caused an uproar in the country in which this religion predominates:

Outraged officials...will examine video clips to see whether a halter slipping off a top model or another's skirt zip splitting at a fashion show were "deliberate" acts, a state minister said.

Last week, model Carol Gracias's skimpy halter slipped down to her waist showing her breasts to snapping photographers and rolling TV cameras during a fashion show....

This was followed by another sensational "wardrobe malfunction" when...Gauhar Khan's skirt zip split, revealing her bottom to the media....

This has not gone well with...politicians who have been waging a morality campaign which shut down the city's famous dance bars, making thousands of female dancers jobless.

But the uproar may have subsided:

This morning, the two models and their designers as well as the show organisers were summoned to the crime branch headquarters at Crawford Market.

Carol and Gauhar were the first to be questioned, but both said they did not smell anything fishy. They did not hold anyone responsible nor did they want police intervention, they said.

Next, a 15-point questionnaire was handed to all those summoned. All were unanimous that the incident had been blown out of proportion by the media.

Well, as long as the models don't invoke the name of Christ or Allah, they'll be OK.

But not all democracies are created equal. Certainly [this country] offers political liberties lacking in many states around the world -- and particularly in China. However, it remains far from a liberal society. Nowhere is that more obvious than its indifference towards religious liberty.

In fact, indifference is putting it politely....

Sectarian violence is endemic....But Christians, constituting a much smaller minority, and Christian facilities also are frequent targets....Individual murders are common, such as the Australian missionary burned to death along with his two sons in 1999.

Yet the national authorities often do little....Moreover, government officials often have failed to convincingly condemn, let alone effectively limit, private violence....

Hundreds of attacks occur annually, and assaults on Christians have been rising recently. For instance, in January a pastor was beaten for distributing Christian literature. The following month several people assaulted a minister accused of engaging in "forcible conversions." In February mobs attacked a new Catholic school and a Pentecostal church.

Moreover, several...states enforce anti-conversion laws, which sacrifice individual conscience to ethnic nationalism. Such laws tend to most penalize the most vulnerable. Indeed, they even inhibit Christian social services since aid can be considered a "benefit" offered in exchange for conversion.

Christians who refuse to be intimidated are at serious risk....[N]ationalists have turned to local mobs and government authorities to break the Hopegivers International charity.

In February rampaging crowds destroyed a church and school run by Hopegivers and attacked a bus carrying young students....The local government has arrested charitable officials, revoked the charity's licenses, frozen the institution's bank accounts, and threatened to cut off electricity and water at a children's home. The provincial social welfare minister has threatened to seize charity properties. In mid-March...capped their campaign by engineering the arrest of the organization's president, Samuel Thomas....

Hopegivers was founded by Thomas's father, Bishop M.A. Thomas....The charity, which is based in Georgia, cares for abandoned children around the world. There are 190 children centers in [this country]....The human need remains enormous despite [the country's] recent economic strides. Although Hopegivers International is a faith-based organization, it provides aid to all comers. This willingness to accept everyone makes it particularly threatening....

Accept everyone? Terrible.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Good heavens, is this ever random! I love it because you're cruising some of the same blogs and reading the good bits to me. Thanks!!

I was homered that BravoBox shows up in one of your trails of breadcrumbs. Even if you did take me out of context ;-)
um... homered is honored, or maybe it IS homered...
Baseball on the brain, I guess. I try not to reproduce someone's entire post, but more often than not I fail to say, "Read the whole post rather than just the stuff I quoted." My apologies.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I have perused yours from time to time, and all I can say it "yup, its random!" But still, a very nice read.
Well, it sounds to me like there's quite a bit of Christian persecution going on in India. Thanks for the info.
At some point I'll do some research on Mission India, which our church supports.

"Yup, it's random!" I think I have a tagline for this blog now.
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