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Monday, July 11, 2005

Even Atheists Will Want the Second Coming to Occur in This Instance 

I previously posted my idea about a midday radio show starring Danny Bonaduce and Doug Krikorian.

I just had a scary thought, remembering an un/underemployed radio personality who could serve as the third banana.

Perhaps as the weatherman.

It's seventy two Dees grees.

Take me now...

For those who passionately hate Ryan Seacrest, even you have to admit that he's better than Rick Dees. Really, you do. It's not my fault if you don't:

Ryan Seacrest is getting a star on the walk of fame for some reason. He will be 'honored' in a ceremony this Wednesday to commemorate his work in radio. Radio? Do they still have that. Who listens to Radio? Crack-moms and the hobos who are going to be taking a dump next to Seacrest's Star, I guess. So how do you get a star of your own, you ask? Apparently, the only qualifications to get one are $15,000 and an "appreciable body of work." So, I guess three years of American Idol, stealing Rick Dees' job, and a failed talk-show qualify these days. Whatever...

Well, I'm sure everyone else agrees with me. Perhaps not:

But Air America must not forget that as much as it is propagating a political philosophy, it is even more so an enterprise that must cater to the consumer and enthrall those who listen. Once the initial luster of liberal radio has worn off, it will be up to Franken and the rest of the network's staff to maintain the programming as a successful product. If Air America cannot do this, then it will go down as the biggest radio embarrassment since Ryan Seacrest replaced the immortal Rick Dees.

I guess I'm in the minority here. But I do have people that agree that Ryan Seacrest works hard:

Ryan Seacrest has to be one of the busiest men in the buisness! He is the host of American Idol, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, American Top 40 radio countdown, and now he is adding a fourth gig to his busy day! Seacrest has been named the new host of KIIS-FM's popular L.A.-based morning radio program. He will be replacing Rick Dees, who has been hosting the show for 22 years. I wanna know when will he sleep?!?!

Well, "On Air..." isn't any more, so that reduces the workload.

OK, I found one person who agrees that Rick Dees is not "immortal." This is from a review of the talk show "Into the Night" (at which he gave away cash, just like on radio, to bribe people to listen):

i think that whoever wrote all this good stuff about this dud of a show must be either related to the feminine looking, muttfaced DJ or they work for him, this show sucked, sucked, rick dees has little to no talent and the show was horrible, doing lame radio bits on television, like anyone would care about that, rick dees sucks and the show sucks and that's that, and he doesn't compare to conan o'brien at all, you moron, rick dees was the worst, he made asskissio hall seem like david letterman, terrible, horrific, thank god the show is off and now that howard stern is here in california (he has been for a while), rick has hardly any gigs except bad infomercials about cd complilations of his lame, one-hit wonder, girly music, lame, lame, rick dees sucked and whoever liked the show, sucks too...and his sweaters were the worst...


And I admit that "Barely White" and "The Peanut Prance" were pretty good songs...

From the Ontario Empoblog

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