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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Biometrics blogs 

I occasionally delve into biometrics issues, but these people do it more often:

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Trapped in the Closet? I thought he was accused of HETEROSEXUAL affairs 

KROQ's Kevin and Bean (who used to work with Tami Heide) devoted a portion of this morning's show to R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet":

Since the indictment, he has released several songs maintaining his innocence, along with other tunes that border on the pornographic, playing up his image as a self-proclaimed "Sexual Super Freak" and using public interest in his case to keep listeners curious about how far he'll go in his music.

"Trapped in the Closet" is Kelly's boldest step yet....In a masterful marketing move, the elaborate story-song was released to radio and on Kelly's Web site in installments, building suspense as listeners wondered what would happen next in the 16-minute soap opera, which he has described as "a ghetto 'Desperate Housewives.' "

Over a minimal musical backing, Kelly tells the story of six characters caught in a web of adulterous affairs, singing each role himself. In part one, the main character, who is never named, wakes up in bed with Kathy, a woman who isn't his wife. He tries to leave, but Kathy's husband comes up the stairs, so he winds up hiding in the closet.

The central character is discovered when his cell phone rings, and he threatens Kathy's cuckolded husband, a minister named Rufus, by pulling a pistol. At the moment when it seems as if violence is inevitable, Rufus drops that bombshell that he has been cheating as well -- and his homosexual lover, a man named Chuck, arrives at the door.

The narrator leaves Rufus, Kathy and Chuck to sort things out. On the way home, he is stopped for speeding. When he finally arrives, he makes love to his own wife, but he discovers a condom in their bed. Part five ends when the narrator learns that his wife has been cheating on him, too -- with the police officer who stopped him earlier....

The songwriter may have had a more self-serving motive for crafting the mini-opera: In addition to titillating listeners, the song seems to say that "everyone" has some scandalous sexual secret hidden in their closet. The key line is delivered by Minister Rufus when his wife attacks him for sleeping with a man: "Please, you can't judge me."...

Something else to keep in the closet:

FOX uncovers .. Michael Jackson is a closet Klingon

With 2 former jurors calling him guilty, 11 former Neverland ranch hands calling him a child molester and his own sister Janet going "Oh Michael", Michael Jackson, King of Pop, according to FOX news is in fact a Klingon, masquerading as a human.

Last month FOX, ratings floundering sent over a dozen homegrown "FOX paparazzi's" out to discover the real Michael Jackson. Sources say that FOX succeeded in it's goal. Slated to air next Sunday, "JACKSON, OH MY LIVING GOD!" is expected to draw over 120 viewers from ABC'S much anticipated "Desperate Housewives do the Miami Dolphins" episode....

The last story was from The Spoof, which has also published this piece:

Pop idol, rock star, dancer, fashion maven, sex goddess, alternative lifestyle queen, movie actress, fitness enthusiast, mom, spiritual seeker, and equestrienne, Madonna has been through every phase. Now that she’s bored again, Madonna wants to try a new type of lifestyle change - death....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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What were you thinking? 

As the death toll mounts from Hurricane Katrina, and you start wondering why these people didn't evacuate after all the pleas to do so, thoughts turn to arguably the most famous non-evacuee, Harry Truman of Mt. St. Helen's fame:

All he did to become a legend was stay on Mount St. Helens and die.

But there was more to crotchety old Harry Truman than his last stand -- which he really did not want to make, according to family and friends of Truman, who refused to leave his home below the volcano....

A lot of folks feel Truman was simply a crotchety old man who refused to listen to reason, says Barry Murray, who's helping create the Tyee Trail Association's Volcano Loop. "They don't want him to be the icon of the eruption."

Roberta Dickerson, a former Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce director who runs the trail group, says a lot of townfolk tolerate the memorial only "because some feel it helps tourism."

Of course, Truman has defenders.

"We all have many facets to our personality, and he had a whole kaleidoscope," says his niece, Shirley Rosen of Bothell.

Rosen wrote a personal memoir called "Truman of St. Helens: The Man and His Mountain." She called her uncle "a salty curmudgeon who lived his life the way he really wanted to live. He was a tough man with a gentle side."

A lot of folklore isn't true, she said. Truman wasn't an uneducated hermit living in a little cabin in the wilderness, as depicted in a television movie that starred Art Carney. He was a Mossyrock High graduate who shrewdly built up a million-dollar business....

Rosen says Truman's unwillingness to leave the mountain had more to do with protecting his property than making a statement. Others say the headlines contributed to his refusal to come off the mountain -- he felt obliged to live up to his press.

"I think he kind of got himself talked into a Catch-22 situation to stay," Barker said. "He wanted to come down. He was very much afraid of earthquakes.

"He felt, like everyone else, that he would be able to see lava start to ooze down and a news helicopter would come in and scoop him up at the last minute."

Nature had other ideas. The searing blast came at 300 mph.

"One scientist told us Truman probably had time to maybe turn his head," Rosen said....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time for my mid-life crisis 

Preamble - Mitzee's picture is here. This has nothing to do with the entry below, but you may enjoy it more.

Something has happened to me 2-3 times this last month. The most recent occurrence was last night:

MAN TO MY WIFE: And you are the sister of _____?
MAN TO ME: And you are the father?

Now I will grant that my wife is very young-looking, but I don't think of myself as old-looking. Then again, upon further reflection (literally), I discovered that the gray hairs that used to be only around my ears are now all throughout my hair.

It's not personally upsetting to me, but when three similar comments are made in the space of a single month, it appears that the "distinguished look" may be out.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Allow Me To Get A Little More Orthodox For A Brief And Shining Moment 

'Scuse me while I don't kiss this guy. From Basic Christian:

These are Seven Miracles performed by Jesus and recorded in the Gospel of John by John a disciple of Jesus. John was an eyewitness present at each of these seven miracles. These miracles are illustrations representing miracles that Jesus is currently doing in the life of each and every Christian....

This first marvelous miracle that Jesus is performing is an illustration to us His believers. When we obey Jesus we become His servant, Romans 6:16 says "Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?" When we acknowledge our sins and the forgiveness of the cross of Jesus we become clean like the stone water pots. Once we are clean Jesus then comes inside and fills us with His presence. We are then to draw out the wine of Jesus' presence in us and pour it out to others. When we do this we are effecting the lives of others around us....

When we specifically look for miracles we are prone to miss the biggest miracle of all and that is the Spiritual healing of us from death to life. Jesus said the son "liveth" Christianity is not about being bad then becoming good it is about being dead in sin and then becoming suddenly alive to God and life. Notice that Jesus spoke this miracle and healed the son when the son was in a different city than Jesus. It is that way for us, Jesus is in heaven seated at the right hand of the Father, we are here on earth, but we are not out of the effect of Jesus' voice. When Jesus speaks we are healed....

Once the healed man gave credit to Jesus for healing him. The people he told became so upset that Jesus had healed the infirmed man on the Sabbath, they actually sought to kill Jesus. This is the first part of persecution in the Christian walk....

Jesus gives thanks, takes the bread and breaks it, distributing the fragments of bread to feed the multitudes. We often think what do I have to offer in fellowship & Church with other Christians. We look at ourselves and know our problems and our shortcomings. We wrongly think that Christians are "perfect" people and that we need to be "perfect" to fellowship. The reality is that in Jesus He is using the fragments of our life to nourish others in fellowship....

The dark nights and the storms of life will come. It is up to us to look to Jesus and to invite Him into our situation into the very boat of our circumstances. As we look around for Jesus we need to look up to see Jesus, for He is above our problems He is walking on the waters. Jesus is above the very storms that threaten to capsize us....

Then Jesus instructed the man to "Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, which is by interpretation, Sent." In Greek the pool of Siloam is called the pool of Apostle. Apostle means sent. The Apostles of Jesus are the "sent out ones" But in order to be sent out it is first required to have sight in the light of Jesus and to have our eyes Anointed with the Clay of humanity....

The final miracle of Jesus that we get to participate in is the glorious resurrection of the believer. Jesus called Lazarus by name just as Jesus knows our name and will call us by name to the first resurrection....

Another view:

...I now make some suggestions about the principle of order in the author's selection of the miracles described at some length....

First, and perhaps foremost in its significance for the human being open to logos, is the remarkable symmetry of the arrangement in John. Consider the first and last of our seven miracles, the changing of water to wine and the raising of Lazarus. "Dead" water is transformed into "living water"—just as Lazarus' corpse is reanimated. Is the resurrected Lazarus better than he was before he died, just as the wine provided by Jesus is said to be the best at the wedding party in Cana? Does a better life await man after having been revived by Jesus? I also notice that these two miracles, the first and the last, are performed primarily at the behest of women: the first upon the suggestion of Jesus' mother, the last in response to Lazarus' sisters.

Consider, in turn, the second and the next-to-last miracles, the healing of the nobleman's son and the healing of the blind man. In both of those cases, Jesus works at a distance. That is, the absent child is healed at the hour Jesus says he is healed; the blind man will be healed when he washes off, at another place, the mud that Jesus has put on his eyes. Both of these healings, I notice, are performed at the behest of men: an anxious father, in the first case, the inquiring disciples, in effect, in the second case (as well as, presumptively, the blind man himself).

We move even further from the first and last miracles by turning to the third miracles, counting from the beginning and from the end, that of the healing of the infirm man at Bethesda and that of Jesus walking upon the water. Both of these miracles involve acts of walking: one by the helpless man upon land, the other by Jesus upon the water. Both walkings are water-related: the infirm man was not able to walk (as he desired for his cure) from the land to the miraculous pool at Bethesda; Jesus was able to walk to his disciples in the boat and thus to bring them all to land. Both of the these miracles involve the stirring of water by the wind. Is not God responsible for the effect of the stirring of the water at Bethesda (the curative effect)? But we also see that Jesus can control the effects of storm-tossed water.

We now have left only one miracle in this list, that of the loaves and fishes. I mention a small point first, that just as the land-water relation is critical in the miracles on either side of this central miracle, so the food which is bountifully multiplied comes from both the land and the water....This miracle is also unique in the extent of its beneficiaries. There are far more people here, it would seem, than at the Cana wedding party....

[T]he multiplication of the loaves and fishes is something around which the account of miracles in John turns. Are not the three miracles following this multiplication more impressive, less open to doubt as anything but genuine miracles (if they happened), than the three preceding it? Thus, the raising of the dead is more critical than converting water to wine. (After all, water can be mixed with the remnants of wine, or jars can be substituted.) Thus, the curing of a longstanding blindness is more critical than the curing of a just-sick child (children do have remarkable recuperative powers). And thus, walking upon water (if not even calming a storm) is more critical than curing a bedridden man. (The power of suggestion is obviously more likely to affect the infirm than the sea.) Is there something about the miracle of the loaves and fishes which permits thereafter the "escalation" of the miracles? Are people (including, it seems, the disciples) prepared after that miracle for grander things?

And another view:

[T]he largest section of the Gospel, the “Book of Signs,” begins (1:19–12:50). In this section the Son of God performs seven “signs” (John never uses the term “miracle”) as a witness to his authority and identity. In a real sense, this gospel is a legal document, designed especially to prove Christ’s deity. There are witnesses, testimonies, evidence, and signs....

The Book of Signs, though disclosing seven miracles, is best organized geographically. There are eight locales for the manifestation of the Son of God seen here. As Jesus enters a new locale, the twin themes of Gentile response and Jewish hostility to him increase.

Jesus’ ministry begins in Perea and Galilee (1:19–2:11)....And in Cana of Galilee Jesus performs his first sign: changing the water into wine at a wedding (2:1-11). Although this was his first sign, only a handful of people (including his disciples) knew about it....

Then, Jesus went up from Galilee to Jerusalem for the Passover (2:12–3:36) and cleanses the temple (2:12-22)....

After the pseudo-reception in Jerusalem, Jesus traveled back to Galilee, going through Samaria en route (4:1-42)....

Jesus then returns to Galilee where a second sign is performed, the healing of a royal official’s son (4:43-54)....

In Jesus’ second visit to Jerusalem for “a feast of the Jews” (5:1) he gets involved in a Sabbath controversy (5:1-47). It is caused by his healing of a lame man (his third sign) by the pool of Bethesda (5:1-15). Because he performs such an act on the Sabbath, the Jews plot to kill him (5:16-18)....

Chapter six, once again, finds Jesus in Galilee for a third cycle (6:1-71). This time two signs are given: the feeding of the five thousand—a sign given to the public (6:1-15) and Jesus walking on the water—a sign given to Jesus’ disciples (6:16-24)....

The hostility toward Jesus met its climax when Jesus returned to Judea and Jerusalem for a third time (7:1–11:57)....

The first cycle addresses Jewish unbelief in spite of Jesus’ teaching (7:1–8:59)....

The second cycle addresses Jewish unbelief in spite of Jesus’ healing of a blind man (9:1–10:39). This again was a healing on the Sabbath (9:13-16), and for this very reason the Jews refused to believe that Jesus was sent from God (9:16)....

The third cycle solidified their plot against Jesus’ life. For in this last confrontation, Jesus raises a man from the dead (the seventh sign) (10:40–11:44), causing many Jews finally to believe in him (11:45). The Sanhedrin consequently planned to take his life, out of political and religious expediency (11:48). Unwittingly, the high priest gives the clearest statement of substitutionary atonement found in John’s Gospel (11:50), which John capitalizes on (11:51)....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Hee Haw Replaced The Smothers Brothers, Waldorf Critics, and Celebrity Love Matches Via Biorhythms 

From the Waldorf Critics Archive:

From: Herman de Tollenaere (hermantl@stad.dsl.nl)
Subject: Re: SF State hosting cult medical course
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 20:04:00 +0200
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

At 12:21 AM 10/10/97 -0700, PLANS wrote:

)People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools (PLANS), is blowing the whistle
)on a San Francisco State University course called "Anthroposophical
)Medicine." "Not only is medical quackery being promoted by a public
)university," said PLANS President Debra Snell, "but this course violates
)separation of church and state. Anthroposophy is a cult-like religious
)sect. The University is being used to give legitimacy to lunatic fringe

)"Anthroposophical Medicine" is a full-credit course in the Department of
)Holistic Health.

What else does this *Department of Holistic Health* teach, apart from
Steiner? Quimby? Mary Baker Eddy? Elizabeth Clare Prophet? L. Ron Hubbard?
Deepak Chopra? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? Louise L. Hay? Therapeutic Touch? Jan
Smuts, the early twentieth century South African general and politician, who
first used the concept holism? This is *not* a rhetorical question. I would
really like to know.

I have re-posted the PLANS mail about this in The Netherlands.

Herman de Tollenaere

From a biography of Rudoloph Steiner:

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) is an important occult philosopher. An Austrian, he was greatly influenced by Goethe's works, and worked for a time at the Goethe archives at Weimer. He later became involved in the Theosophical Society, and founded a new German branch. But although obviously influenced by the Theosophical World-view (the concept of seven planes, cosmic cycles and sub-cycles, etc) Steiner's approach and teachings differed markedly from those of the rest of Theosophists. Whereas the Theosophists, under the inspiration of Blavatsky's orientation, looked to the East - to India and Tibet, for inspiration - Steiner was preiminantly a European mystic. He was interested in European occultism, European mysticism, European Christianity. In 1907 he was initiated into the Rosicrucians. By 1910 he was lecturing heavily on the Gospels....

Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater's Star of the East project (in which they claimed the new Messiah had incarnated in the person of Jiddu Krishnamurti, then a young boy) was as much as Steiner and the Germans could bear. And the last thing the German aristrocracy wanted to be associated with was the British empire and all that Indian stuff. They craved instead the Nordic mysteries.

Sounds like Robert Plant.

Eventually, due to increasing tension with Annie Besant's brand of Theosophy, things came to a head, and he broke away in 1913 to found his own organisation, which he called Anthroposophy ("Wisdom of or about Man")....

Steiner made a few curious blunders. His account of the formation and history of the Earth for example is not supported by any astrophysical, geological, or paleontological evidence. He took the Gospels at face value, whereas any modern religious historian could tell you they were not eye-witness statements but theological accounts of how the early Church perceived Christ, only written some decades after the latter's death, and compiled from different sources.

Oh yeah, those modern religious historians. They probably are not employed at Rudolf Steiner College:

Rudolf Steiner College is one of America's leading Waldorf teacher education colleges. It is also a center for anthroposophical studies. Programs at the College arise out of the work of Austrian philosopher, scientist and educator Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) whose innovative ideas and discoveries have inspired a wide spectrum of practical activities worldwide—in the arts, banking, architecture, medicine, agriculture, and care of the handicapped, as well as education.

This is taken from a web page with the unfortunate name "waldorfed." (We don't need no education.)

Waldorf education balances artistic, academic and practical work educating the whole child, hand and heart as well as mind. Its innovative methodology and developmentally-oriented curriculum, permeated with the arts, address the child's changing consciousness as it unfolds, stage by stage. Imagination and creativity are cultivated as well as cognitive growth and a sense of responsibility for the earth and its inhabitants. Under the warm and active instruction of their teachers, children are provided with a creative and nurturing environment in which to develop, grow and learn.

Since its founding by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, the Waldorf school movement has grown to over 800 schools throughout the world, over 150 of them in the United States and Canada. Increasing recognition from parents and educators has led to rapid expansion and, with it, a shortage of trained Waldorf teachers.

Steiner's detailed psychology of child development, described early in the 20th century, has been supported by modern research in education and neuropsychology. Through Waldorf education, Steiner hoped that young people would develop the capacities of soul and intellect and the strength of will that would prepare them to meet the challenges of their own time and the future....

Because my professional life focuses largely on preparing people for teacher education programs, I am particularly aware of how our work compares with that of Waldorf teacher training programs. I have been fascinated to observe how many of the educational theories and goals espoused by my colleagues in teacher education directly correlate with long-established tenets of Waldorf teacher training . . . For the past ten years my teaching responsibilities have compelled me to inform myself not just about what would-be teachers need to learn, but also about how and what children themselves need to learn. All of my instructionally-related research into childhood has pointed toward the superiority of Waldorf education over all other current educational methods.

- Jane W. Hipolito, Ph.D.,
Professor of English and Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies,
California State University, Fullerton

With over 800 schools worldwide, and there are hundreds of job openings available for qualified teachers. Waldorf schools have doubled in number during each of the last three decades. There are over 100 Waldorf schools affiliated with AWSNA. You could be their teacher!

Presumably these schools don't teach about the Smothers Brothers replacement show, and they probably don't cover the career of Misty Rowe. Oh, you haven't heard of Misty Rowe?

Some of her great memories include the year she spent on Happy Days as Wendy, the car hop, when Ron Howard made his directing debut; auditioning for Mel Brooks and winning the role of Maid Marion, on the series, When Things Were Rotten, where she would play opposite Sid Caesar one week, and Dudley Moore the next. Another of her favorite memories was starring opposite Joe Namath in L'il Abner on a nationwide tour. The shorts she wore as Daisy Mae in that production, she also wore on a poster that would sell over one million copies....

The hit of the Cannes Film Festival for three different years, and on the cover of numerous European magazines, she would meet Robin Leach, who guest starred twelve years later on Hee Haw, and sent her to Quebec to stay in a castle on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Oh yes, by the way, she was a regular on Hee Haw for nineteen years....

And no, I don't know Ms. Rowe's preferred educational philosophies. But I can find out if I am compatible with Misty Rowe (based on biorhythms). This doesn't look too bad:

physical 99%
emotional 84%
intellectual 95%
total 93%

However, what does it mean to know that I am intellectually compatible with a woman most famous for playing dumb?

According to biorhythms, my best matches are as follows:

Mariska Hargitay 99%
Paula Devicq 99%
Tatjana Simic 98%
Lorraine Kelly 98%
Patty Loveless 98%

More on one of my top biorhythm matches:

Mariska Hargitay headlines the NBC crime drama "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," now in its sixth season, as the unit's veteran detective Olivia Benson. Her portrayal of Detective Benson won her the 2005 Golden Globe for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, as well as Emmy and SAG nominations for Lead Actress in 2004. Mariska's many other honors include nominations in the show's freshman season (1999-2000) for Best Actress by the Viewers of Quality Television, for Favorite Actress in a New Series by the TV Guide Awards, and for Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series by the International Press Academy. She is also the recipient of the 2004 Gracie Allen Award for Individual Achievement for Best Female Lead Actress in a Drama Series on behalf of American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT).

"As a woman," says Mariska, "it's gratifying to play a part that's a multi-layered challenge. Olivia is not only a competent, street-smart cop, she's an empathetic woman who can respond compassionately to victims of terrible crimes without compromising her professionalism."

Mariska's work on SVU has prompted her to help real-life survivors of sexual assault. In 2002, she founded the Joyful Heart Foundation, which is dedicated to introducing dolphin-human therapy to survivors of sexual assault. Working hand in hand with rape-crisis centers and counselors, the Joyful Heart Foundation synthesizes all of the components of the healing process (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental) into one therapeutic experience.

Mariska sits on the board of the Mount Sinai SAVI (Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention) program and has done public service announcements for NBC's "The More You Know" campaign, as well as for Safe Horizons, a national advocacy program for victims of crime and abuse. She has also lent her time and resources to many other worthy organizations, such as the Santa Monica Rape Crisis Treatment Center; Project ALS; the Girl Scouts of America, for whom she gave talks for young women; and the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness (JRI), for which she hosted the 2003 event "An Evening of Music, Laughter, Inspiration and Awareness" in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mariska is the youngest daughter of screen legend Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay. Mariska is married to actor Peter Hermann and lives in New York City.

And more on the other one:

Paula Devicq was born on 7 July 1965 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Paula Devicq has recently starred in The Breakup Artist (2004) playing the role of Teresa, and The Grid (2004) as Jane McCann. Paula Devicq has also featured in many movies such as 100 Centre Street (2001), Kill the Man (1999), and Dinner and Driving (1997). Some of Paula Devicq's early break throughs were in Party of Five (1994) playing the role of Kirsten Bennett Thomas Salinger, Wounded Heart (1995) as Tracy Lance, and Dinner and Driving (1997) as Laura.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Van Earl Wright, Fifteen Years Ago 

From ajc.com:

Happy birthday: Regional sports network FSN South [turned] 15 years old on Monday. The network, originally known as SportSouth, came on the air Aug. 29, 1990, with host Van Earl Wright welcoming viewers to "the best thing to hit the South since free refills of iced tea." Through several name changes, FSN South has become the nation's largest regional sports network, with 10.7 million subscribers in seven states.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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We Covered This In College 

My freshman dorm had a couple of physics majors, as well as those of us who majored in the softer subjects. However, I believe that all of us agreed at the time that psychology was bogus.

We were right. Emphasis mine.

Why Would You Want to Live in Holographic Time?

Your entire life will be improved by Mastering Holographic Time because you will literally change your perception of who you are in the world. You can only find this unique information right here - it isn't found anywhere else.

You can help transform the entire world to Holographic Time! Millions are discovering the benefits of moving away from Linear Thinking into a powerful new mind-set. When you know you are an unlimited being in an abundant universe, you create abundance instead of scarcity!

Millionaire T. Harv Eker says that your income will grow only to the extent that you do! You and your income will grow dramatically when you change your time-consciousness.

Realms of Joy - Time of Light will extremely change your consciousness. The world itself will then change for you!

This eye-opening book gives real methods for creating reality in a more successful way. The illusions created by linear time are at the root of so many difficulties in our lives. The methods presented here destroy the illusions of time and bring increased joy and light through awareness and practice.

What Are Five Benefits of Eliminating Linear Time?

You Can Stop:

Seeing the world through illusions that have been holding you back.

Sabotaging your plans because you don't feel deserving of success.

Using your energy to fragment your reality and create problems.

Being a victim and blaming others for your circumstances.

Fearing for the future, and worrying about tomorrow.

In this mind power classic, Christopher uses his degree in psychology to explore time and consciousness from a unique perspective.

He also draws upon holy writings, quantum physics, and ancient philosophy. Whatever the sources, you will come to understand what time really is, and how to change your consciousness experience in a beneficial way!

The specific exercises and the summary questions at the end of each chapter make it a simple matter of practice to create Holographic Time in your life!

My suggestion - call these people and put THEM on hold for five days and see what happens.

Now, considering some stuff that has happened within the last week (which I have not yet explicitly discussed), this set off some alarm bells:

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this course will teach you...

How to overcome addictions easily and naturally through Holographic Time!...

How linear time creates addictions, and how Holographic Time frees you from addiction by creating the wholeness that you really crave!...

And if linear time is bogus, why bother to write a book about potty-training a child in five hours?


From the Ontario Empoblog

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Yes, Starfish, In This Millennium I Truly AM a Fount of All Knowledge 

Back in my BBS'ing days, I once claimed to be a "fount of all knowledge."

Well, dang my turpentine, looks like I am:

Just as long as the refrigerator folks don't regard me as authoritative, I'll be fine.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Wish I had found this site BEFORE my vacation 

Roadnotes has a web page that includes all of the following:

  • Cracker Barrel locations

  • Flying J Travel Plaza locations

  • Hotel and motel toll-free numbers

  • Rest area/welcome center information

  • Love's Travel Stop locations

  • Travel Centers of America locations

  • much more...

The associated blog, however, primarily caters to RV'ers. Until I visited this site, I had never run across the term RV dump stations before. Pretty important, though.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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More on KFI, KECA, KEHE, and KABC (go gargle with razor blades) 

If you look at my Texas rest stop picture of the KFI and KECA logo (see previous posts [1] [2]), you'll find references to the NBC Red Network and the NBC Blue Network. I found some more information on all of this at a description of the former Morgan, Walls, and Clements Building in Los Angeles.

Built: 1936
Demolished 2003
Formerly: KFI/KECA building
Formerly: KEHE building
Designed by: Stiles O. Clements of Morgan, Walls and Clements
Stories: 1
Type: Office building
Location: 133-141 North Vermont Avenue [Los Angeles, California 90004]....

This building, known as the The Morgan, Walls and Clements building, was built as the studios and offices of KEHE radio (780 AM). Its call letters derive from the fact that it was owned by the Hearst newspaper company, and was the radio voice of the Evening Herald Express. In 1939 Earl C. Anthony, the owner of KFI radio (640 AM) bought KEHE, took it off the air and moved his existing station, KECA (1430 formerly KPLA) onto the 780 frequency. KECA was named after its owner's initials. Several years later Anthony then moved the two stations from their building on South Hope Street into the old KEHE building on North Vermont. KFI carried NBC's Red Network, and KECA carried the Blue Network. By 1944 the federal government decided that competition was a good thing, and prohibited ownership of multiple radio stations in the same market (a practice it encourages these days). Anthony had to sell KECA to NBC Blue, and the station moved out of its original home. NBC Blue eventually became ABC. Today KECA exists as KABC (790 AM)....

More on the demolition of the building (and the ensuing controversy) here.

A technical history of KFI transmitter facilities can be found here. And here's some excerpts from a more detailed history:

It was anything but history, however, that moved Earle C. Anthony to construct KFI in 1922....With his father, he developed a car dealership and invented the "filling station," opening the first two in California. His symbol was the Chevron, which he sold to Standard Oil a few years later. He even influenced the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and started what would be the Greyhound Corp.

However, the reason we are talking about Earle C. Anthony today is yet another innovation that he grabbed hold of: radio. An article in The Saturday Evening Post sparked his interest in a potential way to communicate between his dealerships as well as an interesting hobby. He built a transmitter literally on a breadboard on his kitchen table, and began broadcasting on April 16, 1922.

True to his entrepenurial background, Anthony immediately saw the value of the radio station was more than for internal communication; it could be of value in bringing in new customers to his car business. Arranging with the LA Herald and Examiner newspapers for news reporting, regular programs began to go out everyday. And lest you wonder who was responsible for it all, the station ID at the top of the hour would be "This is KFI, the Radio Central Superstation of Earle C. Anthony, Incorporated, California Packard Distributors."...

Over the years, in order to maintain its place as a "Clear Channel" and a showpiece facility, KFI kept increasing power until in 1931 it became the first in Southern California to be run a full 50,000 watts.

Billed as the "country's most powerful station" (based on the combination 50 kW at 640 kHz), KFI certainly proved to have a long "reach." Heard throughout the west, KFI was at least as important a station as any of the Clears in the East and Midwest. NBC tried several times to purchase KFI, but Anthony was steadfast in refusing any offers. He told NBC "I wouldn't sell my wife. Why would I sell KFI?"...

Even when the Packard dealership began to wane in the 1950s, Earle C. Anthony took comfort in his KFI. "Every morning before I get up, I kiss a microphone" he told his chief engineer.

I was not privileged to have been able to spend time with any of the gentlemen who built the station. Earle C. Anthony died in 1961. When I arrived in 1970, the station was being sold and the chief engineers were going into retirement. Today, I can only recognize and sigh over the loss of opportunity that is now gone....

Here are some excerpts from KABC's history:

KABC first went on the air on April 14, 1925 as KVFV. On November 15, 1929 the station was sold to Earl C. Anthony, a local car dealer looking for a new medium to bring him customers. He changed the call letters to reflect his initials, KECA. ABC bought the station in 1944, adopting the station's present name....

By 1960, Bernard G. "Ben" Hoberman arrived as station manager when KABC's programming was a mixture of old-style network programs and music to which Southern Californians reacted with massive disinterest.But he had a revolutionary solution to KABC's lack-luster ratings: create an all-talk format. Talk programs are as old as radio: news broadcasts, sports programs and commentary are all forms of talk radio. But the idea of an all-talk format, featuring discussion and conversation-and without music-had never been done....

The talk of the time, however, was extremely tame by today's standards. Religion and politics were considered "taboo". But the sixties did herald a loud, brash, extraordinarily provocative and controversial host who first went on-air in 1963. His collision-course style of talk radio would become KABC's signature for the turbulent Decade of Change. His name was Joe Pyne. Pyne exploded the conventions of radio at the time, and launched the modern talk format. His favorite insult, "Go gargle with razor blades," was the kind of in-your-face attitude the fast-growing young metropolis loved to hear.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Vacation - Alanreed, TX, August 2, 2005 

Donley County Eastbound Safety Rest Area, Alanreed, TX 79002

Finally resuming my series of posts on my three week trip by posting a followup to my August 7 post about the multi-million dollar rest room.

View my Perplexmi Mind Gallery photo album, which includes four pictures taken at the Donley County Eastbound Safety Rest Area, including
  • My own picture of the art in the rest area bathroom (my August 7 post included someone else's picture).

  • An old Bell System logo.

  • The aforementioned KFI/KECA logo.

  • A picture of the outside of the building.

Frankly, I was very surprised to find something this elaborate, because most of the state-maintained stops on Interstate 40 (which crosses the Texas Panhandle) aren't even rest areas - most are parking areas with no bathrooms.

Regarding the name of the nearby town - according to legendsofamerica.com, Alanreed, Texas was named after the contracting firm Alan and Reed.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

On Blessing Your Refrigerator 

Recently I alluded to Louise L. Hay in connection to refrigerators.

Therein lies a tale.

There was a faculty meeting at a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) school in Southern California in the late 1980s or early 1990s. One of the church members attended the faculty meeting and suggested that Louise Hay tapes be used at the school. Several faculty members listened to the tapes and unanimously rejected the idea.

For those who are unfamiliar with the LCMS, its congregations tend toward more orthodox Christianity, and thus naturally reject New Age and related stuff. So when Louise Hay, in her meditations, urged the listener to bless the inanimate objects in their homes, including their refrigerators, alarm bells went off all over the place.

I found the exact tape in question (although it's now a CD) on amazon.com:

Morning & Evening Meditations [ABRIDGED] (Audio CD)
by Louise L. Hay...

Price: $8.21 and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. See details
You Save: $2.74 (25%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.

Only 2 left in stock--order soon (more on the way)....

Editorial Reviews

Book Description
Morning & Evening Meditations, by Louise L. Hay, is a bestselling audio program that has been on the Hay House top-ten for years. Your customers will buy it over and over to give to friends and family.
Morning & Evening Meditations is an uplifting CD that will help you start your day with a positive outlook and end your day with gratitude.

About the Author
Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher and the bestselling author of 27 books, including You Can Heal Your Life, ISBN:0-937611-01-8; You Can Heal Your Life Gift Edition, ISBN:1-56170-628-0; and Empowering Women, ISBN: 1-56170-6094. Her works have been translated into 25 different languages in 33 countries throughout the world. Since beginning her career as a Science of Mind minister in 1981, Louise has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Louise is the founder and chairman of Hay House, Inc., a publishing company that disseminates books, audios, and videos that contribute to the healing of the planet. Louise lives in San Diego, California, where she spends her time loving life, gardening, and writing....
[three stars] Half & half, July 12, 2001

Reviewer: "uuma2" (Fullerton, CA USA)...

The morning section just wasn't for me. I have to admit it made me laugh. She starts out telling you to thank your bed and your appliances and send them love because they need love, too. I guess I'm not spiritual enough to be able to send love to my refrigerator or bathroom fixtures. I'd rather send my love to living beings or just out into the universe. After she got done with that part, it was better, but it was half pep talk. I'm more used to guided meditation where the narrator stays out of it. Ms. Hays did a little too much explaining - I guess you might say she was a little too maternal for my taste.

The evening section, on the other hand, was quite nice. It was fairly traditional relaxation exercises with some nice thoughts thrown in. Still a little too explanatory for something you might want to participate in actively every day.

Surprisingly, small "o" orthodox Christians (other than the principal of the school above) have not truly addressed Louise Hay. The material below is from the website of Religious Science New Haven:

Religious Science is the framework which enables the philosophy, Science of Mind, to be taught. Dr. Ernest Holmes formulated the Science of Mind and Spirit in 1927 after years of studying everything he could find to study....

Holmes was once asked by a professor at the University of Southern California for a 25-word definition of Religious Science. The definition he gave is as follows:

"Religious Science is the correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy and revelations of religion applied to the human needs and the aspirations of man."...

Norman Vincent Peal [sic] and Dr. Schuler [sic] were both influenced by the work of Dr. Ernest Holmes. The human potential movement evolved from a lot of the work of Ernest Holmes. Louise Hay, a student of Religious Science, went on to work with Aids people and later wrote a book, You Can Heal Your Life, that continues to sell in the millions.

The philosopher, William James, said that New Thought is America’s original and unique contribution to the world’s religions....

Is Religious Science a Christian Church?

Ah, this is the perennial question in Religious Science. There has been no definitive answer. They may never be.

Those ministers who use the bible as an important facet of their teaching feel that Religious Science is Christian. Indeed, Dr. Holmes quotes the bible often in his work.

Those ministers who do not reference the bible or the life of Jesus as an integral part of their teaching and speaking tend to believe that Religious Science is not Christian.

At Religious Science New Haven, straight Science of Mind is taught although there are periodic references to the Bible, to the Buddha, or anyone and anything that can help assist in making the ideas presented clear and easy to understand....

great-quotes.com starts their collection of Christian quotes with one from Hay:

“See God in every person, place, and thing, and all will be well in your world.”
--Louise Hay

They continue by quoting Barry Goldwater:

"I think every good Christian ought to kick Falwell's ass."
--Senator Barry Goldwater, when asked what he thought of Jerry Falwell's suggestion that all good Christians should be against Sandra Day O'Connor's nomination to the Supreme Court

Some background on Falwell's view:

Yet this classic liberal versus conservative clash could be scrambled if Bush chose Gonzales. It would be a historic move -- he would be the first Latino to serve on the high court.

And it would not be the first time conservatives were dismayed by the Supreme Court choice of a popular conservative president.

In 1981, President Reagan came to office having pledged to protect "the sanctity of innocent human life" and to return prayers to public schools. A few months later, when a Supreme Court seat became vacant, Reagan decided to fulfill another campaign promise: to appoint the first woman to the Supreme Court. He chose Arizona state judge Sandra Day O'Connor.

The selection was widely hailed, including by liberal Democrats such as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

But Reagan's choice was denounced by some conservatives. The Rev. Jerry Falwell, then head of the Moral Majority, called O'Connor's nomination a "disaster," and the head of the National Right to Life Committee called it a "betrayal."

Over 22 years, Justice O'Connor has fulfilled the predictions of her supporters and her critics. A centrist on most issues, she has cast deciding votes to preserve the right to abortion and to prevent a return to school-sponsored prayers, including at graduation ceremonies.

Regarding the Goldwater connection:

Through coincidence and mutual friends, O'Connor met U.S. Chief Justice Warren Burger on a vacation in late 1979. She stayed in touch with him and he eventually helped bring her name to the attention of the Reagan White House in the spring of 1981, before it began looking for a successor to retiring Justice Potter Stewart.

At the time, O'Connor's credentials did not make her an obvious candidate. She was not on a federal court or top state court, as many nominees in the recent past had been. Instead, she was a judge on an Arizona intermediate court handling criminal and civil appeals. But as a former state senator, she had deep and well maintained political connections to the Republican Party. She was a close friend of Arizona Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz.

For O'Connor, it was a matter of right place, right time. During his recent campaign for president, Ronald Reagan had promised to give the Supreme Court its first woman justice.

O'Connor's nomination was embraced widely, although some opponents of abortion rights warned that she would vote against their cause. O'Connor ended up being confirmed by the Senate, 99-0, on Sept. 21, 1981. She took the judicial oath five days later.

But back to Louise Hay - although she doesn't have a statement of theology, it's obvious where she's coming from:

Since you are no longer doing private counseling, where can I go to get support from a wise teacher like yourself?

For support I recommend you make an appointment with a licensed practitioner from a local Science of Mind church. They’re trained to assist you in knowing the Truth and manifesting what it is you want to experience. This is where I began my journey. Some Web sites to search for a church near you are: Religious Science International and United Church of Religious Science.

I continually study to learn more and there’s a teacher that’s very influential in my life right now: Abraham. Esther and Jerry Hicks have countless tapes of Abraham’s words, which you can find at their Abraham-Hicks Web site. You can also get their book, Ask and It Is Given by Hay House. The main message is how to live your life in joy. The goal is to feel good about yourself all the time. I think of Abraham as an advanced course of Louise Hay. I listen to their tapes almost everyday and their book is beside my bed for late night reading. Many of your favorite teachers are also students of Abraham. I think of Abraham as the teacher of teachers.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Friday, August 26, 2005

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Donald Mitchell is a Newspaperman, I Guess (or, Forward to the Future) 

Donald Mitchell authors the blog Live Better than a Billionaire on $5 Extra a Day.

If you click on this link, you can see his entry for Sunday, August 28.

Note that I am writing this on Friday, August 26.

So let's see what he said...whoops, what he will say:

Do you feel your best when you are overweight? I know that I don't. In fact, I am acutely aware at such times of feeling uncomfortable. My clothes are too tight. The seat is too small. My stomach feels bloated. You get the idea....

Imagine yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by your weight and all those negative internal messages. Now, try to think about God, peace, happiness, forgiveness and all the other spiritual subjects and states. I'll bet you're thinking about a hot fudge sundae instead. That's what I mean about being overweight. It takes you away from your soul's food which is nourishment for your spirit rather than your oversized waist line....

It then gets into some visualization stuff that reminds me of the "bless your refrigerator" stuff from Louise L. Hay. But I guess it could be worse.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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The Forces Line Up 

A quickie list of proponents and opponents of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts:

The Human Rights Campaign, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays announced their opposition to Roberts' nomination on Thursday. That day, the Congress of Racial Equality, the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, Project 21 and the Center for New Black Leadership endorsed the federal judge.

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Ignore the plane as it makes its loop
Wear your sneakers while you eat your soup
Listen to your muse at a shady spot
Join the club and link a lot
Make a call to see the switch
Don't you know not to jest with a witch?
Abbie Hoffman was a steal
Find a nice kitty and keep it real

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Van Earl Wright Limbo and Lingo 

From the Houston Chronicle:

Van Earl Wright has disappeared from the Fox Sports Radio Morning Extravaganza , heard locally on KBME (790 AM), but a spokeswoman said Wright remains with the network.

Which basically means that he isn't working for any other network.

From the same article:

If you need subplots to hold your interest during Saturday night's Texans-Cowboys broadcast on KTRK (Channel 13), Spencer Tillman suggests you focus on the performance of Houston's first-string offense and defense and on the traffic jam at wideout.

Tillman, who will call Saturday's game with Joel Meyers, said the Texans' defense showed potentially alarming weakness last weekend against the Raiders, particularly at defensive back.

Joel Meyers is a busy man. But for a seasonal sports announcer, you have to keep busy. Ross Porter (most famous as a Dodgers announcer) also announced UNLV football at one time, and I believe he announced basketball also.

Back to Van Earl Wright. Reaction from Richmond:

Van Earl Wrong, se ya. Without fanfare, Fox Sports dumped the immensely unpopular proprietor of the "Morning Extravaganza," heard on WRNL (910), and replaced him with sound-a-like David Stein. Judging from e-mails, Wrong won't be missed.

On second thought . . . the show's senior producer bombards some of us via e-mail with up-to-date highlights of the show. Here's one he thought particularly noteworthy recently:

"We laughed numerous times at former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips, who terrorized some kids by driving a stolen car through a neighborhood park."

Bet those kids were yuking it up, too.

Not sure how Stein's doing, but Pratte4Life at radio-info.com didn't hold out high hopes:

Van Earl Wright was awkward, but I found it to be more because of trying to fit into a difficult situation with a staff that was not receptive to him.

With Ben Stien [David Stein] you now have a mike hog paired with someone who thinks the show should be his (Sis) [Andrew Siciliano] and an air-head (Fernandez) [Krystal Fernandez].

Just wait 'til they do that "can't get a girl" shtick with Sisliano while Stien brags about playing golf with Randy West.

You'll be waxing poetic for references to "pig" and "Good Morning Everybody."

Not that those catch phrases were that good, either.

If Stein truly is a mike hog, Siciliano will be fuming. However, I don't know how things are going, since KLAC is still airing Mancow, proceeding on their quest to become the first sports station with no sports programming.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Hellp Me 

There iss a companny caled Netrics that ofers medicul softwear that claimes to corecktly identifiy douplicate recorrds:

When a single patient is represented in an MPI system by more than one entry, that person's medical information is divided, and may not be available in a single view to a clinician who needs it. Incomplete and inaccessible patient records are an avoidable cause of medical errors.

Netrics' advanced duplicate record reporting and reconciliation ensures that each patient is represented exactly once in your MPI system, and that that person's medical information is accessible in a single comprehensive view....

Many hospitals rely on their MPI systems' internal duplicate reporting features. These systems can miss 20 - 50% of the actual duplicate records in your database because they are not able to take account of partial or inexact matches between corresponding fields of records....

Record matching technology has come a long way since the simplistic concepts of Bayesian and probabilistic (Fellegi-Sunter) matching were first introduced over 30 years ago. Netrics' advanced matching algorithms take advantage of the most advanced information science research and today's computing horsepower in order to achieve a more thorough use of your available patient information. The bottom line is that Netrics yields lower false-negative (missed matches) and lower false-positive (false alarm) results than any other technology....

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The Original Route 66 Super Store sells Route 66 lollipops with the tagline

Get Your Licks On RT66

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HIPAA Restrictions 

From the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University. Emphasis mine.

Patients may access their own health records. The definition of “patient” also includes the surviving spouse, the parents of a deceased patient, or a person the patient appoints in writing as a legally recognized representative. Patients also have the right to amend their health records. Patients will be referred to their provider to discuss information maintained in their record.

A person may not access their spouse’s personal information without an authorization (or consent) from the patient.

A parent or legal guardian of a minor may access and authorize the release of the minor’s health information. However, if the minor is married, emancipated, has borne a child, or if the records in question concern venereal disease, chemical dependency, or pregnancy and related conditions, the parent or legal guardian may not access or release the minor’s health information without the minor’s express written consent.

What does this mean? If a husband is enrolled in a drug rehab program, the wife cannot access any information about the husband's completion/non-completion of the program until AFTER the husband has OD'ed.

More later.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Base Closure Pontification Continues 

I haven't talked about base closure efforts in a while. Time for an update.

ABC provides the latest:

The base closing commission voted Friday to keep open Air Force bases in South Dakota and New Mexico rejecting the Pentagon's plans to close them as the panel labored toward conclusion of a politically delicate task that has brought alternating sighs of relief and exasperation in communities across America.

Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota would remain fully operational and Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico would stay open at least until Dec. 31, 2009 but lose all of its aircraft....

Ellsworth, famous for its Cold War-era arsenal of missiles and nuclear bombers aimed toward the Soviet Union, is home to half the nation's fleet of B1-B bombers and means some 4,000 jobs for the South Dakota plains. The Pentagon had wanted to move all the bombers to their other location, Dyess Air Force Base in Texas.

But the commission found that closing Ellsworth wouldn't save any money over 20 years, and that it actually would cost nearly $20 million to move the planes to the Texas base. The Pentagon had projected saving $1.8 billion over two decades with the closure.

The base closing panel worried that putting all the B1-B bombers at one base would hurt force readiness. Commissioners noted that Ellsworth, located on the South Dakota prairie, had plenty of "unfettered airspace."...

The panel found that closing Cannon, home to four F-16 fighter squadrons, would put at least a 20 percent dent in the local economy, costing almost 5,000 jobs on the base and in the community near the New Mexico-Texas line....

The panel has until Sept. 8 to send its final report to President Bush. The president can accept it, reject it or send it back for revisions. Congress also will have a chance to veto the plan in its entirety but it has not taken that step in four previous rounds of base closings. If ultimately approved, the changes would occur over the next six years.

While casting doubt on the estimated savings, the commission has largely endorsed Rumsfeld's effort to streamline support services across the Army, Navy and Air Force by merging similar programs scattered around small military facilities....

For the latest information, visit http://www.defenselink.mil/brac/ and http://www.brac.gov/.

Oops, I forgot to talk about the pontification. Again from ABC:

The Ellsworth vote was...a victory for Sen. John Thune and the state's other politicians who lobbied vigorously to save the base. Thune, a freshman Republican, unseated then-Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle partly on the strength of his claim that he would be better positioned to help save the base.

"This fight was not about me," Thune said just after the vote. "This whole decision was about the merits. It had nothing to do with the politics."...

"They made some tough decisions. Today, they listened to the whole story," Republican Gov. Michael Rounds said.

Added Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D.: "This is a great decision for America's national security."

And that's all they're concerned about - the national security. Yeah, right.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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RFP for New York Subway Cell Phone Service 

From CommsDesign:

New York this week started seeking bids to extend cellular phone service to its subway system...

[A]ll four national cellular operators -- Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile -- are among the vendors considering submitting bids for a system that will provide service in 277 or New York's 468 subway stations. The bids are due October 12.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) was released earlier in the week, on the same day that the city announced it had awarded a $212 million contract for an electronic surveillance system in subway stations....

The RFP indicates that subscribers of all wireless carriers should be able to use the system, the newspaper reported.

Clyde Haberman doesn't like the idea:

But life is now about to change in an important respect. In the name of security, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will install equipment to make cellphone service possible on scores of subway stations, 277 in all.

Say goodbye to some of the last refuges from the endless, witless yakking on cellphones that is epidemic in this city.

The terrorists can thus claim a success. They will have made it easier than ever for New Yorkers to drive one another crazy. All too many of them, you may have noticed, are not noted for restraint....

Ah, but this is an essential security measure, we are told.

Never mind that cellphones can be used to detonate bombs, as may have been the case in the commuter-train atrocity that killed 191 people in Madrid last year. Never mind that in a crisis, so many people will reach for cellphones that they will overload the system and render it useless. That is what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

Never mind, too, that subway platforms have pay phones that can be used in an emergency. True, many don't work....

Oddly, a transportation authority spokesman said just last month that there were no plans to create this kind of cellphone capacity because "the cost is prohibitive." Someone must have ordered up a new cost analysis.

Along with the phones, the subways are supposed to get about 1,000 surveillance cameras. Those intrusive devices may be seen as another reason to chalk one up for the terrorists. But there is a difference. While many riders embrace the relief from cellphone abuse that they find underground, few have any expectation of privacy on a platform or a train....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Well, it beats plastic surgery 

From InfoWorld:

Biometric security systems have one particularly critical vulnerability: How do you replace your finger if a hacker figures out how to duplicate it? An IBM...research team working on that problem says it's recently cracked a major problem in the area of "cancelable biometrics."...

IBM's idea for navigating that obstacle is to construct a kind of technological screen separating a user's actual biological identification information from the records stored in profile databases. The company is developing software to transform biometric data such as fingerprints into distorted models that still preserve enough actual identification markers to make the distortion repeatable....

IBM's system wouldn't entirely solve the replaceability problem of biometrics: If a hacker got hold of a user's fingerprint and made a passable model, he could still wreak havoc with it. What IBM's technology could do, however, is significantly narrow hackers' opportunities to gain access to such data. If a user's fingerprints (or facial photographs, iris scans or any other biological marker) aren't stored in any of the systems she uses them to access, cracking those systems won't give the hacker keys to the victim's biometric kingdom. If a hacker did get in...IBM's system would let a user quickly cancel the compromised biometric profile and generate a new one, akin to replacing a lost or stolen credit card....

The concept is illustrated in a 2002 IBM web page, which shows how the same distortion techniques can be applied to a face. Distorted face 1 will have the same distortion as distorted face 2.

See an abstract for a Carnegie Mellon paper on the topic. SUNY Buffalo is also looking into this (they are also looking into the ethical, legal, and social implications of biometrics).

From the Ontario Empoblog

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US Route 20 

I previously posted pictures that illustrated the coincidence of my encountering US Route 20 twice during my vacation - once in Marengo, Illinois, and once in Lusk, Wyoming. I didn't even realize this until I returned home from vacation and was looking at my pictures (and yes, I'll post some more at some point - stuff happens).

Incidentally, the distance between these two cities is 1000 miles, provided you take either the southern or northern route on the freeway.. If you take the shortest route (which pretty much happens to be route 20), it's less than 900 miles.

Speaking of US Route 20, there's an entire web site devoted to the highway. From the goals page:

Welcome to our new site, which is dedicated to Historic US Route 20. This historic road begins in Boston, Massachusetts and ends in Newport, Oregon. US Route 20 is over 3200 miles long and travels through twelve states.

It is our goal to promote this great road, so that travelers can once again experience the charm and wonder of roadside America, a phenomenon that is vanishing in our fast-paced society. Route 66 may be "The Mother Road", but US Route 20 is the "Grand Daddy Road".

Nationmaster.com has additional information on the road, including this anomaly:

Though it is not signed in Yellowstone National Park, an implied route from the "eastern" US 20 to the "western" US 20 through the park may be assumed.

There are a few mentions of Route 20 on The Hawk's Guide to Marengo, Illinois, and on roadtripusa.com's page on US-20 in Wyoming, which also includes a description of Lusk (we couldn't visit the museum, but we did stay in the Covered Wagon Motel).

The latter page also mentions the jackalope. Although we didn't make it to Douglas, this town appears to be prime jackalope territory:

Traveling around the Great Plains, you’re bound to come across all sorts of oversized wildlife—giant fish, giant cows, giant bison—plus some more that defy anatomical description. Most of the latter—fur-bearing trout, in particular—are seen primarily on postcards, but at least one species can usually be found mounted on the wall of any self-respecting saloon or taxidermist’s shop: the jackalope. So rare that one has never been seen in the wild, the jackalope has the body of a jackrabbit and the horns of an antelope; dozens of examples are displayed around the Wyoming town of Douglas, with the “world’s largest” standing over eight feet head-to-tail in Jackalope Square at 3rd and Center Streets downtown. The enigmatic creature is also celebrated during Jackalope Days in the middle of June.

Tom McKee claims to have named the jackalope:

Name: Tom Mc Kee
From: Trumbull, Connecticut

* The Origin of the Name *
Well it was approx 1962-64 [can't remember]. I was at the now defunct burger chain White Tower in the sitting room/buttery. They were running a contest to name their stuffed frankenstein like animal. Why I came up with the name jackalope I don't remember, other than the fact it looked like a jack rabbit and an antelope [the horns] so jackalope! After registering my name of choice, a month [or 2 or 3] later I recieved notification and a US savings bond for $50 dollars. They said I had won the national contest and the stuffed animal that was hanging in the dining area in the rear of the building [the buttery] was now officially named "The Jackalope". I was a little kid - what did I know?

I took the savings bond and subsequently spent it a year or 2 later having a queen trigger fish stuffed that I caught while drift fishing off the Grand Bahama Island while on a family vacation. What irony to win money on a stuffed mutant and blow the dough on a stuffed fish. Years later I have neither the original savings bond nor the fish! Funny thing is, after all these years I have never owned a stuffed jackalope, although shortly after the contest my father aquired one [stuffed of course] and several of my family and friends have stumbled upon them. And now that I think of it - What ever happened to the one on display? Those cheap so-and-so's didn't even offer it to me!

Chuck Holliday and Dan Japuntich have published references to real historical jackalope-like creatures.

I seem to have digressed from my original topic. Oh well...

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Depeche Mode Precious 

From Chartattack:

For the first time in history, it is actually a crime to listen to Depeche Mode. The battle against downloading and filesharing continues in Poland, after a man was arrested for allegedly making the band's new single and video available for downloading way, way, way ahead of its scheduled October 3 release date.

The man was said to have put Depeche Mode's upcoming single "Precious" on a Polish website for illegal downloading....

A team effort produced the sting, as Depeche Mode's label Mute worked together with Polish industry group ZPAV to trace the origin of the illegal files. They then assisted the International Federation Of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) to remove the offending files. The new material and video from the band was accessed from a supposedly secure copy....

Lyrics to the song are here. The songwriter is Gore.

Here are some excerpts from a June press conference:

First of all I'd like to thank you guys for coming over to Eastern European countries because so many great artists ignore those countries these days and... I feel... well... you're great actually for doing this. And... this question is probably not appropriate enough in this situation, but, was there ever a moment during the last four years that you felt maybe there might not be another Depeche Mode album?



Thank you.

I think what's important is... I think we've all been doing our individual solo projects and sometimes it's very confusing to the fans, you know. Is there gonna be another album? Is there not? But I think it was in the minds of everyone that we were gonna be doing another Depeche Mode album.
Please tell us about the show. Will there be huge...

We are all gonna be nude. Wearing Hawaiian dresses during the interval.



We've all had surgery... we've all had various surgeries... construction.
Yeah, I think the album is not as digital, perhaps, as "Exciter"... using a lot of analogue synthesizers again, mixed with guitars. It's a bit perhaps more organic... warmer maybe. Ben Hillier has really brought, I think, a new sound perhaps... and it will be great when you guys hear it. We think it's a different sound to Depeche Mode. I hope everyone likes it.
How many songs on the new album are written by Mr. Gahan?

All of them.


No, no... I think... three or four?

Three, yeah.

They are very good as well.

Thanks, Fletch.

You can give me that tenner afterwards for saying that.
On the 2001 tour, you had Fad Gadget as support in Germany, now he can't support you on the next tour, for obvious reasons. Fad was linked closely to the band's history. How can you find someone as adequate as Fad Gadget to support?

Actually it's quite easy... actually it's terrible that Fad isn't around - that Frank isn't around. But we got the perfect replacement - The Normal - with Daniel Miller. He hasn't said yes yet, but I'm sure if enough fans really go for it, we might persuade him.
Would it be possible to ask a political question as well?


Considering personal experiences, what do you think of the question of drug legalization as a matter of public health care, instead of punishing people for consumption?

That's a tough question...

I think you're asking the wrong band...

Yeah, I don't think there should be punishment for it, actually. People need help.

Would you support legalization?

You need help to get them, you know.. that's the... No, no I would not support legalization, no.

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Danny Bonaduce Show Premiere Date 

VH1, in a superbly unbrilliant move, is premiering some new shows on September 11, including Danny Bonaduce's latest:


This series is a dramatic, honest, and compelling look into the complex relationship between Danny Bonaduce, his wife Gretchen and their two young children Isabella (10-years old) and Dante (4-years old). Meeting and marrying seven hours into their first date, the Bonaduces, who have been together for fifteen years, have faced addiction, infidelity and Danny's "death wish" antics, but can they continue to survive as a couple? VH1 endeavored to tape a show about their unique marriage and family life but as production ensued the series took on a life of its own. Told through the unique lens of their couple's therapy sessions, nothing is held back and the emotions are all real as they both deal with Danny's descent into drug use, drinking binges, sex addiction and his resulting 30-day stay in rehab.

Incidentally, Danny Bonaduce has some singing credits in the Academy Award-losing film "H.O.T.S." (a/k/a "T & A Academy"), where he is the singer for "How Hot Can You Get" and "Help Yourself To Me." Larry Beitman has posted additional information.

More on Gretchen Bonaduce (information from here):

Wife Gretchen is a big fan of botox.

We can't seem to discover Gretchen's maiden name or their exact marriage date.

"Mancow was sued a few years ago by the wife of another DJ, Danny Bonaduce, on the similar charges, that he referred to Gretchen Bonaduce as a drug addict involved in sexual promiscuity. Bonaduce's wife settled for a meager $20,000, but the case never came to light because the judge placed a gag order on the suit."

Another citation of the last story is here. The "similar charges" refers to the fact that Steve Dahl's wife made similar charges against Mancow.

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Money is a gas 

I couldn't figure out why I've been hearing references to "Money" (with a capital M) on various sports talk stations in Los Angeles. Now I know why, thanks to radio-info.com, who linked to a press release:



(Los Angeles, CA August 23, 2005) – 19-year, award winning sports talker, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton kicks off PM drive with “the best 15 minutes in sports” and “Hacksaw’s Headlines.” Then, teammates Matt “Money” Smith and Joe Grande talk sports. Hacksaw will also be heard in AM drive with Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, Middays with The Loose Cannons, and Afternoon Drive with Money and Grande. In addition to his Monday through Friday responsibilities, Hacksaw will anchor the weekends with the best 4-hours of Sports Talk radio in the nation on Saturdays and Sundays.

General Manager Don Martin says, " This is an opportunity to use Hacksaw across the entire XTRA Sports platform. The addition of Money and Joe Grande allows (XTRA) to pull off an incredible triple play. We get the benefit of Hacksaw throughout all key dayparts, 7 days a week, and we have an opportunity to add two dynamic stars to our PM drive lineup."

Hacksaw continues, “We now are an incredible team compiled of more .300 hitters with more home runs in our everyday lineup. Both Money and Joe are big time broadcasters.” Hamilton was voted Sports Talk Show Host of the Year 3 times by the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association.

Money and Grande have had tremendous success in the LA radio market. Matt "Money" Smith has been a key part of KROQ's top rated Kevin and Bean morning show for 11 years. Joe Grande is well known from his role in Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106 where he thrived for 7 years. Together they bring a solid fan base, a love of sports, great name recognition, and a powerhouse afternoon team. The trio launches Tuesday, September 6th at 4pm.

XTRA SPORTS AM570 programming features Mancow Mornings (4:30-9am), Jim Rome (9am-Noon), The Loose Cannons featuring Steve Hartman, Mychal Thompson and Vic “The Brick” Jacobs (12-4pm), Lee Hamilton, Matt “Money” Smith and Joe Grande (4-7pm) , Phil Hendrie (7-10pm), Southern California Sports Report (10-10:30pm), Lee Klein (10:30-1am), Lakers, UCLA, Raiders and Avengers.

So I went to the KROQ web page and not only was unable to find Money, but I couldn't find Tami Heide either. Enter laradio.com:

Heide, Tami: KROQ, 1991-2004. Tami worked middays at KROQ and quietly disappeared from the air in the Fall of 2004.

You can tell that I haven't been listening to KROQ lately.

The same page at laradio.com includes biographies of some other broadcasting notables:

Healy, Jim: KBIG, KMPC, 50s; KLAC, 1961-65; KFWB, 1969; KABC, 1969-84; KLAC, 1973-82; KMPC, 1984-94. A one-of-a-kind sportscaster in Los Angeles for 43 years, Jim died July 22, 1994, at age 70 from complications of liver cancer. He began at KMPC in 1950, fresh out of UCLA, writing for broadcaster Bob Kelley. Jim wrote for Bob for 11 years. He hosted "Here's Healy" on KBIG and also worked at KFWB, KABC and KLAC. Jim was the nightly sports reporter on KABC/Channel 7 with a team that featured former County Supervisor Baxter Ward and Rona Barrett. He returned to KMPC in 1984. The veteran sports commentator left the air May 1, 1994, when KMPC switched from Sports to Talk. His illness was a well-kept secret. His son Patrick is a field reporter for KNBC/Channel 4. "Is it true?" became one of his trademark lines. His headstone at Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn reads: "Jim Healy, 1923-94, IT IS TRUE.” KMPC gm remembered the day that Jim came to work and was so happy to have found a plot next to a sidewalk. He wanted people to see it! In 1997 he was inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
Hearn, Chick: KLAC. The Los Angeles Lakers announcer died August 5, 2002, from complications after a fall in his home three nights earlier. He never recovered after two brain surgeries. Chick had shown remarkable resiliency in the eight months prior to his death. On December 20 he underwent heart-valve replacement surgery. In mid-March he fell getting out of his car at a gas station breaking his hip. He returned to the Laker broadcast booth in time to call their games through the playoffs to their 3rd consecutive championship. Since 1960, Chick has been the voice of the L.A. Lakers on radio and tv. The former host of Bowling for Dollars, he was inducted into the American Sportscasters Hall of Fame, was the third broadcaster elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, and he received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "Put a game in the refrigerator," signifying when the game outcome was locked, came from his 83-year-old grandfather who misplaced things around the house and later discovered them in the refrigerator. In the midst of the glory of announcing for an enormously successful sports franchise, there have been some tough times. Their son, Gary, died at 27 in 1972. Their daughter, Samantha, died at 41 in 1991. Born Francis Hearn on November 27, 1916, Chick graduated from Bradley University. In the early 1950s he worked in Peoria alongside veteran tv anchor Jerry Dunphy. Chick called an unprecedented 3,338 NBA games before he underwent open-heart surgery in late 2001. During that broadcast streak, the Lakers scored 364,148 points winning 2, 092 games. Eight U.S. Presidents served during the streak. Chick was a college and high school referee for about eight years before becoming a broadcaster. Who will ever forget his one sentence: "Wraparounddribbledrivefallawayprayer!" In 1997 the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association named him top radio play-by-play announcer.

OK, here's a trivia question - who was Money's predecessor as "the sports guy" on KROQ's Kevin and Bean show? Answer: Jimmy Kimmel (short biography on laradio.com's K page).

Incidentally, I finally did find a mention of Money's departure on Kevin & Bean's Sounds page, including Money's discussion of "Chuck" Hearn. I also found the following article at FQMB:

KROQ/Los Angeles today announced the return of Lisa Worden as the Infinity Modern Rocker's Music Director....

She replaces MD and Sports Guru, Matt “Money” Smith who is leaving KROQ for a full-time position at L.A. Sports station XTRA Sports 570, hosting the Los Angeles Lakers pre-game and halftime shows.

"I've been associated with KROQ for 11 years. I started here when I was in college answering phones," Smith told FMQB, "and as sad as it is to leave a group of people I consider family, it's equally exciting to work with a franchise like the Lakers and the dominant Sports radio station in L.A., XTRA."

Smith's last day at KROQ is August 12.

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And I thought my Slim Whitman - Brian Eno theory was questionable 

I received the following search hit:

25/08/2005 06:59:47 is barry manilow dave gahan's father (Google)

But it did allow me to find Amazon user James Stephen Garrett's rip of Depeche Mode's "Exciter" album:

The New Depeche Mode---or rather, the *really old* Depeche Mode, withered away to three key-punchers---is serving up a reeking slab of Out with the New & In with the Old. What's for lunch in this outing, you ask? Lounge tunes....

It's a whole album---with one glaring exception, the downbeat-upbeat "The Dead of Night", which feels like classic Depeche, but isn't enough to save this flaccid release---of sleepy lounge tunes, sugary sweet & whiney torch songs. There are two settings here: Snooze and Extra-Snooze. Don't listen to this infernal sleep-inducing thing in the car: I did so, unwisely, nodded off and nearly wrecked three times, and that was just during the first minutes of "Dream On"....

I even played a few prime cuts off "Exciter" to grandma, and she smiled and said "what nice young men---do they cover Barry Manilow?". Folks, this is *not* your Father's Depeche Mode: it's your grampa's....

I am one of the people who actually likes Exciter, specifically because of its sound. No, "Exciter" is not "Violator." And "Violator" is not "Speak and Spell." As the Who said in one of their songs, "Music must change." (The song itself, by the way, was a dinosaur rock/orchestral tribute to punk.) "Exciter" is more of a cerebral, European album, and "I Am You" is phenomenal. However, I do agree with Marco that the title is ironic (don' you...oh, never mind).

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More on Bob Parsons and the Super Bowl 

Last night, I posted about Bob Parson's thoughts on advertising on the Super Bowl again. However, in my excerpts, I didn't post some of Bob's thoughts about the supposed family nature of the Super Bowl:

Now here’s why I think the NFL is making a big mistake by trying to make the SuperBowl a family event. In short, it’s because we as a people want certain things to be reserved for adults, instead of the entire family....

I personally believe that it’s a mistake to make the SuperBowl a family event. To me, that makes about as much sense as making Desperate Housewives a family show. That’s not why viewers watch these shows (and like it or not the SuperBowl is a TV show). They watch them for adult level entertainment.

I’m not saying that the SuperBowl should be pornographic. In fact, no show on network TV should even approach that. However, there was nothing wrong with the old, and maybe gone forever commercials, like the flatulent horse and crotch biting dog, that gave all of us a good laugh. And there was nothing whatsoever wrong with Go Daddy's SuperBowl commercial....

When we have SuperBowl parties, the get togethers are for the adults – not the kids. During those parties that I’ve been to where kids also come along with their parents, there’s always been a separate TV provided for the kids that has either a DVD or other programming appropriate and interesting to a child.

I personally would like to see the SuperBowl get back to the way it used to be -- before Janet Jackson did the half-time show that rocked network television. I think we’d all be better for it.

I replied to these thoughts on the bobparsons.com blog comments area, and my reply has made it past the bobparsons.com censors (that's a joke, by the way).

I respectfully disagree with your assertion that the Super Bowl should not be a family event. If the NFL (or any sports league) wants to stay in business, it needs to appeal to kids, and to be acceptable to the parents of those kids. While Major League Baseball is the league that is really suffering from ignoring the young fans (bring back day games!), the NFL needs to watch its marketing to make sure that it doesn't alienate its future audience.

That having been said, it's clear that GoDaddy is suffering under a double standard. If ABC was truly concerned about the nature of your recent ads, then it wouldn't advertise Desperate Housewives during football games, would it? (And it certainly wouldn't use a Desperate Housewives star in a suggestive promo.)

Of course, the big question is - will GoDaddy laugh all the way to the bank from being effectively banned from Super Bowl advertising? On the one hand, GoDaddy still gets a large amount of publicity within its target audience from all the brouhaha. On the other hand, such publicity is miniscule compared with the publicity accorded ads that DO appear - and if GoDaddy wants everyone to have a domain, this audience cannot be ignored.

I'd suggest a parody (Candice Michelle in a floor-length long-sleeve gown, spouting financial gibberish in a monotone), but ABC would probably shoot that down too.

Regarding my comments on Major League Baseball, the Detroit Free Press has printed similar sentiments:

Major league baseball has long been known as "America's Pastime," a healthy diversion for kids of all ages. But in the interest of TV ratings and beer sales, it has become "America's Primetime" with most games now played at night.

So the All-Star Game is a pastime all right -- it goes on well past the time when many young fans can stay up to watch. And children allowed to catch all of this year's July showcase may not be so lucky on school nights in October when the World Series is telecast well after dark. Last year, some of the championship games didn't end until after 1 a.m....

Of course, baseball is not the only sport to have forsaken youngsters. Many young Piston fans -- modern-day versions of Cinderella -- could not stay up to watch the NBA playoffs, particularly those games that fell on school nights.

As baseball and other diversions have become less accessible to them, today's children have filled the entertainment vacuum with violence -- grisly and graphic movies and video games are always available on demand. In the meantime, children's advocates are criticizing the role of the media in contributing to perplexing episodes of youth crime.

Under pressure from Congress, network executives agreed to provide viewer warnings for TV programs with dangerously violent content...[and] TV manufacturers are installing V-chips in all new sets....Unfortunately, the idea of content ratings and hi-tech filtering devices misses the point entirely.

Even if parents heed the warnings and supervise their children's viewing selections, what healthy and entertaining alternatives do they have? Going to see the WWE? Or maybe listening to some gangsta rap? How about playing Grand Theft Auto or Doom on the Xbox? And there's always porn and hate on the Internet.

In order to get children to tune out violence, we must give them something better -- and just as appealing -- to tune in.

TV might consider taking its cue from the movies....[T]he popularity of films like "The Rookie" (rated G) indicates that children are drawn to sports, no matter what their rating.

So, it's not that kids have abandoned baseball. It's that baseball has abandoned the kids....

And regarding NFL unsuitability for kids, despite the NFL's well-trumpeted decisive action against Terrell Owens and Nicollette Sheridan:

This column in no way wants to justify the appearance of a naked woman on your TV screens Monday....

To pretend that NFL people are shocked - shocked - by a skit in which TV actress Nicollette Sheridan exposes herself to Terrell Owens is to presume they've never been to an NFL game and seen dozens of scantily-clad young women gyrating on the sidelines. This league sells sex all over the place.

Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie has presumably seen the cheerleaders calendar his team puts out, and it is so racy the Eagles Web site carries an adult advisory warning as it hawks the thing. That calendar makes Monday's naked skit look tame by comparison....

If you're looking for something you think your kids can watch safely, Monday was just another reminder that pro sports isn't it. While sport is a pure and beautiful thing, pro sports these days are a routinely ugly and perverse showcase for all kinds of bizarre behavior.

Pro sports has no interest in your kids, except to coax them into bugging you to buy them stuff with an official logo on it.

This is what it's come to - watching pro sports is an adults-only endeavor. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing; lots of people watched that skit and loved it. It was funny, and to a great many people it was totally harmless.

Just understand what you're watching. It's a machine built to appeal to this part of us. Everybody got what they wanted, which was ratings and publicity.

But, you say, doesn't the NFL do wonderful things for youth? Doesn't NFL youth football have seven guiding principles?

1. Make It Fun
2. Limit Standing Around
3. Everyone Plays
4. Teach Every Position To Every Participant
5. Emphasize The Fundamentals
6. Incorporate A Progression Of Skill Development For Every Participant
7.Yell Encouragement, Whisper Constructive Criticism

However, I daresay that youth pay more attention to what they see on the screen than to any guiding principles. And lately, they've seen a lot of Terrell Owens (without Nicollette):

Embattled Eagles superstar Terrell Owens vowed to show up for work today in the defiant garb that made the ultimate statement at Lehigh University -- battle fatigues, headphones and sunglasses....

What he wears could signal how much he wants to stick around and earn the $3.25 million in base pay he’s due....

Owens is under intense scrutiny after being sent home for a week following a heated exchange in which he told Andy Reid to shut up. The Eagles spelled out their displeasure in a warning letter that also alluded to Owens’ fractured relationships with quarterback Donovan McNabb, whom he called a hypocrite, and offensive coordinator Brad Childress, whom he told not to speak to him....

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