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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hayley McQueen and Blog Message Amplification 

One advantage of the blog spammers, or whatever the superdangdang they're technically called, is that if you have an important message to broadcast, it will be duplicated all over the place.

Unfortunately, I usually don't broadcast anything of importance. Instead I talk about Sunday driving and other stuff, such as Hayley McQueen.

For example, on July 7 I wrote a post entitled "Hayley McQueen on the World Cup." This post quoted relevant portions of a Sky Sports online article that featured the thoughts of several people, including McQueen, on the importance of the World Cup.

search.blogger.com reveals that this post was redistributed via several other blogs, all apparently spam blogs:
  • Argentina travel guide

  • Table football

  • Sky sports football (at parlayplanet.com)

  • Cup england football shirt world

  • Germany ireland travel

  • Better job in ireland

  • Peru latest news

Let's take one of these spam blogs and look at it. I choose Better job in ireland, which re-ran my Hayley McQueen story as article 5247. Why? Because of this statement by McQueen:

remember watching England v Republic of Ireland and as a Scotland fan I had a real problem trying to figure out

Not sure how that relates to jobs, but the spammers are wiser than me. In fact, they're wise enough not to link to my original article.

Article 5247 quotes from several other blogs. Here's an example:

Mostly on men with cute accents.
... I’d need a second job and would hate to see me “waste potential flipping hot dogs. ... He’s wanted to go to Ireland always. We can go to Ireland. Yes, yes I will really pay for it all; I t...

This article at least mentions "job" and "Ireland." Of course, no link, but I found the original post at RandomBird.com. I stopped short when I read this statement from RandomBird:

But why, why is it that I always attract ruddy, unapologetic 40-ish men?

Don't know if I'm ruddy, and I do apologize sometimes, but I'm definitely 40-ish (if you average down). So in response to RandomBird's question, I can merely reply, "Because of the Irish job spammers, that's why."

Here's why the Irish job spammers unapologetically targeted her blog post:

The deal is, I’m pairing up with my parents on some real estate deals which promise to be lucrative. Six-figure income lucrative....[M]y dad guaranteed me an income better than what I would make as an attorney even. Over the weekend, he sold me on the project and promised that it would leave me enough time to write. He said he knew that, at least for the next few years, I’d need a second job and would hate to see me “waste potential flipping hot dogs.” I said there was nothing ignoble about hot dog-flipping, but agreed that it would be nice to be able to maintain my 2006 level of travel/carousing habits. He’s been sending me information by email on the project, but one this morning, in particular, struck me hard: he added a note at the end that said if I followed his plan, I can retire in five years.

Thirty. That means I could retire at thirty.

But before RandomBird finds herself innundated with 40ish and 50ish men who are suddenly attracted to her...wealth, bear in mind that she already has a man:

Then, I wondered: how will he react if, once I close this first real estate deal, I suggest that he quit his job...let me take care of the Jager tabs, sail with me wherever we decide to sail. The only foreign country he’s been to is Mexico. He’s wanted to go to Ireland always. We can go to Ireland. Yes, yes I will really pay for it all; I take care of the people I love. Ask any of my friends.

How will a Texan react to this? I don’t want to hurt his pride or own him in any way. I love him. I want him to have a wonderful life; I don’t want him to have to work any more if he doesn’t want to.

I need to find a diplomatic way to say all this.

Well, the Irish job spammers didn't make any money off their redistribution of our two blog posts, but this certainly gives me some things to think about.


From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

That's, quite possibly, the best secondary use of one of my posts I've ever seen. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

...and I never said I had a problem with ruddy 40-somethings. I think it goes both ways...
Everytime I'm bored I sit and hit "next blog" and 90% of the blogs that come up are either spam or foreign, or foreign spam.
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