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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pardon My Research Interlude - Tax the Churches? 

Collecting various links discussing the removal of tax-exempt status of churches.
  • Pacific Highlander, "Democrats Survey on Religion and State." August 2, 2006. Link.

  • Sheep's Crib, "TAXES: Should churches pay a share?" August 1, 2006. Link.

  • RedBlueChristian, "Too Many Churches?" July 31, 2006. Link.

  • RedBlueChristian, "Christian Political Involvement, Essential; Church Political Involvement, Wrong." July 20, 2006. Link.

  • Ontario Empoblog, "Late December Back in '63?" February 20, 2006. Link.

  • Ontario Empoblog, "Universal It's Not." January 22, 2006. Link.

  • Ontario Empoblog, "Tax Exempt Status of Churches Revisited." November 8, 2005. Link.

  • Dirty Greek, "Religion : IRS Threatens Church For Being Anti-War." November 7, 2005. Link.

  • Ontario Empoblog, "Open Yer Mouth." May 16, 2005. Link.

  • Ontario Empoblog, "Give to Caesar What is Due Caesar, But Enact Laws to Limit What is Due Caesar." March 7, 2005. Link.

  • Blogcritics, "Tax the Churches." December 1, 2004. Link.

  • Ontario Empoblog, "Time for An Experiment." September 29, 2004. Link.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Ya, interesting... I commented on this very thing here: http://absolutewisdom.blogspot.com/2006/07/bigger-they-are.html

as it was one reason given for NOT allowing a politically active athiest from joining a church (that he would force the church to give up its tax exampt status, since, after all, why besides political advantage would an athiest join a church?).... not my position, but whatever.
I still have to follow up on the Presbyterian atheist, but the theme park owner who is employed by God and only employs ministers was an eye-opener.
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