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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Blogpatrol rhyme 

Hayley McQueen
Kevin and Bean
Christopher Nance
Let's to to France

If you like that, I have others.

Speaking of Hayley McQueen, here's part of an interview:

Do you enjoy working for Sky Sports, and is it as fun as it looks?

It's more fun than it looks! I worked really hard for my degree & specialised in Journalism. I've worked behind the scenes reporting & producing elsewhere for 5 years, 3 of those at 'Boro TV, I'm very lucky as I'm doing something which I truly love & getting paid to do it. The next best thing would have been to actually play football - I'm quite tall so I reckon If I'd have been a boy I'd have made a cracking defender!

OK, let's check on The Bean:

Clyde Tombaugh's proud little pebble has received more press coverage this month than at any time in the past 76 years. I am happy to see so many people not just taking the planet demotion decision lying down. It turns out I am not alone and there are many, many Pluto enthusiasts around the world.

Reader "Sumthing" writes, "Bean, I can't believe those lousy scientists demoting Pluto. This is the latest example of Anti-Americanism. If Pluto were found by some goddamned cheese-eating surrender monkey Frenchman, those a**holes would be bending over backwards to keep it a planet, but no!

It was discovered by an American, so it's not good enough to be a planet! Those bastards are always trying to keep a black planet down. Well, I say we demote one of those gay planets the scientists love so much! I say Mercury is too close to the sun!" Amen!

And before you think that Sumthing is insane, don't forget that the Olympics removed baseball as a sport. So there may be something to the theory.

Which leaves us with Christopher Nance. I missed this item written by Tod Goldberg a few months back. Excerpts:

...He was, as most weathermen are, completely ineffectual predicting the weather. His acumen as a children's book writer is an unknown quantity here in the Goldberg home as I make it a policy not to purchase any books penned by former local NBC newscasters (which is why I don't own any Kelly Lange novels, either)....Nance was fired from NBC amid rather sordid allegations involving violence, sex, and, curiously, predicting it would be 72 and windy in Rialto on a day when it was 69 and hazy....

Don't weep for Christopher Nance, though, because for just $500 he'll tell you what else you can watch on TV and how to get those Godless network bigwigs to bow down to your moral will in utter supplication. Of course, for $500 you can also simply hire Chris to MC your event. I'm willing to put up $100. Maybe I can convince my siblings to come up with the other $400 and the four of us will do a signing with Christopher Nance running the show, provided God doesn't destroy the whole of LA before the check clears.

And there are more theological aspects to this:

Posted By: UnRegistered
Date: 6/5/2003 2:20:09 PM
I have a topic you may be interested in writing about: Christians who have been removed from their positions for not being politically correct or not being in-line with the companies' anti-Christian policies.
Example: Christopher Nance, well known, NBC-4 weatherman in Los Angeles, who was fired in December (after 15 years) for reading the Bible in the Studio. His website www.weatherdude.com

However, I'm not exactly sure what verses he was reading to the technical director one morning, or what verses he was reading to the female anchor at her desk, or what verses he was reading to the station vice president. More here and here.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

You're so poetic!
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