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Sunday, July 31, 2005


No, not THAT.

I'm talking about MY vacation.

Beginning tomorrow, the family will be driving across country. I'll leave them in the middle of the vacation for a business trip, then return to vacation mode for a while.

Until late August, updates will be intermittent and more than likely audio updates.

If you really need an up-to-date blogging fix, visit the blogs on my Blogrolling list to the left. And tell them Ontie sent you. (I'm actually called "Ontie" when I play Yahoo! Texas Hold'Em Poker....Long story. Actually not, but I'm on vacation.)

From the Ontario Empoblog

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More reactions 

From the Miami Herald:

Gina Crisanti was taking out the trash at work one day when a stranger approached her with an odd request. It was a talent scout who wanted her to try out for an ad campaign to sell Dove beauty products -- wearing nothing but her underwear.

The offer was puzzling to say the least. Crisanti, a 24-year-old cafe worker, has never thought of herself as anywhere near supermodel stature -- curvy and closer to five feet than six.

But that, it turns out, is the point. Crisanti and five other ''real'' women -- ranging from size 6 to 14 -- are the stars of a Dove ad campaign that shows them wearing only bras, panties and big smiles on billboards, bus stops and trains in Chicago, New York, and other big cities....

The ads, the second phase of a campaign launched last September for Unilever's Dove, have served as a source of both inspiration and ridicule.

The ads are designed to sell products from Dove's firming collection -- lotions and creams meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite with slogans like, ``Let's face it, firming the thighs of a size 2 supermodel is no challenge.''

Some find it strange that the ads aim to profit from altering the same curves the campaign celebrates....

The ads can be a touchy subject -- as witnessed by a Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper after he characterized the women as ''chunky.'' He was bombarded with hate mail from about a thousand readers. Some called Roeper an ''idiot,'' ''Neanderthal,'' and ''sexist loser'' -- quotes he included in a follow-up column explaining his original comments.

Salon.com columnist Rebecca Traister's reaction to the campaign was sharper than Roeper's: ''Yes, when I think of putting beauty in perspective for girls, mostly I think of suggesting that they shell out for three separately sold products that will temporarily make it appear that they have less cellulite,'' she wrote sarcastically....

While it isn't the first time that full-bodied women have been depicted in ads, the campaign has caught the attention of counselors and social workers who deal with eating disorders and other body-image issues, along with those in the business of selling products.

''Competitors will watch very carefully to see if they did tap into something,'' said Tom Collinger, a professor of integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University....

For more reaction, see this excellent summary from caffeinegoddess.

Incidentally, for those complaining that the ads are only showing real WOMEN, kgeiger has posted these pictures of "soft Dove admen from Ogilvy Düsseldorf."

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yes, Marketing 

In May 1999, there was some forensics news out of St. Francis Middle School in Michigan. No, not crime solving - this speaking kind of stuff:

St. Francis middle school students, coached by Brandon Kelly, won several awards at the Michigan Inter scholas tic Forensic Asso ciation State Tournament April 24: Mark Spencer, 2nd place for extemporaneous; David Faling, a plaque for prose interpretation; Stacy Nadeau, a blue ribbon in prose interpretation; Christina Boothman and Chris Nadeau, Molly Oberdoerster and Amelia Eaton, plaque winners for duo; Eileen Carroll and Cathleen Carroll, blue-ribbon winners for duo.

In February 2002, the South & West Washtenaw Consortium at Saline High School in Saline, Michigan held a Family Career Day entitled "Trek to the Future." If you go to this page, you can see pictures of a number of well-scrubbed marketing students, including Mike Langford, Stacy Nadeau, Mike Andryc, Jessica Schoenecker, and Katie Gotelaere.

This school has an active DECA program, and attends the national conferences:

April 2003: Orlando, FL

2003 Qualifiers:
Mike Lloyd, Stacy Nadeau, Katie Gotelaere, Andy Strasburg, Kyle Van Buren, John Washbish, Brian Timmer, Zac Beach, Amanda Swartz Devin Girbach, Erin Storey, Erin Barney, Laura Radloff and Ashley Wilson

April 19-24, 2002: Salt Lake City, Utah

2002 Qualifiers:
Meghan Banfield, Stacy Nadeau, Katie Gotelaere, Amber Gracey, Jason Trojan,
Emily Keeping, Michael Andryc, Sara Hubbell, Vanessa Purdon, Briana Clark

More about Stacy's qualifications for the 2003 Orlando conference:

Congratulations to all of the event finalists that will be representing Michigan DECA in Orlando, Florida at the 2003 International Career Development Conference....

Marketing Management
Stacy Nadeau, Saline High School
Randal Grenier, Berkley High School
Hal Weberman, Berkley High School
Azmat Khan, Forest Hills Central High School
Nick Slocum, Petoskey High School

Several years later, Stacy Nadeau was still engaged in marketing, as part of Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty."

Incidentally, The Infamous Brad has written about negative reactions to the Campaign for Real Beauty. Excerpts:

The controversy here is that journalists have had only a little trouble scraping out from underneath various slime-covered rocks various people, both "experts" and supposedly randomly chosen public, who are offended by seeing these women in their underwear. No, not because of the tighty-whitey underwear, but because they claim to be grossed out by being made to see women "that fat" in their underwear....

Let me make my own feelings clear on this subject. At least one of those women is actually too thin for me to find her automatically sexually (let alone romantically) attractive. The sexiest women on the planet, to me, are the women who look a lot like the other 5....

If these ads are controversial for any reason, it ought to be this one: that's not what real women look like, either. The web site very carefully doesn't give the models' heights, weights, measurements, body mass indices, or dress sizes. However, when Stacy Nadeau...was being interviewed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann the other night, it was mentioned that she's a size 10. The average American woman, like Marilyn Monroe at the height of her career, is a size 12. If these six women are at (or worse, above) your upper limit for attractive women, and if we assume a bell curve for the statistical distribution of body shape, then you just ruled out somewhere around 2/3 of the women in your species. And if so, I'm very sad for you....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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From florawrecker.com:

Dixieland Musical Air Horn

Our Musical Air Horns are super loud and attract attention with 118 Decibels of power. Each unit has a heavy duty 12 volt maintenance free compressor and durable plastic trumpets. Kit comes complete with trumpets, air line compressor and relay. Instruction in English / Spanish.

They're leaping on the Dukes of Hazzard market to sell this thing.

You can also buy shirts from another vendor.

And you can buy, among other items of dubious copyright, a "Daisy Girl" outfit with really short pants.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Most Dangerous Sport 

According to r2k:

The vendee globe, an around the world solo race on a monohull. Among the most dangerous of sports, these are some very serious people. The most recent race is over....[The picture shows] a 60 or so foot boat btw... So that gives you a feel for the water conditions.

From the race organizers (or organisers or whatever) themselves:

In theory, the Vendée Globe is an utterly simple affair. Its fundamental principles come down to a few sentences, compared to which even the roughest logbook would seem sophisticated. A sailing race around the world, for singlehanders, without any stopover. That’s it. In theory at least, because beyond these words start great stories.

Official supplier of legends since 1989, this race has impressed the maritime world and the public in general, to the point where even the strongest superlatives seem unable to define it. The sea also has its mythical summit, created 15 years ago by a sailor, two times winner around the world (BOC Challenge, with stopovers), who refused to rest on his laurels.

Philippe Jeantot wished to go further, to give a new dimension to the world of maritime adventure… “Time, he wrote, is a necessary factor to attain perfect harmony with one’s sailboat. We had to forget about stopping. A round-the-world race, without stopovers or assistance, such were the conditions to reach the desired communion. For the first edition, we set off towards the unknown. None of the 13 sailors who crossed the starting line in 1989 had the experience of a solo journey exceeding 100 days” *.

On November 7 th, 20 navigators will set sails aboard their monohulls, heading towards the three great capes, marking the southern tips of the African continent, Australia and America. The Vendée Globe will start, for the 5 th time, from the harbour of Les Sables d’Olonne, where it was born. And as far as the rest of the story is concerned… well, it’s up to the sailors themselves now.

This is such a tough race that even the last place finisher is a hero:

The crowds out for Karen
Sunday, March 13, 2005 - 10:50 PM

In spite of her late arrival, a large crowd celebrated the arrival of Karen Leibovici, the thirteenth and final arrival in the Vendée Globe. Many other skippers turned out to offer their congratulations and express their admiration: Raphaël Dinelli and Benoit Parnaudeau, who only recently arrived themselves, but also Jean Pierre Dick and some from previous races,including Isabelle Autissier, Catherine Chabaud, Jean-Luc van den Heede and Alain Gautier.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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That Was Now, This Is Then 

Back in October 2004, I linked to some comments about Tony Bruno's replacement on Fox Sports Radio's Morning Extravaganza, Van Earl Wright.

My post itself elicited additional comments from two anonymous people back in December 2004:

Quite simply stated, as "RICH IN OAKLAND" said, "The show has no meaning anymore; no content, no direction". In short, it stinks! VEW is an absolute disgrace. Andrew and Krystal and "Mo" are totally LOST. Tony Bruno's departure is a major blow to a radio show that caught alot of people's imagination for its humor, its ingenutity, and barrage of clever banter. Now, its simply a lousy radio show. I listen to Local News radio. FOX blew it bigtime.
I, among many of us, were hoping...even PRAYING...for Andrew & Chris Meyers to be the new team. They had a great mesh, and would have been a great team for years to come.

I have been listening to VEW, and giving him a chance...but I am truly disapointed with him...it seems FSR is trying to make the show about him, which is so what Tony was not doing. VEW is a good guy, but not made for this venue. TB was secure enough about himself to let others shine around him, which made him that much more endearing to the audience....

Of course, a lot has happened since then. From my perspective, the most notable thing has been the removal of Van Earl, Andrew, and Krystal from the Southern California airwaves (except in Lancaster). But the posters at radio-info.com continue to discuss the situation. While there are the knee jerk reactions, there are those (including the two anonymous people who posted at my blog) who have voiced thoughtful criticisms and suggestions for improvement.

For example, here's an excerpt from a post from sportsland:

If Sporting News Radio goes ahead with their plans, Fox is probably done....

With Bruno and Kiley and Booms, SNR could be poised for a major comeback....Look for all new clocks, imaging, and a revised line-up to coincide with the new Bruno show.

Ashwood was banking that no one would deal with Bruno on a national level again and SNR was basically dead a year ago. Clear Channel doesn't want any of their talent to have too much power. Their philosophy is to protect the brand, even if that means you cut bait with your best talent in favor of weak, vanilla talent and bland programming....

You know sports radio is getting bad when sports stations start playing non-sports shows. We've got Tom Leykis in the morning!

woody1394 replied, in part:

...The one thing I wonder most about though is why putting vanilla-type programming makes any sense to ANY network. Lets be simple about this, if the programming is good, people will listen. If it sucks (like Van Hurl), people will not....

SportsTalkJunkie believes that the references to Fox's death at the hands of Sporting News have been exaggerated:

...FSR just added WEOL-AM 930 in Elyria, OH. FSR has been adding stations every week, including bouncing Sporting News off of Lancaster (PA), Knoxville, Madison, Pocatello, and Sacramento. Where has Sporting News bounced Fox in the last two years? You cannot name one station. When is the last time Sporting News signed a major affiliate?...

But there's another opinion, posted by someone with the handle vanearlwrong:

Fox Sports Radio only survives because Cheap Channel has too many crappy little am's and no programming. In the bigger markets, they only get spotty clearance late at night and claim those as "affiliations"....

And there's also a comment from Pratte4Life about how Fox Sports Radio markets their female anchors:

...[T]he one thing about a FOX Sports TV female anchor is that they tend to be models (Lisa Guerrero, Lisa Dergen, etc.)....

But unless you're going to have a show where Jenna Jameson talks love and sports, you can't be a sex symbol on the radio. And that's how FSR tries to portray their female personalities- such as Krystal Fernandez.

One of the early staples of the network was interviewing porn stars. It was catering to the lowest level of "guy talk" and while I'm not totally against it (Tony Bruno really did it well, but he does just about everything well) it seems FSR can't get out of that rut....

It should also be noted that this is a staple of Howard Stern's radio show, which seems to be doing fairly well from all I've heard.

Speaking of Lisa:

Lisa is currrently in a stage production in aid of the charity SFWAR....

Actually, that should be in the past tense, according to this:

"Extremities," an intense play around the struggles of dealing with sexual assault. All proceeds from the play are being donated to SFWAR. Starring Lisa Guerrero and Jon Gale. Tickets are on sale now at the SFWAR website - Show dates are November 18 [2004] - December 19th [2004]. Please show your support.

SFWAR is "San Francisco Women Against Rape." Their website contains the following:

Extremities is every woman’s worst nightmare come true… with a twist. Farrah Fawcett starred in the famous movie version, but the stage play is even more powerful, yet mercifully lightened by much-needed moments of comic relief. In the play, during an attempted rape, a woman captures her attacker and proceeds to torture him. Her roommates return home and struggle to determine who is guilty of a crime, the woman or her would-be rapist....

“A long time ago, my sister had been assaulted,” [producer] Gale stated, “And I wanted to do something for her. She kicked the s*** out of the guy and managed to get away with some scrapes. But she was a mess emotionally.” At this time in Indiana, there was little-to-nothing in place for emotional support. Gale added, “My sister filed a police report, and they essentially told her to get over it. Anybody who’s been sexually assaulted should have more than that. She turned to her family… there was nothing else available at the time.”...

Television star Lisa Guerrero has appeared in over 200 commercials as well as dozens of television shows including a starring role in Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach, and guest appearances on In the Heat of the Night, Cybil, Matlock, Line’s, Frasier, and the George Lopez Show. She was the former Monday Night Football sideline reporter and has worked as the update anchor for “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” for Fox Sports. Soon, she will be the host for “ESPN Hollywood” debuting in January 2005.

Ah, ESPN Hollywood...

Guerrero comes to Extremities through Jon Gale. “I worked with Lisa on the musical Grease a few years ago in Los Angeles at the Westminster Playhouse. She was fun to work with, and we’ve been close friends ever since.” Gale adds, “Just for this project, she’s moved to the Bay Area. After the show, she’ll return to Los Angeles with her new husband Scott Erickson, a major league baseball player, a pitcher. Actually they celebrated their honeymoon right before launching into the final rehearsals for Extremities. It’s been an amazing reunion. I never thought with her busy schedule that she could do it. But I was lucky to catch her between projects.”

From the Ontario Empoblog

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No, I Don't Have Krystal Fernandez Pictures. But I Know Where They Can Be Found. 

Isn't it ironic (don't you think) that, even though I can't hear Krystal Fernandez on the radio any more (unless I pick up a fuzzy Lancaster station), this blog is still one of the primary sources for all things Krystal? (Except the burgers.)

So, for those of you searching for pictures of Ms. Fernandez...I ain't got 'em. But here's where you can find them:

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cooter and Something That Rhymes With It 

Let's start here:

If television's "Crazy Cooter" has his way, fans of the "Dukes of Hazzard" may be speeding away from a new movie version of the cornpone classic faster than the Duke boys running from Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane.

Ben Jones, a former Georgia congressman who played the wisecracking mechanic on the popular series from 1979-85, said profanity and sexual content in the film make a mockery of the family friendly show.

"Basically, they trashed our show," said Jones, who now lives in the mountains of Washington, Va. "It's one thing to do whatever movie they want to do, but to take a classic family show and do that is like taking "I Love Lucy" and making her a crackhead or something."

Jones said he read a script of the movie, which is scheduled to be released next month, and that it contained profanity, "constant sexual innuendo and some very clear sexual situations."

On Wednesday, Jones wrote an open letter to fans on his web site, cootersplace.com, urging them to stay away....

Jones was elected to Congress in 1988 as a Democrat. He lost his bid for a third term in 1992 after his district was redrawn, then lost two other bids for House seats, one in Georgia and another in Virginia.

He owns Cooter's Place, a "Dukes" memorabilia shop in Gatlinburg, Tenn. and plans to open another in Nashville. He also is an organizer of "Dukesfest," an annual outdoor concert and convention celebrating the show in Bristol, Tenn.

In response, Rant Me A River ranted:

So let me get this straight: a guy named "Cooter" thinks that the movie version of "Dukes of Hazard" lowers the high tone of the television show.

You mean there was more to the television version than Catherine Bach?

I must be missing something here....

The ranter eventually posted pictures taken from this site.


But the ranter still rants positively:

OK, a FEW extra pounds might have slipped onto the old chassis, but I'll bet the engine still revs pretty well.

However, chief praise is reserved for Reverend Sharon Stone, in her pastoral bikini.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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King David and His Java 

From Joel, linked by Martin:

Several years ago a larger company was considering buying out Fog Creek, and I knew it would never work as soon as I heard the CEO of that company say that he didn't really agree with my theory of hiring the best programmers. He used a biblical metaphor: you only need one King David, and an army of soldiers who merely had to be able to carry out orders. His company's stock price promptly dropped from 20 to 5, so it's a good thing we didn't take the offer, but it's hard to pin that on the King David fetish....

In some other industries, cheap is more important than good. Wal*Mart grew to be the biggest corporation on Earth by selling cheap products, not good products. If Wal*Mart tried to sell high quality goods, their costs would go up and their whole cheap advantage would be lost....

So, why isn't there room in the software industry for a low cost provider, someone who uses the cheapest programmers available? (Remind me to ask Quark how that whole fire-everybody-and-hire-low-cost-replacements plan is working.)

Here's why: duplication of software is free. That means that the cost of programmers is spread out over all the copies of the software you sell. With software, you can improve quality without adding to the incremental cost of each unit sold.

Essentially, design adds value faster than it adds cost.

Or, roughly speaking, if you try to skimp on programmers, you'll make crappy software, and you won't even save that much money....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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No Sh@t, Sherlock 


Good morning, gentlemen. Uh, this is a twelve-storey block combining classical neo-Georgian features with all the advantages of modern design. Uhh, the tenants arrive in the entrance hall here, are carried along the corridor on a conveyor belt in extreme comfort and past murals depicting Mediterranean scenes, towards the rotating knives. The last twenty feet of the corridor are heavily soundproofed. The blood pours down these chutes and the mangled flesh slurps into these large contai--


An upflush toilet has been engineered to solve problems. While their interiors are hardworking machinery, their exteriors are a fashionable complement to any decor. Their main difference from standard fixtures is the discharge system, whose key components are a macerator/pump and a small-diameter pipe. The powerful macerator has a rotating blade that shreds and grinds solid material like human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water, solid material changes to a fine slurry which moves easily through a narrow pipe upward. The macerator/pump is sealed for life and requires NO maintenance!

A quiet electric-powered pump moves the fine slurry upward under pressure. The small-diameter discharge pipe (as small as 3/4" across), solves many structural problems as it can be run virtually anywhere! The fine slurry moves easily through this pipe to the normal sewage system, septic tank or holding tank.

Don't know if the inventor of this toilet wants to be a Freemason.

However, there are some fascist baby seal clubbing communists who manufacture bladeless toilets:

Envirolet® dispels the myth that all composting toilet systems are "created equal." Only Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems are designed and engineered around our unique, patented, Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ and evaporation process.

Dual fans...

Oops. I was wrong. This one has blades also.

...operating in conjunction with natural microbe action, continuously circulate a large volume of air at a high flow rate around a specially shaped Aeration Basket. The Aeration Basket lines the inside of the system and maximizes waste surface area for better efficiency.

Only Envirolet® features two fans (others have only 1) and an Aeration Basket.

Our breakthrough technology dramatically improves both waste reduction and recycling by increasing aeration, evaporation and microbe activity. In addition, our patented design allows for significant reduction of the System size, while still maximizing System performance.

This superior System makes operation both convenient and simple, and eliminates the tiresome turning of waste required by some "manual drum" toilets.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Snuck one more read in 

Jennifer lives in Buffalo, which for the geographically challenged is way the heck up north by Canada and stuff. (And where O.J. Simpson rushed for more than 2,000 yards in a single season. But I digress.)

Jennifer linked to this post from Chimera Station, recounting a border crossing into Canada:

Agent: Any firearms in the car?
Me: No.
Agent: Any other offensive weapons to declare?
Me: Do these hockey sticks count?
Agent: What?
Me: Ummmmmmmmmm

Read the rest here. The agent was not amused.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Well, I guess it truly is the end of the world as we know it 

I haven't been visiting some of my favorite blogs lately, but I luckily caught this from Estephania.

Yesterday my alarm went off. I groggily wake up. I'm not a morning person. By any stretch. They are playing a Christmas song on the radio. I'm confused, but stumble into the shower, convinced somehow that the Christmas music is a figment of my imagination.

I get out of the shower. The radio station is STILL playing Christmas music. The morning guys say that they will be playing Christmas music until Christmas day....

The story continues here. (Warning: near nudity ensues.)

From the Ontario Empoblog

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License to Steal 

There are so many license acronyms I can't keep them all straight:

Open Source licenses
  • Apache Software License

  • Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license

  • Mozilla [TM] Public License (MPL)

  • Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL)

Free Software Foundation licenses
  • GNU General Public License (GPL)

  • Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Community Source licenses
  • Sun Community Source License (SCSL): for Java[TM] platform, for Jini[TM] technology

  • Java Research License (JRL)

Document licenses
  • Creative Commons license

  • Sun Public Documentation License (PDL)

  • Open Publication License

  • GNU Free Documentation License (FDL)

...A variety of licenses have been created to meet the different needs of open source projects---the original Berkeley Unix was released under the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license, Linux and Emacs use the GNU General Public License (GPL), while Netscape created the Mozilla[TM] Public License (MPL) for its browser. Companies like IBM and Sun have written a variety of licenses including the Common Public License (CPL), Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL), and Sun Community Source License (SCSL). Over 40 different licenses have been certified as meeting the criteria for open source by the Open Source Initiative, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source definition (http://www.opensource.org), and it is unknown how many additional licenses have been created for use by other open source projects.

This large number of possible licenses creates confusion for people considering participating in an open source project. When choosing a license for your project it is best to use one of the few, well-known existing licenses rather than trying to create a new one. Which license is best for your project will depend on your reasons for choosing to do open source development.

Many people equate open source with the various open source licenses, but the license is only a gate that people pass through. If people are not willing to agree to the terms of the license, then they don't pass through the gate. However for those people who do accept, the license doesn't specify how they will work together; it merely defines some very basic ground rules....

The best things in life are free, but you can keep them for the birds and bees.

The term "free software" came into use at about the same time that Richard Stallman quit his job at MIT, launched the GNU Project, and began writing the software that would eventually become the core of the free software community: emacs, the GNU "C" compile (gcc), the "C" libraries, and a few others.

Richard wanted to give users "freedom" and he called the GNU Project software "free software." For him, "freedom" was primarily a social and moral goal rather than an economic one. He felt that users had the right to know what the software on their computers was doing and that software that didn't allow this "freedom" was socially and morally wrong. He promoted the idea (and still does) that free software represents the ideal of "free as in freedom." It was a side benefit of the process that the software could be used and distributed at no cost.

When Linus Torvolds created the first versions of the Linux operating system, he used all the GNU tools that had been developed by the GNU Project....

But there were others who believed that the name "free software" worked against the growth and acceptance of Linux and other free software applications. They felt the name was confusing and that explaining it to managers and business people was too difficult. And the ideas behind "free as in freedom" didn't always excite management as much as it did those who were spending countless hours developing it. Another problem was that the word "free" was sometimes equated with "cheap." Many felt that if the software was "free," it must not be worth much.

This group of people, led by hacker and free software developer Eric Raymond and Christine Peterson of the Foresight Institute, proposed that the name "open source" be used instead of the term "free software."

Richard Stallman didn't support this new name. According to Richard: "Teaching new users about freedom became more difficult in 1998, when a part of the community decided to stop using the term 'free software' and say 'open source software' instead."

Stallman continued, "Some who favored this term aimed to avoid the confusion of 'free' with 'gratis' - a valid goal. Others, however, aimed to set aside the spirit of principle that had motivated the free software movement and the GNU project, and to appeal instead to executives and business users, many of whom hold an ideology that places profit above freedom, above community, above principle. Thus, the rhetoric of 'open source' focuses on the potential to make high-quality, powerful software, but shuns the ideas of freedom, community, and principle."...

And if we all hold hands a mind mapping program will materialize.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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As opposed to amateur proprietary, which is what most of us produce 

An old (2003) comment from Ted Leung:

In case you were unclear on the JBoss group's strategy, you can read this. I think that what JBoss is doing is another interesting experiment in the space of funding open source development. It's going to be interesting to see how they mix the consulting/support model in to the product....

My only complaint is the use of the term "professional open source". The open source community definitely doesn't need JBoss's stamp of approval to make it "professional". I think that the Linux, Samba, and Apache HTTPd teams would find this idea particularly ridiculous.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Never heard of icerocket.com until I turned up here in a list of blogs with recent mentions of Danny Bonaduce. (Note that the existence of this post ensures that I'll make the list again.)

They also have a trend tool. Here's an example of 60 day trends for blog mentions of Danny Bonaduce, Doug Krikorian, and myself. Here's a snapshot:

From the Ontario Empoblog

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O Grab Me 

From answers.com:

Embargo Act of 1807, passed Dec. 22, 1807, by the U.S. Congress in answer to the British orders in council restricting neutral shipping and to Napoleon's restrictive Continental System. The U.S. merchant marine suffered from both the British and French, and Thomas Jefferson undertook to answer both nations with measures that by restricting neutral trade would show the importance of that trade....Merchants, sea captains, and sailors were naturally dismayed to find themselves without income and to see the ships rotting at the wharves. All sorts of dodges were used to circumvent the law....Enforcement was difficult, especially in New England, where merchants looked on the scheme as an attempt to defraud them of a livelihood. When in Jan., 1809, Congress, against much opposition, passed an act to make enforcement more rigid, resistance approached the point of rebellion—again especially in New England—and the scheme had to be abandoned. On Mar. 1, 1809, the embargo was superseded by the Nonintercourse Act. This allowed resumption of all commercial intercourse except with Britain and France. Jefferson reluctantly accepted it....

From William Doyle:

The fact the state [of Vermont] shared a border with British Canada made Vermont more sensitive than many other states to the young nation's foreign policy decisions. When Jefferson called for an embargo on trade between the United States and Britain (and its colonies), many Vermonters were outraged. The young state shipped a considerable amount of its products north to Canada, and received goods from that country. To have the trade cut off was an economic hardship. Many defied the ban, skirting marshals patrolling the trade routes. Smuggler's Notch received its name in this period because the remote mountain gap was used as a pathway north. It was reported that in 1809 there were as many as 700 sleighs carrying oak and pork on the road from Middlebury to Montreal. Angry citizens transposed the letters of "embargo" to "o grab me" or "go bar em" as a way of denouncing the "dambargo."

Vermont's violations of the Embargo Act were so numerous that the United States customs collector in Vermont wrote to the Secretary of the Treasury that the law could not be enforced without military assistance. President Jefferson's response was to direct the collector to arm and equip vessels to prevent illegal trade. If this were not successful, the United States Marshal was authorized to raise a group of men "to aid in suppressing the insurrection or combination." Jefferson's orders enraged many Vermonters, "who resented imputations of treason." As a result of a town meeting, St. Albans wrote the president, denying the charge of insurrection. Vermont Federalists accused the Jefferson administration of supporting French radicalism.

As a result of the embargo, the Jeffersonians paid a heavy political price in the 1808 elections. The Federalists captured three out of the state's four congressional seats, and Federalist Isaac Tichenor recaptured the governship.

Moving to the 20th century, we have this:

When dealing with the news media, sooner usually means better. The earlier you can get your message to reporters and editors, the more likely your story will end up on TV or in print.

Sometimes, that means your agency is conducting an extensive public service campaign. You are planning a large kickoff event with a news conference, a demonstration and several well-known speakers. Two weeks prior to the event, you distribute news releases and media kits announcing the kickoff, but you embargo the information until after the news conference....

The media traditionally will honor your request for an embargo if the information does not involve a hard-news, breaking story. Also violating the request would create ill will with other media outlets as well as the sponsoring agency.

In general, the release of embargoed information can help the media help you get a good story produced, often by a wide range of media outlets.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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The Other Nesler 

I don't have any new news on Ellie Nesler or William (Willy) Nesler (if you do, please leave it in the comments), but I did find this old article on another member of the Nesler family:

Those who know her call Rebecca Nesler a strong, resilient and hopeful young woman. To many others, she is simply a member of one of Tuolumne County's most notorious families.

Rebecca, who goes by Becky, is the daughter of Ellie Nesler, the Sonora woman who shot and killed a man in a Jamestown courtroom in 1993. She is also the younger sister of Willy Nesler, who in May was convicted of beating a man to death near the Nesler family's Shaws Flat Road property in Sonora....

Her family's troubles have made her a stronger person, she said. While she realizes what her mother did 12 years ago was wrong, Becky said she understands, now more than ever, what her mother felt in shooting Driver.

Becky said her mother still contends that Driver would have gone free and preyed on other young boys, including Willy, again.

"I think killing is altogether wrong, but if I would have to be wrong to save my child, that's what I would do," she said.

Becky concedes that her brother has taken many wrong turns in his life. She is also well aware of the effect her mother's actions had on Willy, who ran away from home shortly after Ellie Nesler was incarcerated.

For that reason she said she struggles with the issue of vigilantism.

She is clear about her feeling on another issue. She said she does not believe Willy, 23, killed anyone. Instead, she believes someone else killed David Davis and that her brother was wrongly convicted. She said Willy has been branded a criminal ever since their mother took the law into her own hands....

Willy Nesler's troubles eventually landed him behind bars but they've inspired Becky to help others. After graduating from high school in 2003, Becky took several criminal justice courses at Remington College in Arizona.

She said she would like to continue with college because she believes she can make a difference in young people's lives. Ultimately, she hopes to become an attorney and work with young offenders. That sort of work, she contends, would have made a huge difference for Willy....

Since her brother was sentenced to prison nearly two weeks ago, Becky said she's visited him twice. Becky said they've discussed an appeal but Willy is not optimistic about his chances.

Becky's not been able to visit her mother since Willy's sentencing. She said her mother is now receiving chemotherapy treatments while imprisoned near Chowchilla. Ellie Nesler only served three of her 10-year sentence for manslaughter after winning an appeal based on jury misconduct. But she was then convicted of drug charges and again incarcerated.

Talking to her just before Willy's sentencing, Becky said her mother expressed no surprise that Willy had been convicted of murder. She said her mother felt Willy would always have trouble in the county because of his last name and had urged Willy to leave Tuolumne County....

Previous Nesler blog posts here.

P.S. I purposely entitled this post "The Other Nesler" rather than "The Good Nesler." Not knowing any of the three of them, I can't make a value judgment and say that Ellie and Willy are "bad" and Becky is "good." While acknowledging that Ellie and Willy have done bad things, who am I to value one over the other? And, as a parent, I wonder if I would have done what Ellie did....

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


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Did you realize that "peer pressure" was a toilet-related pun? 

The title is from an article from Dave Barry on Canadian toilets, back in 1998.

I was searching for information on Canadian toilets, and had trouble finding any because Canada (or at least Ontario) eventually adopted similar regulations:

Just over two years ago, Gary Blucher built a house just north of Toronto. The Ontario building code said he had to use low flow toilets — ones that use no more than 6 litres of water per flush.

"They plug," he complains....

Blucher says he sometimes has to flush two or three times, just to clear the toilet....

In Ontario, low-flow has been part of the building code for the past six years. It's part of the province's efforts to save money by reducing the need for new water filtration plants.

The provincial government says the plan was to cut toilet waste by 25 per cent, but it hasn't quite worked according to plan....

Ontario may be the only province pushing the six-litre standard right now [in 2003], but other provinces are watching closely. The city of Vancouver has jumped on the low-flow bandwagon as well....

Roman Kaszczij runs the city of Toronto's toilet replacement program. He says there are hundreds of CSA-approved six litre toilets on the Canadian market. He hasn't tested all of them — but only 24 meet his standards.

"We did a test a couple of years ago. We just pulled toilets off the shelf and tested them. Over 50 per cent of them did not flush with six litres," Kaszczij said.

Kaszczij needs to know which toilets do work. Toronto offers a $60 - $75 rebate for anyone who will replace a water waster with a low-flow toilet. But there is a catch: you have to buy one of the 24 toilets on Kaszczij's list....

Doug Geralde is a spokesman for the CSA. He admits he's known for years there are problems with some CSA-approved six-litre toilets. But he says the CSA does not write the standard: a committee of experts —including toilet manufacturers— writes the rules.

"The CSA mark only means it complies with the requirements and that’s what we certify to," says Geralde. He says if the standards fall short, the committee of experts will get feedback.

In late January 2003, the committee recommended that the Canadian standard should be replaced with an American one. Of the three toilets the committee tested, all passed the Canadian standard. Only one passed the American test....

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You've had iPods, now you have iVan - the mousepad.

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It's Not Perfect 

Those who were hoping for a triumphant return to space...it ain't gonna happen yet:

NASA said Wednesday it is grounding future shuttle flights because foam debris that brought down Columbia is still a risk — and might have doomed Discovery if the big chunk of broken insulation had come off just a bit earlier and slammed into the spacecraft.

A large chunk of foam flew off Discovery's external fuel tank just two minutes after liftoff Tuesday morning. Shuttle managers do not believe it hit the shuttle, posing a threat to the seven astronauts when they return to Earth. But they plan a closer inspection of the spacecraft to be sure.

"You have to admit when you're wrong. We were wrong," said shuttle program manager Bill Parsons. "We need to do some work here, and so we're telling you right now, that the ... foam should not have come off. It came off. We've got to go do something about that."

The loss of a chunk of debris, a vexing problem NASA thought had been fixed, represents a tremendous setback to a space program that has spent 2 1/2 years and over $1 billion trying to make the 20-year-old shuttles safe to fly....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Before we heap loads of praise on the Bereans... 

...we should remember that Paul had to leave Berea also.

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What is the dimunitive of Empress? Empressita? 

Inland Empress (no, we're not related) has just given birth to a baby girl, Lael Sophia.

Don't know if she'll become a blogger like Lil' Aubrey (Dear Buster Van Buren's daughter).


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Dooce and Cruising 

Back when Dooce blogged about her work, she also blogged about today's Niacin poster boy, Tom Cruise:

On my commute home from work yesterday evening, I found myself involved in a conversation about masturbation and sexual awareness with a male co-worker....

"There I was at 9 years old closing my eyes and pretending that I was Apollonia.”

Unamused and barely stirred he offered, “Purple Rain was filmed entirely in Minneapolis. I’m from Minneapolis.”

“I mean, from all the memories I have of 4th grade, this one is the most vivid. And now whenever I hear that soundtrack I feel an overwhelming sense of innocence. Ironic, don’t you think?”

“Sometimes it gets really cold in Minneapolis,” he said, completely ignoring me.

“I think the next milestone in my sexual awakening would have to have been the sex scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun. That Berlin song, so delicate and appropriate for that scene with the curtains flowing and light shimmering and the tongues and the necks, still makes me eager to fuck a man a military uniform.”

“Tom Cruise is gay.”

“Do you have to rain on my sexual awakening parade?”

“It rains a lot in Minneapolis.”

I'll probably be in the Minneapolis area on August 13. I'll let you know if it rains. Or if I see some short guy on a street corner.

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Paranoia Strikes Anywhere 

I got called into HR this morning.

I didn't think that I was going to be fired, so I figured that this had to do with one of two things:

  • Someone outside of the company that I talked with about a matter that cannot be discussed here.

  • My blog

As I was walking to HR, I was trying to think if I had inadvertently disclosed something here.

As it turned out, the conversation in HR had to do with an entirely different topic. Again, I can't disclose it here. Sorry.

But at least I haven't been dooced. Or Hanscomed. Or Troutgirled. Or Queenofskyed.

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Presumably she didn't know about the allegations. Talking to a dog may be better. 

A 2003 Usenet post:

From: suitee...@aol.comeondown (SUITE EEEE)
Newsgroups: alt.vacation.las-vegas
Date: 12 Jul 2003 04:33:02 GMT
Organization: AOL http://www.aol.com
Subject: Re: This can't be good
Message-ID: <20030712003302.21948.00000300@mb-m02.aol.com>

I have to comment on this. Jon Fredericks is the BIGGEST DICK on TV, that guy
is totally out of it, he thinks he's funny and he's not. Do we really need to
hear him reprimanding "Jordan" (his dog - he takes him to work) while he is
supposed to be doing the weather? And, who in hell sends in birthday wishes to
their animals!!! I thought Christopher Nance and Fritz Coleman were
fruitcakes, this guy has them beat hands down!! Forget about the news, there
is none..."Breaking news at 11" - "Mrs Jone's cat up a tree" - or some
mutilated body found in a trash bin!! GMAB!! Don't tell me to change the
channel - KVBC is the best of the bunch, the rest are even worse!!
KTLA makes these guys look like a high school communications course!!
OK - Rant off!!
Which brings up a particularly interesting rant I have. WHY is it
that Las Vegas is such a crappy market for on-air TV news (and
weather) personalities? WHY can't this market get some TALENT with
actual "talent"? I mean, these people can't freaking READ the
TelePrompTer, let alone pronounce names correctly! Vegas is a
running JOKE in TV land! And the weather forecasters! How freaking
difficult is it to forecast the weather in Las Vegas? HOT today,
hotter than HELL tomorrow! For this they need to devote 5 minutes of
the nightly broadcast to some twit in a bow tie (even if he IS
married to Melinda).

Oh well, rant off......

http://www.geocities.com/suiteeeee/ <-LV Pictures and Links

Here's Fredericks' bio (follow link to see pictures of Fredericks and his dog).

John Fredericks came to Channel 3 in July of 1996 as the weekday morning weather anchor. John can be seen every weekday during News 3 Sunrise from 5:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. and every weekday on News 3 at Noon from noon to 1:00 p.m. John is a veteran broadcaster with over 25 years of experience. He has recently completed the necessary requirements and has received his National Weather Association Meteorology "Seal of Approval."

Fascinated by the study of weather, John tries to be as accurate as possible. His style of reporting is fun and upbeat. John won the 2002 EMA (Electronic Media Award) from Working In Communications in the category of Best Weather Anchor, he also won in 2000, 1999, 1997 and was a runner-up in 1998 and 2001. In 2003, John was also inducted into The Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

John grew up in Southern California and attended California State University-Bakersfield where he studied Broadcast Communication. In his spare time John enjoys playing golf, listening to music, and hanging out with his yellow Lab, Jordan.

John was recently voted on to the Board of Directors of the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( NSPCA). John was recently voted on to the Board of Directors of the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( NSPCA). John Fredericks has also been voted Best TV Personality of 2005 by Las Vegas Weekly's Readers' Choice Awards and Best Local Weathercaster of 2004 by the Las Vegas Review Journal's Best of Las Vegas Reader's Poll!

You can contact John at jfredericks@kvbc.com

The advantage of having John on staff...he can legitimately call someone a bitch. But not a bunt. (Suomi heh.)

From the Ontario Empoblog

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VH1 and KYSR (Danny Bonaduce fan comments) 

VH1 (who has a vested interest in the matter) has a message board devoted to Star 98.7.

Star98.7 - pollyparks [07.07.05 11:45 AM]
The show sucks without Danny...
09:49 AM
RE: Star98.7

Danyy has always been too good for Jamie. She's trashy and thinks she's funny by cutting people down. A key indication of a very low IQ. Danny is better off without them....
12:53 PM
RE: Star98.7

I agree! Stench bugs me....

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Arminianism and Calvinism 

I've alluded to this before, so I felt that I might as well dig into it.

From spreadinglight.com:

The clash between these two views comes down to a matter of free will and whether we have any at all as compared to what God wills. Some will say that God will override human will in all cases if God wills something different. Others say that God gave humans free will and because he created humans with free will, he will not override. Finally, there are some who do not believe humans have free will and that the sovereignty of God causes everything to happen.

I will examine the five points of Calvinism and contrast them with Arminianism. To save my fingers from typing the words a hundred times, I’ll use (C) for Calvinism and (A) for Arminianism from now on.

(C) Total Depravity vs. (A) Natural Ability

Total depravity is best explained by quoting Romans in saying, “no one seeks God, no not one.” Because of an inherent sinful nature, man does not search for God and will not ever. Natural ability is not the idea that man can save himself but rather once prodded by the Holy Spirit a person may choose Christ. Man, while flawed, is not so bad that he will never look to God on his own....

(C) Unconditional Election vs. (A) Election based on (fore)knowledge

In Unconditional Election, God hand selects who is going to be saved. No matter what a person may have to say about it, God is going to save them despite themselves....

Election based on (fore)knowledge acknowledges that the Bible speaks of people being elect. The argument is made that God knew how a person would react to the gospel before it was ever presented to them. It is not a matter of God forcing His will on anyone, but rather God knew they would become saved and God chose them because of that....

(C) Limited Atonement vs. (A) Unlimited Atonement

...In limited atonement, Christ died only for the elect....This is the point which some Calvinists stumble. Some willingly accept the other four points of Calvinism but believe in unlimited atonement. They are dubbed by some as “four point Calvinists.”

Unlimited atonement is much easier to explain and to believe for most. Christ died for the world....

(C) Irresistible Grace vs. (A) Prevenient Grace

Irresistible grace is the notion that when God extends grace to a person, they have no chance, opportunity, or will to reject it. Just as in the case of unconditional election, the person has no choice over the matter. Prevenient grace is grace that is extended to a believer before salvation. It is a matter of God opening the doors to heaven and a person choosing for themselves to walk through....

(C) Perseverance of the Saints vs. (A) Conditional Perseverance

Perseverance of the Saints is the idea that once a person is saved, they are always saved. Because God has elected them and they had no choice in the matter, no one has any choice in the matter of becoming “unsaved.”...Conditional Perseverance believes that salvation is dependent upon faith. If a person stops believing in Jesus to take away their sins, they are no longer saved....

The important thing to remember is that both believe that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ and him alone.

I do not wish to downplay the issue but as long as both sides agree on this, everything else - even what actually happens in the process of it all - is pretty trivial.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I cannot absorb all of this 

The tangled history of the Standard Oil Company (or Companies). This is advertised as "highly abridged." It links to a large graphic that is even more highly abridged.

Perhaps it's easier to just look at one of the pieces. From the Chevron (Gulf too) (Getty too) (Texaco too) (Unocal too?) site. The family tree is also comprehensible.

But they're all merging together again. Does your head spin around?

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Why do you think they call it dope? 

From Reuters/Yahoo:

...Stephen Knight, 17, said three men had broken into his apartment, hogtied him with Christmas lights and stole some marijuana, along with a plasma screen television, police said.

Police are looking for the suspects. In the meantime, they arrested Knight after finding several marijuana plants growing under heat lamps in the apartment, four grams of harvested marijuana and a tablet of ecstasy, Officer Chad Ripley said....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Decades On 

An old story:

Jess Bravin and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme never met....Yet each is intrigued with a question about the same strange moment in history.

Why, almost 30 years ago, did a cluster of largely middle-class kids glom onto Charles Manson and commit crimes, including murder, under his thrall?

"Some people are just destined, I think," said Fromme, who, at 49, remains Manson's most loyal disciple. She spoke in a recent telephone interview from Florida, where she's serving a life sentence in federal prison in Marianna for trying to assassinate President Ford.

Bravin isn't about to let it go at that, however.

As Fromme's unlikely and unauthorized biographer, the 32-year-old law student has written a book that includes her ruminations on influences and events contributing to her "destiny."...

Then the first-time author tossed out other reasons—the recent California Heaven's Gate suicides among them—to explain why people should care about the story he tells in "Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme" (St. Martin's Press)....

"I think the most important thing is to try to understand why somebody like [Fromme] is susceptible to the kind of control that Manson exerted," said political satirist Paul Krassner, who struck up an acquaintance with Fromme after the Manson trials.

With that in mind, Krassner recalled something Manson once told him: "I never picked up anybody who had not already been discarded by society."

Fromme was born in Santa Monica in 1948 to a stay-at-home mother and a father who was an engineer in the defense industry blossoming beside the entertainment mills of Southern California.

Her formative years had the patina of postwar, middle-class bliss. As a star of the Lariats amateur dance troupe, she toured nationwide, brushing with celebrity on Dinah Shore's and Art Linkletter's TV shows and giving command performances for the likes of Annette Funicello at Walt Disney's ranch.

In junior high, Fromme was voted "Personality Plus." In high school, she wrote poems for honors English classes—and, Bravin writes, got her first taste of LSD.

Well before the dabbling in illegal drugs, though, her demeanor had begun showing traces of the increasingly troubled home life that sometimes landed her on the street....

As Bravin writes the episode, a disconsolate Fromme sat slumped on a bench along the boardwalk in Venice when a voice asked, "What's the problem?"

"What she beheld," Bravin writes, "was an unkempt, elflike man in a cap, sporting a two-day beard and a whiff of body odor, or possibly whiskey."

The man told the waif that in Haight-Ashbury, people called him "the gardener."

"I tend to all the flower children," Charles Manson said....

Though objective, nonjudgmental reportage, Bravin suggests the complexity of influences that shaped Fromme—extensive drug use and possible mental breakdown among them. But the book also points to a prime mover in the form of Fromme's father.

Although she vehemently denies Bravin's implication that her father sexually and physically abused her—saying that on the whole her childhood was happy—Fromme acknowledges the damage inflicted upon her by the first man in her life.

"He was emotionally abusive," she said. "He refused his attention. He refused to have even a conversation, and I didn't understand what I had done wrong. ... He began cutting me off at the age of 13, and that was it. We didn't speak for five years. He wouldn't let me in the same room with him.

"I think now that I had just grown up, and he was angry about it. When men are busy and working, or maybe women too, they can lose track of their children and turn around to find that they've missed the whole childhood and the kid now belongs to high school and other friends."

Fromme maintains she still loves Manson. She acknowledges, though, that under different circumstances, her path and his might never have crossed; her "destiny" might have been different.

"If my father had understood himself, he would have known how to talk to me," she said, "and I probably wouldn't have been out there on the streets looking for a place to go the night I met Manson."

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Leave It To...Oh Never Mind 

Annika links to this cartoon. No horses were involved.

Classic line from Ward: "One doesn't borrow condoms, Wally."

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Keep Feeling Technological Fascination 

Bad Patty has posted a picture of a Redneck Palm Pilot. Recommended viewing.

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The story about the story (for immature adults only) 

Sorry, but you have to wonder when someone searches for this:

26/07/2005 23:05:32 sex farm Enumclaw Communitys Sex with animals (Google)

Well, the Seattle Times has the story:

King County sheriff's detectives are investigating the owners of an Enumclaw-area farm after a Seattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse boarded on the property.

Investigators first learned of the farm after the man died at Enumclaw Community Hospital July 2. The county Medical Examiner's Office ruled that the death was accidental and the result of having sex with a horse.

A surveillance camera picked up the license plate of the car that dropped the man off at the hospital, which led detectives to the farm and other people involved, said sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart.

Deputies don't believe a crime occurred because bestiality is not illegal in Washington state and the horse was uninjured, said Urquhart....

The farm was talked about in Internet chat rooms as a destination for people looking to have sex with livestock, he said....

Susan Michaels, co-founder of local animal-rights organization Pasado's Safe Haven, said she has been fighting to have bestiality made illegal. "It's animal cruelty behind closed doors," Michaels said.

And there's a story about the story in Editor and Publisher:

How do you report a story about a man who dies while having sex with a horse? With a snigger? Or straight?

Last Friday, the Seattle Times got wind of an Associated Press item about a local man who died after having sex with a horse. "The sheriff's department didn't expect us to report it because it was too gruesome," said Jennifer Sullivan, the Seattle Times staff reporter who would eventually author two stories on the ordeal....

Sullivan said, "We thought if there was more than one person participating in this, it needed to be reported."...

"We tried to make it as tasteful as possible keeping out the cause of death. As a surprise, I had at least 70 emails from people and the vast majority wanted to know what killed this guy," she said. "So on the second day we had to be more specific."

Although she never reported the man's name, in her second article Sullivan did say that he was 45 years old and added that he died of acute peritonitis due to the perforation of the colon....

Perhaps the most lurid detail she added, however, was that when they searched the farm, police had found hundreds of hours of videotape showing men having sex with horses....

When asked if the reporting was especially difficult due to the subject matter, Sullivan explained that she's been working on the crime and court beat for the past six years, three of which have been at the Times, and so is rarely shocked by anything anymore. The community of Enumclaw, however, was not braced for this type of scandal....

She said that the man's family -- whom she interviewed for the second story -- asked for anonymity, which the newspaper granted. They never suspected that he was involved in bestiality, and were surprised when they learned that he had purchased a thoroughbred stallion earlier in the year, apparently one of a pair he kept at the farm.

Sullivan also spoke with two neighbors -- a husband and wife -- near the farm who had no idea that this kind of activity had been going on. A few days ago, they were shown a tape of men having sex with horses -- one of which belonged to them.

"It was a really rural community," Sullivan explained. "They were pretty devastated."

But so far, despite the subject matter, public response has been positive, she said. She explained that out of the many emails she's received, only one has been negative. Most of them express sympathy to Sullivan for having to write such a horrific story and thank her for leaving out gratuitous aspects, or using phrases like "horsing around."...

Apparently Ms. Sullivan is more tasteful than I would be...

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Watch Out At Starbucks 

From svenrox:

Last night while doing homework for BSF at Starbucks, Liz bumped into someone. Rather, he came up to her and asked her if she was a believer because of her reading the Bible. Within forty-five minutes, he basically told Liz that she was following false teachers, John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, even the early church fathers, and thus was headed to hell. The man she was talking to was none other then Al Soto. He is the known as the right hand man to Darwin Fish....

From the Ontario Empoblog

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More on Darwin Fish 

Remember Darwin Fish?

Phil Johnson has a lot to say about him:

DARWIN FISH is his real name. He has nothing to do with those little "darwin fish" symbols atheists and humanists like to put on their cars. He is a real person who has started a dangerous cult that is no joke. He regularly labels well-known Christian leaders "false teachers" and publishes diatribes against them....

He admits he cannot name one other Christian leader outside his own little band of followers—anyone who has lived in the two millennia between the death of the last apostle and the advent of Darwin Fish—who has remained faithful to the truth....

Darwin was not always such a strict loner. At one point Darwin was a follower of Rick Miesel, a similarly-obsessed exposer of well-known evangelicals. But the two of them split over the question of whether Martin and Deidre Bobgan are hell-bound heretics. (Fish said yes; Miesel balked. So Fish now declares Miesel a false teacher, too.)...

Darwin attacks doctrine of the Trinity with an odd and unusual do-it-yourself doctrine of the Godhead....

Darwin has also recently published a bizarre article arguing on the basis of Exodus 15:3 ("The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is His name") that God is actually human, and that the Almighty exists in a physical body "in human form." We wonder if someday Darwin will encounter Psalm 18:31 ("who is a rock, except our God?") and declare that God is an inanimate man of stone. How then will he fit Psalm 84:11 ("the Lord God is a sun") into his hyper-literal hermeneutic?...

Also, more than one eyewitness has told us Darwin is extremely brutal in his application of "the rod" to his own children—and encourages his followers to do likewise. In an on-line discussion on these matters, one cult member cited Proverbs 20:30 ("The blueness of a wound cleanseth away evil: so do stripes the inward parts of the belly"), suggesting that proper spanking ought to leave bruises on a child. Shortly afterward, an anonymous Fishite (whose misspellings looked suspiciously like Al Soto's) chimed in, citing Proverbs 23:13-14 ("Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell."). He declared: "Beat, is just that, beat. You can not get around it."...

Darwin and his cohorts love to talk about God's hate, and they hate to talk about God's love. They have turned the biblical picture of God's character on its head, so that the god they proclaim is a trigger-happy killer who generally hates humanity and delights in judgment and damnation. The posters Darwin displays in his public picketing typically say things like "Jesus Caused 9-11-01"; "God Kills"; "God is Angry"; and so on....

Darwin's factiousness stems from his belief that all truth is equally portentous. His entire ministry therefore consists of straining at gnats while insisting they are camels, and while arguing fiercely that Scripture makes no essential distinction between the gnats and the camels.

For example, in Darwin's assessment, someone who is in error about the mode of baptism or the timing of the rapture is as guilty of "heresy" as those who deny the deity of Christ or justification by faith....

Which explains why he can't understand why Calvinists and Arminians can co-exist.

Phil Johnson was involved in disciplining Fish, when Fish was a member of Grace Community Church. For non-Christians, I should point out that the New Testament lays out procedures for removing unrepentant unbelievers from a church (see the Scripture references cited by Johnson for more detail).

I was personally involved in Darwin's discipline; in fact, I initiated it. Here's how it came about: In the spring of 1994, we had a large influx of people joining Grace Church. On one Sunday evening in particular several hundred people joined in a large group. After the service that evening I went to the front of the church to greet some of the new members. There I overheard Darwin rather loudly telling a young woman who had just joined our church that John MacArthur is a false teacher, and that he was concerned for her soul, and that she should leave Grace Church and come to God's Word Fellowship—which, he assured her, is the only church in all of Southern California where the truth of Scripture is faithfully proclaimed.
This was my first-ever exposure to Darwin Fish. My first impression was that he resembled Timothy McVeigh with a crew cut and a wispy goatee. I made some inquiries and found out who he was. I also discovered that he was still a member of Grace Community Church.

The following day I phoned Darwin and asked for a meeting at The Master's College later that week. Meanwhile, I listened to several of Darwin's taped messages and discovered he was routinely making public accusations of heresy against certain elders of Grace Church.

Two other elders from Grace Church were present when I confronted Darwin. I first reminded him that when he joined our church he took a public vow to submit himself to the leadership of the elders, to support and encourage them, and to participate in the ministry of the church (all in accord with the New Testament instructions to believers in Hebrews 13:17). I pointed out that as long as he retained his membership in the church, the vows he voluntarily took were binding. I suggested that he had rather blatantly broken the church covenant. I also told him it was the unanimous opinion of our elders that his actions were factious—and under Paul's instructions in Titus 3:10 he was subject to discipline if he failed to repent of his factiousness.

Darwin refused, saying he would not respond to the charge of factiousness unless we were first willing to engage in debate with him about his specific accusations against John MacArthur. He claimed unless we first refuted all his claims from Scripture, we were not entitled to threaten him with discipline. I pointed out that Titus 3:9-11, the very passage that instructs us on how to deal with a factious man, explicitly forbids us to engage in unprofitable discussions with him. Our biblical responsibility was to demonstrate from Scripture how he has sinned, and call him to repent. This I did, reading aloud to him from Titus 3:9-11; Romans 16:17-19; Hebrews 13:17; Jude 9-16; Proverbs 16:27-28; Deuteronomy 23:21-23; and several other passages clearly showing that he was deliberately 1) violating a vow he had made publicly, and 2) being factious. Until he repented of those sins, we told him, we would not debate other points of theology with him. We assured him that If he repented of his sinful actions, we would discuss his theological concerns about the church's teaching as long as he liked.

Darwin flatly refused to repent, claiming his membership vows were nullified because he believed our elders were guilty of heresy. The fact that he retained his membership in the church was, he insisted, a mere "technicality."

We replied that we did not view a public vow to God as such a minor issue, and we pleaded with him to reconsider. We gave him a few days to think it through and pray about it. When he did not call within the next few days to say he wanted to repent, a member of our pastoral staff phoned him to warn him a second time about his factiousness, again in accord with Titus 3:10. When Darwin still refused to repent, it was publicly announced in our next communion service that he was being put out of the church (Matt. 18:17).

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Mac Don't Like Jay Kim 

American Politics Journal includes a 1997 article by Mac MacArthur on then-Congressman Jay Kim, my former Congressman who was convicted of receiving illegal campaign contributions. Defeated in 1998 and 2000, he has apparently disappeared from the face of the earth.

Mac MacArthur was mad that Kim didn't resign his office immediately. Mac ended up taking a Jay Kim biography and annotating it. His annotations are in ALL CAPS; not good Internet practice, but it probably suitably demonstrates Mac's disgust at the whole affair.

These are but small excerpts from the complete annotated biography.

...When Jay Kim took on the well-established, local political names of California's 41st Congressional district for his seat in the U. S. House of Representatives in 1992, most thought it was an impossible task. Betting against the odds AND USING CHIPS PROVIDED BY HIS KOREAN CORPORATE PALS, Jay entered the race and came away with a stunning and historic victory, making him the only Korean-American ever elected to Congress. STUNNING, INDEED -- TO THE COMPANIES THAT HAD TO PAY THE BILL FOR HIS CAMPAIGN....

...Working under the motto: "Hard work pays off," Jay quickly caught the eye of the Republican Party Leadership AND STEALTH FUND-RAISERS NEWT GINGRICH AND HALEY BARBOUR and was tapped to address the Republican National Convention in 1992 SO HE COULD PROJECT TO KOREAN-BASED CORPORATIONS THAT THE GOP LEADERSHIP WOULD DO THEM FAVORS IN EXCHANGE FOR BIG SOFT, HARD AND ILLEGAL DONATIONS TO KIM -- AND PERHAPS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ITSELF....

...Jay's rapidly growing reputation also cast him into the national media spotlight. Time magazine profiled candidate Kim as one of the political "outsiders", who was a "new broom to sweep a dirty Congress clean." WE'RE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR OVER THIS ONE....

...Jay has gone about winning the respect of both his Democrat and Republican colleagues -- YEAH RIGHT -- through his no-nonsense approach to the legislative process. THAT'S RIGHT -- GIVE ME THE CASH, I'LL GIVE YOU MY VOTE -- NOW THAT'S "NO-NONSENSE" PERSONIFIED!...

It takes something like this for an incumbent Congressperson to fail to win re-election. Or perhaps a goofy photo.

Some of you may have heard of Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon. Back in 1980, Wyden was a nobody, trying to defeat an incumbent Congressman. As part of his campaign strategy, he took an advertisement out in Reed College's student newspaper, talking about how he would make a difference for students at Reed.

The goal was to energize Reed students, who pride themselves on rejecting status quo type politicians. Any college with a "Reds for Reagan" outlet can be counted upon to reject status quo with a passion.

Unfortunately, something else happened to Wyden's ad. The ad featured a smiling, clean-shaven picture of Ron, which became the source material for a "Draw Ronnie" contest. The "Draw Ronnie" contest encouraged participants to add elements to the Ronnie picture - fake mustaches, glasses, what have you. I haven't found the classical Greek justification for this contest, but I'm sure it's there.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a "Draw Jay" contest in 1998. There are only so many ways to draw vertical bars.

Well, Jay Kim was not actually behind bars:

Sentenced to a year's probation by a federal court, Kim holds the distinction of being the only member of Congress to have sported a monitoring device shackled to his ankle, giving new meaning to the phrase "serving in Congress."

Slate (specifically, the late Scott Shuger) also had fun with this:

The Post and LAT report that Rep. Jay Kim, who pleaded guilty to knowingly accepting $230,000 in illegal foreign and corporate campaign contributions, was sentenced yesterday to a year of probation, a $5,000 fine and two months of home confinement, to be implemented by an electronic monitoring device. Since, as the papers point out, the federal program allows monitorees to go to and from work, look for Kim to be inundated with arduous meetings from early morning till late at night. Many of them in fine restaurants. Many of them with...contributors.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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The French Look At Us As Wild Libertines 

You know how Americans are stuffy conservative fascists and Europeans are progressive liberated higher folk?

Well, at least we can drink Red Bull, while some Europeans can't.

In a commentary on the alleged toxicity of fluoride, Kevin Paine said the following:

To place things into perspective, caffeine, which can be found in coffee, tea, chocolate, guarana and many other items is 4.8 times more toxic than the fluoride being placed into the water. I don't remember seeing people writing to ban coffee.

Well, I couldn't find any evidence of anyone who banned coffee for medical reasons, but look what the French did:

French ban on Red Bull (drink) upheld by European Court
08 Feb 2004

Health concerns over the Red Bull energy drink were fuelled yesterday after Europe's highest court upheld a French ban on the product....

It contains caffeine, vitamins, and sugar which, the company claims, kick-starts the body's metabolism and keeps people alert. But France has refused to authorise its sale, along with other vitamin-fortified foods such as Danone yoghurt and Kellogg's cereals.

Huh? Kellogg's cereals?

The judges said that a study by the French Scientific Committee on Human Nutrition found that Red Bull contained excessive caffeine. The committee also raised concerns about the drink's other ingredients - taurine, an amino acid the company claims can 'kick-start' the metabolism - and glucuronolactone, a carbohydrate.

The EC's Scientific Committee on Food conducted a study last year, and found that while caffeine levels in energy drinks were safe, more studies were needed to assess the dangers of taurine and glucuronolactone....

One can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine - equivalent to one cup of coffee....

A spokeswoman said: 'Red Bull will continue to be sold in 100 countries worldwide.' She added: 'No authority in the world has ever discovered or proven an unhealthy effect in or from Red Bull.'

Only France and Denmark have banned the drink....

An urban myth that taurine was made from bull's semen has only added to its popularity....

Frankly, that would be a turn-off for me. Here's what Red Bull has to say:

Q: Is taurine made from bulls' testicles? Is taurine a derivative of bulls' testicles or semen?

A: Taurine is a purely synthetic substance produced by pharmaceutical companies and is not derived from animals or animal materials.

That doesn't sound much better. I guess Tom Cruise won't let Katie Holmes drink Red Bull then.

Here's what Bike Mag has to say:

Years ago, a friend told me about a new drink he tried while mountain biking in Europe.

"It's got bull semen in it," he said. "It makes you ride like you're insane!"...

I decided to shame him with guilt and let him persecute himself.

"Does it feel weird to kiss your mom now?" I asked.

With an attention span large enough only to monitor his own thoughts, he ignored me....

Eventually, the U.S. market caught up with Europe and brought us Red Bull, which, to my relief, doesn't actually contain bull semen. I mean c'mon, that just wouldn't be fair to the bull.

The ingredient my friend was confused about is taurine, a naturally occurring substance that is present in bull semen and has been chemically reproduced for refreshment purposes. No bulls were violated in the process....

"That guy is pretty fast. Do you think he does the taurine?"

"Taurine? The sea man drink?"

"No, that's rum. Taurine is a naturally occurring substance that is present in bull semen. It makes you go fast."

"Really? How does it taste?"

"It's seemin' alright."

From the Ontario Empoblog

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Niacin, Aliens, and Good Looks 

Back on May 26 this blog quoted from this post in Dear Buster Van Buren's blog:

I loved Katie in Dawson's Creek, because she was sweet and innocent and nice - at least her character was....I will always think of her as Joey - the sweet teenage girl in love with Dawson.

So what's turned her to the dark side? The most recent picture of her, showing a nice cold sore Herpes Simplex outbreak on her face. Not a tiny one, but a big-ass whamma jamma outbreak. Why on earth she would ever go out in public while this was going on is beside me. Never before has she been photographed like this (smartly so), and I wonder why she broke with tradition and shared the scary disease-ridden part of herself with the world at this time?

Tom? You can have her. She's all yours buddy. Kiss her to your hearts delight, and don't tell me that this is a "break-out" caused by kissing too vigorously....

I remembered this comment from Buster when I heard the following on the radio this morning (either from Bill Handel or Ryan Seacrest - I confuse the two of them).

Many questions were raised about strange red blotches on Katie Holmes’ face shortly after her relationship with Tom Cruise was announced.

Now there are suggestions that the marks were due to a Scientology “detoxification” ritual.

The detox involves doses of the vitamin Niacin....

An unnamed Scientologist has responded:

The controversial Church of Scientology has slammed reports one its rituals was responsible for the sores on KATIE HOLMES' mouth in May (05)....

While most critics believed Holmes had acquired the sores from her public kissing sessions with Cruise, several gossip columnists claimed the 26-year-old actress developed the sores after enduring a Scientology process, known as purification....

The alleged client of the purification is given vitamin B3 (niacin), which helps to decrease cholesterol and boost circulation.

However, a spokesman for the church says, "Whatever is on Katie's face has nothing to do with us. It's insulting that you would ask such a thing."

Here's some more (sorry, I couldn't let this one go):

Science-fiction writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard maintained that taking niacin in combination with exercise and sauna sessions helps purge the body of "radiation," Hubbard's shorthand for negative alien substances in the body.

These days Scientologists promote a purification regimen called Purif....

The B-complex vitamin - which is used in traditional medicine to decrease cholesterol and improve circulation - can cause a red flush on the face and a diffuse itchy rash on the body when taken in large doses.

So was niacin the cause of Katie's temporary disfigurement?

At Lowdown's request, Manhattan dermatologist Paul Frank examined photographs of the future Mrs. Cruise.

"Although I can't say for sure, this looks like a cold-sore attack," Frank said. "Niacin shouldn't trigger cold sores."

Well then, what does?

"Stress is the No. 1 cause," he replied. "God knows Scientology stresses me out!"...

An oppressive or suppressive or whatever you call them quoted the official word on Purif:


The pollution of your body is blocking your clear thinking. In his track of research into the mind and life, L. Ron Hubbard discovered a major barrier between the individual and his potential for personal improvement and success in life – drugs and toxic chemicals....

Today, we live in a society under siege, bombarded not only by an unprecedented onslaught of drug use, but also by thousands of chemical toxins and poisons in our food, water and air....

L. Ron Hubbard was the first to discover that chemicals, drugs and toxins stay in your body long after you are exposed to them. He also isolated precisely where in the body this toxic buildup occurs and exactly how to get rid of it. No other program even comes close to addressing this deep toxic pollution that destroys your mental alertness and vitality....

Based on a decade of extensive research into the mental and spiritual effects of past drug use and exposure to toxic substances, the Purification Program is in use all over the world since its release in 1979....

Over 100,000 people have completed this program with miraculous results....

Various comments were interjected into the text above:

[What this cultist doesn't mention is that this quack medicine ritual has repeatedly resulted in the cult getting slapped down for practicing medicine without a license. Since the inhuman amounts of niacine that the cults inflict victims with causes kidney damage, the cult has also been slapped with numerous civil cases.
Additionally what this cultis doesn't mention is that Hubbard made all kinds of insanely freakish claims about this ritual, including the bizarre belief that the physiological damage that this ritual causes is some how "resimulated trama" that the victim experienced some time in the past. The insane messiah claimed that the red skin that the ritual produces is caused by radition leaving the body. Hpow utterly insane -- and very deadly. Many people have died from this.

Just this year (the year 2,000) the "narconon" fake front of this criminal organization was caught engaging in this criminal ritual in one of Utah's prisons. When the authorities found out about it (thanks, AntiReg!) the threw the crooks out and the fraud that the Scientology crooks perped against Utah was covered in the news - flr]

[...L. Ron Hubbard wasn't "the first to discover" anything, leave alone that toxins can build in the body. This is one of the crook's many grandious claims that Hubbard himself liked to brag about, regardless of how insane it made him look.
Hubbard's insanity included the notion that bodies soak up radiation and that the radiation could be disolved-away with water. Hubbard also came up with the insane notion that engaging in this deadly quack medicine ritual would cause radiation to leave the body, causing the red skin that the deadly ritual some times creates. In fact the discoloration of the skin is a warning sign that one's doing something extremely stupid - flr]

Well, as I noted back in 2003, the Scientologists aren't the only ones working to rid your body of toxins:

From maris.gr: A dynamic treatment for those who demand instant results. Pressotherapy combats cellulite by flushing out toxins, thus deterring toxin retention.

From the Shanghai Star: Colonic treatment involves allowing a nurse to insert a tube into your rear end and flush out all the toxins that have accumulated there.

herbcorner.net: Actually, I talking about Deep Tissue Stone Therapy. Using hot basalt stones and cold marble stones, wonderful thermal gymnastics happen in your soft tissue....The hotter the better, tho, as the heat quickly penetrates deep into the tissue causing it to relax, allowing blood to flow more freely, flushing out toxins that have built up and bringing in fresh oxygen and nutrients.

I also linked to something at lronhubbard.org.

And back on November 11, 2004, in the middle of a discussion on vonsinium, I mentioned something about a sweat lodge (hmm...kinda like a sauna):

A 37 y.o. Melbourne man died and a 30 year old man is still in hospital after spending time in a sweat lodge. This is not the first time that a sweat lodge has been responsible for a death in Australia. A 30 year old Byron Bay woman died last year in a similar incident that apparently included a ceremony where snake poison was ingested.

For the unwary, a sweat lodge is a native american teepee that is filled with hot rocks. The victims close themselves into the teepee and pour water onto the rocks to create a steam tent. It is said to remove toxins and align the mind, body and spirit. The chanting and consumption of dangerous substances is supposed to make the process more spiritually uplifting....

The chanting presumably also chases the aliens away.

From the Ontario Empoblog

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