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Saturday, April 22, 2006

To put it BLUNTly, the world is going insane 

Save Dakota Fanning includes a post that includes a picture of a man handing out cigars to celebrate Suri's birth.

The cigars were manufactured by Phillies. Yeah, them. They were wrapped, but you never know - someone could have used a needle to inject B12 into them.

And meanwhile, I found a written confirmation of part of the story that KIIS-FM reported this morning. Since I have this written confirmation, I will now print the name of said celebrity. Emphasis mine:

The MTV Australia Video Music Awards were held last week, hosted by Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee's not exactly a big star, yet MTV Oz paid for her and her parents plus entire band to fly to Australia. Ashlee did five links, and she and the band played just one song. So essentially they all got a free week's holiday. Ashlee even insisted on a golf cart to drive 10m from dressing room to stage.

At the last minute, big sister Jessica came too so poor little Ashlee was left out in the cold as media and paparazzi fawned over Jess. She even out diva'd her sister by refusing to present an MTV award at the eleventh hour. Still there was one consolation for Ashlee. Madonna had been voted Best Female but hadn't bothered to record an acceptance video to, so organisers decided instead that the Best Female Award should go to... Ashlee Simpson!

Here's another version of the story:

ahhhh alex!! the mtv awards seem really cool. but how lazy can ashlee simpson be?! riding around in a golf cart just so she didn't have to walk? pshhhaw (that's an indignant sound btw).

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