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Monday, April 17, 2006

Ladytron in the US of A, plus plugs for Alexa's Wish and Renee Myara 

Ladytron's back on this side of the pond. And yes, Chevy Chase is a real city. Read:

We then wandered over to the Mall to make fun of people and meet up with Shah. When he arrived however he looked like death warmed up…so I drove us all down to 9:30 for the much anticipated Ladytron concert....[A] screen lowered and Ladytron came out. They were everything that I hoped for. I would venture that they are just as good live as in the studio, maybe better. They played an encore even, which seemed out of place, but worked none the less (there final song appropriately was The Last One Standing). The crowd was particularly odd that night, as you could clearly pick out who danced to Ladytron (they wore legwarmers and bad eighties jewelry) and those that didn’t (black or some variant thereof)

And here's another review:

Tonight, I saw my second favorite concert of the year! Ladytron is the COOLEST. Tonight was the first show of their American tour for their new album, Witching Hour, and I was lucky enough to be there.

I really dug the sort of hipster-evil-librarian look of the two Ladytron ladies (Helen and Mira). I actually think that's how everyone in Liverpool dresses. But, I could be wrong about that.

They did a fantastic mix of old and new music, with consistently Ring-like graphics playing on the screen behind with only red lights illuminating the stage.

According to their website, they'll be at the Glass House in Pomona on May 3. But I probably won't go, for several reasons:
  • I'll be right in the middle of a one-week training course for work.

  • We have company visiting us that week.

  • I'm too danged old for this kind of stuff (unless it's an ex-neighbor or a cousin).

  • It's an all ages show. I'm REALLY too old for THAT

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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