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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The latest on Riverside Plaza, KFI, and Illegal Aliens 

Followup to this post.

While browsing the Myspace groups last night, I ran across this post:

If anybody who resides in/near, works in..or, shops in Riverside and listens to KFI AM, specifically The John & Ken Show (3p-7p/M-F) then you all will be totally outraged and PISSED OFF!! when you here this. A carwash promotion was scheduled at the Riverside Plaza, located at Central Ave & San Diego adjacent to the 91 Frwy. The carwash was to be sponsored by, and held at this Plaza to draw attention to the growing "MYTH" that Americans refuse to do the work that ILLEGAL ALIENS are currently performing now, at depressed wages, of course. John & Ken were to broadcast their radio program from the PLAZA as the carwash was in progress (albeit in a symbolic manner). American citizens representing the radio station were going to wash any/all cars for free for the duration of the show. HOWEVER...the PLAZA subsequentely notified KFI today, to report that ILLEGAL ALIEN activists and amnesty proponents had called the PLAZA to voice their opposition to the carwash and proceeded to threaten the PLAZA Management with violent action towards their entire property. As a result, the PLAZA backed down and cancelled the carwash promotion due to COWARDNESS. This is just one of many instances of terrorist threats from the enemy causing American companies to cower under their mommies skirts.

I have already heard of several boycott efforts and angry phonecalls being directed at the Riverside Plaza due to this injustice. I have already drafted a letter of disgust to be dropped off, DIRECTLY, by me to their management offices as I work in downtown Riverside. I have never shopped at this Plaza, but they certainly don't need to know that...do they?? I urge all readers/posters in this forum and similar other forums to boycott the Riverside Plaza and write their management to make them fully aware of your disgust. This is extremely important development and, in my opinion, a frightening precedent to set. ACTION IS REQUIRED!!

Reapo Girl said the following:

John and Ken were planning a Replace and Illegal Alien Day where American's would wash cars for free at the Riverside Plaza but the illegals threatened violence so the plaza backed out.

"The illegal alien activists are scared of you, and what you can do! They have threatened to riot, damage property, and even physical violence. So the Riverside Plaza has backed out. Stand by for a new location."

The story did get coverage on the Press Enterprise, but I refuse to register for yet one more newspaper website, so I'll just read the summary that Google provided:

Radio promotion car wash canceled

Press-Enterprise (subscription), CA - 8 hours ago

A promotion on Thursday by the hosts of the John and Ken Show on radio station KFI-AM 640 called "Replace an Illegal Alien for a Day!" has been canceled. ...

It's understandable that this story didn't make the Beyond Borders blog, since (a) it's outside of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group's area, and (b) the competing paper is covering it.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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