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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We're all Baptists on this bus - and you can't board 

More later. From the Hyles Anderson College catalog:


This course of study is designed to train ladies to be wives and mothers. Courses in Christian Womanhood, the art of being a good wife, the way to be a spiritual mother, and the rearing of children will be emphasized. Sixty-one semester hours are required in the field of Marriage and Motherhood.

Here are the courses that the ladies take in the fall semester of their junior year:

Intermediate Sewing ...............3
Beginning Keyboarding I .........3
Philosophy of Education .........3
Woman the Encourager ..........2
How to Rear Teenagers ...........3
Home Decorating....................3

Of course, if you're going for marriage and motherhood the bus ministry is out:

Brother Schaap has traveled extensively across America and has become one of America’s foremost preachers. While employed at the college, he was a bus captain for 11 years, starting with one bus route with six riders. This ministry grew to six bus routes with a high day of 300 riders. He was the teacher of the college and career class at First Baptist Church at that time also.

Miss Poppy Dixon isn't a fan of Baptist buses:

How do you "grow" a church? Well in the late 60s Christians came up with the idea of bus ministries. As Jim Vineyard and Jerry Falwell testify in "Winning Souls Through Buses" bus ministries "put the 'go' in the Great Commission." While resistant to the use of buses to take children to SCHOOLS these white wonders will go to any length to introduce children to ignorance and superstition.

Jim Vineyard? What else did he do?

In the latest development of the Jim Vineyard scandal/saga, a brand new poster has appeared in the Oklahoma Baptist College forum of the FFF to make public the identity of the pastor who wrote a letter to Jim Vineyard rebuking him for describing oral sex in graphic detail to a young lady and advising her to masturbate (all this in the guise of "counseling" her, though she had not asked him to counsel her).

OK, now read this post and follow this link.

Where did we start?

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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