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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Spicy Pants Does Band Reviews 

Celebrity Smack has moved (I still have to update my links), and one of the first posts at the new location includes reviews of a couple of bands that appeared at Universal CityWalk.

These guys remind me of a few bands all melded together. Sublime, RHCP and lot's of Rage Against the Machine roots in my opinion. My husband and I were glad that we decided to wait in line to see them. Nearly everyone at the club that night was there to see 'Resurrect Effect'.
And now for the follow up band, 'A.D.M.'. We were really enjoying ourselves by the time the next band came around. The place was still packed. And then the band 'A.D.M.' came on. They were a bit late getting started. Then they had to ask another band for a high hat. I am supposing the couldn't find theirs. They already seemed a mess. Yes, it was a sign of things to come....

...The female 'backup singer' (a.k.a. Useless broad) stopped singing her part in the middle of a sentence and said something like, "I can't do it", or "I can't sing". No shit! She really sucked, and obviously knew it. All she was good for was piss poor dancing and throwing in a few "YaYa's" and "Uh huh's" in there. She was totally lost onstage....

How did this band get a gig at BB King's anyhow? That's what everyone was wondering. Well, everyone except for the two mothers of two guys in A.D.M. They were prouder than hell. Everyone else thought they sucked. We dubbed the band "Absolute Disaster Music."

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