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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today's YouTube video, from the Star Trek 2.0 people 

Courtesy Annika, courtesy Victor.

By the way, I've actually watched Star Trek 2.0, but I've never participated. More information here. Nicholas Bradshaw opined:

G4 has added a number of features combining the best elements of C-SPAN and VH1's pop-up video to enhance the Star Trek viewer's experience.

In addition to watching the sci-fi classic, viewers now can participate online via a number of interactive features. First, there is the "Spock Exchange" which involves buying and selling shares of various Star Trek characters and commodities, including Captain Kirk, the phaser and the Enterprise, earning a fortune in "federation credits." The value and the level of trading on stocks are continuously scrolled across the screen a la the New York Stock Exchange.

Also, the Spock Market is open online, 24 hours a day, so investors can buy, sell or trade their stock at any time during the day and monitor the changes online.

The Star Trek 2.0 online experience also features a number of Star Trek chat rooms. G4 pulls messages from these chat rooms and scrolls them across the TV screen during the show.

This unique feature offers fans the chance at brief Star Trek immortality as their comments may appear beside Captain Kirk as he woos his latest alien hottie.

Fans can also earn 15 seconds of fame as their endlessly clever usernames like kirkrocks7842 and igrokspock2000 appear beside their super-witty Star Trek comments and observations during the show.

The program also keeps a running tally of a myriad of common Star Trek occurrences, such as someone beaming down to a strange planet, Kirk making out with an alien or beating up a bad guy, or Spock giving the Vulcan hand salute. These are also displayed on the screen as the program is running....

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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