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Monday, May 01, 2006

Evergreen Politics 

While searching for people who decry the felony provisions of H.R. 4437 while ignoring the felony provisions of other nations, I ran across a post in Evergreen Politics, a progressive blog. I was somewhat restrained in my response, refraining from using statements such as "baby seal clubber" and "Communist" (although I did refer to "institutionalized slavery").

However, I will say that Evergreen Politics is dedicated to individual empowerment, rather than having party policies dictated from above. Read the post Sensible Internet Strategy Recommendations For State Democrats Appear to Fall on Deaf Ears at Party Central.

The Republican Party is the same way (as is, I suspect, the Libertarian Party and every other one). In 1983, before I relocated to California, I attended a Republican Party meeting in Portland, ready to energize the world. They didn't want that, and I suspect that if I had stayed in Portland, I would have just received requests for money. You know, the way in which Bush views California as a big ATM, but not as a place that needs Federal services. (Bush to California - Drop Dead.)

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