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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Aztlan and the Jews 

Presented without comment.

La Raza's struggle for the land and for political and economic self-determination is not different from the struggle of the Palestinian people in Zionist Israel. We live in Aztlan under Anglo domination as the Palestinians live under Jewish domination. La Raza as well as the Palestinians lost the land through military aggression and both people now live in segregated regions within the larger nation. The Palestinian people as well as La Raza provide the hard labor necessary to prop up the national economies. Both Raza children and Palestinian children are victims of educational discrimination. The Palestinians as well as La Raza are considered people of color. So who should we side with in the present struggle in the Middle East? Will it be with the Jewish Zionists or with Islam? It is no secret that the United States as a whole is siding with the Jews, but should we? It is also no secret that the Jewish Lobby in America now also dominate large parts of the U.S federal government. It is estimated that over 32% of the Clinton Administration is of Jewish descent. Many are top level Federal Officials and includes the Secretary of Defense as well as the Secretary of State. In fact, the Department of State is now pretty much entirely Jewish. Most of the foreign Ambassadors are Jewish. This trend was begun by Henry Kissinger who is a Jew. This is very surprising considering that Jews only make about 2% of the total US population. Making these statements is not anti-semitic. It is stating facts. We do not hate Jews. We respect the contributions that many Jews have made to world culture. However, we reject Zionist racist Jews like the war criminal Ariel Sharon and appeal to all good Jews to do the same.

The American Jewish dominated media is purposely confusing the American people in order to hide the true reality that exists behind the scenes. Do not be deceived, Raza, American Zionists and the Israeli MOSSAD are manipulating events including applying extraordinary pressure on President Clinton to strike out militarily against the Zionists' old nemesis represented by Islam. President Clinton's problems became serious when he took the MOSSAD "bait" in the form of Jewish Monica Lewinsky.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagairosa, a Los Angeles Unified School District victim himself before he turned his life around, is already undertaking a bold moved to wrestle control of the district from a Jewish dominated school board and a White superintendent that are just fleecing the schools of much needed funds. School board Jews like Julie Korenstein, Marlene Canter, David Tokofsky, Jon Lauritzen and Mike Lansing are just enriching themselves and their cronies through crooked deals involving school construction projects, and contracts with so called consultants and vendors. The LAUSD is the second largest in the nation, next to New York, with a multi-billion dollar annual budget. It has an overwhelming Mexican and Latino student population. Jews have their own private schools so why are 5 Jews out of 7 school board members interested in governing the school district? The answer is all too obvious. La Voz de Aztlan has interviewed LAUSD teachers that complained that they have to buy, with their own money, pencils, paper and other school supplies that the district should provide. Something has to be done and Mayor Villaraigosa is on the right track.

La Voz de Aztlan received information today that many of the rape and sodomization pictures of Iraqis are now being made available to perverts by Jewish owned pornographic websites based in the United States....The American people and the rest of the world are generally not aware that the US government has hired literally thousands of hired guns, many with notorious war crime records. A significant number of these are rapists, sodomites and murderers from South Africa and Serbia. These vile individuals work for so call "security services" under contract to the Pentagon. Most of these "security services" are cronies of both Bush and Chenney and are owned by nefarious Jews who also have ties to the Burbank, California pornography industry....The ultimate purpose for the films and photographs was to make money in the multi-billion dollar pornography industry in the USA and other western countries. There are powerful people in the US government and wealthy individuals at high levels of US society that pay large sums of money for these decadent sexual materials. Some of these individuals are members of the Satanic Skull and Bones/CIA organization. These materials that also include "snuff movies" of Central American children are being distributed by Jewish pornographers.

There is no question that we are living in extremely dangerous times when every day is lived under great apprehension and fear of the next devastating terrorist act. There is no question that the West is rapidly falling into a moral sewer as demonstrated by what is increasingly being shown on prime time television, national magazines and on Hollywood movies. There is no question that even some of the principal Christian denominations have been infiltrated by agents of evil as demonstrated by the consecration of a sodomite bishop by the Episcopalians, the protection of pedophile priests by the Catholic Church and now the efforts underway by many churches to consecrate holy marriages between sodomites....The last utterance by the Jews, "His blood be upon us, and upon our children " has been a curse upon them for 2000 years. They have wondered the earth never finding a true home. They have been expelled by scores of host countries after the nations grew tired of putting up with their evil and sinful ways and their corruption of local cultures....Today, there are very few films produced that "uplift the spirit", primarily because these very same Pharisees hold a monopoly on all aspects of film production, marketing and distribution. We Christians can change this. We can do this by primarily "boycotting" the decadent films that are coming out of Hollywood and by supporting independent films like Gibson's "The Passion of Christ". Take the day off this coming "Ash Wednesday" and take the entire family to see the film.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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