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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Boy 

This is a very short excerpt from a very detailed post about an hour in the life of a law firm receptionist:

...A lady comes in and wants to speak to an attorney. I ask what it’s in regards to. She tells me the FBI has installed a listening device in her tooth. I have no idea what to do with that. I tell her to take a seat....The woman with the tapped tooth is carrying on a three-way conversation with people I can’t see. I consider telling her to shut up because the FBI can hear every word she says, but then the phone rings again....

And this isn't just in Ohio. Take this case from Palo Alto:

TWENTY-YEAR-OLD Jay Kats of Palo Alto shifts a little awkwardly in his seat on the couch between his mother and father and considers the reporter's question: How does it feel having an electronic device implanted in his head that monitors his activities and interjects strange thoughts into his head?

"Well, I don't really feel anything," he replies. "I don't get any messages or thoughts or things, like my father does. But I mean, I don't know what to compare it to. I'm supposed to have gotten this thing in my head when I was 4, so how do I know anything different?"...

According to Kats' parents, doctors at Stanford Hospital secretly put the mysterious implant into their son's head during a 1982 tonsillectomy. They think that doctors at Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City gave Edward a similar implant nine years later. Edward and Klaudia Kats believe that the implants are the work of the Central Intelligence Agency, originally targeting the family because they were suspected of being Russian KGB agents. The spy charge disproven, the Kats family now thinks they are merely being used as "guinea pigs." They say they have been hounded for several years by intelligence agents, men who stop by their house and drop cryptic comments, or tail them in cars when they travel, or arrange auto accidents or other incidents in front of their house to keep them from attending meetings....

Edward explains his son's plight with great anguish. "The high school psychiatrist told us that something is wrong with Jay. He can't concentrate. He gets headaches. He can't sleep at night because the people at Stanford are always sending signals, waking him up. Once this device is implanted, it cannot be removed. My boy is doomed. They want to prepare him for prison and then murder him."

Klaudia agrees. "We know that Jay was implanted because he started great changes as soon as he became a teenager," she says. "He started doing bad in school, all of a sudden. He started having big changes in his moods ... happy one time, and then just quickly change over to be angry without any reason whatsoever. He started getting into trouble with the law. They are able to push buttons any time they want to and get these children to commit crimes. They are doing it to blacks and to Latinos, too. You see it, don't you?"

As for the effects of the implant on her husband, Klaudia says, "He is in pain. They send threats and bad thoughts to him through a wavelength. But Ed is strong. He fights them."

Edward and Klaudia say that although they have X-rays which could possibly show the implanted devices, the X-rays were sabotaged by doctors and technicians so that the devices are partially obscured.

And there are others:

Along with convicted Oklahoma City Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh, who reportedly believes that the federal government tracked him during the '90s through an electronic monitoring device (which he says the Army clandestinely implanted in the legs of American soldiers during the Gulf War), we appear to be surrounded by many such people who believe they are victims of electronic harassment....

SANTA CLARA COUNTY resident David Duval believes he was kidnapped and implanted with an electronic monitoring device while he was attempting to buy drugs in San Francisco in 1990. He thinks he is now part of some sort of experiment to track the drug trade. "My comings and goings are electronically monitored and then physically reported, probably by city and county departments, transportation agencies and operators," he writes. "And to top it off, some sort of electromagnetic current seems to swirl upon my head and facial areas at particular times of the day, causing me extreme discomfort." He thinks that vacuum cleaners are being used as some sort of time stamp for distant recorders, since people are always coming up to him, eager to clean the carpet around him....

The Mind Control Forum outlines the complaints of Tannie Braziel, an African American professional who owns her own Los Angeles-based paralegal and publishing business: "[Braziel] is also the victim of a particularly vicious electromagnetic attack involving racially and sexually slurring voices and battering sensations. They are ordering her to give up her business."

The Forum also recounts the story of Paul Pietzonka, who writes that after receiving flu shots at the University of Iowa, he knew that "the first shot was some type of transponder or tracking device because they can seem to find me anywhere I'm at, and the second was a tiny crystal similar to what would be in a radio transmitter for the purpose of interfacing with my brain and a computer." The Forum synopsis adds that "Paul goes on about perpetrators, the technology, failed attempts to shield from it and how to fortify the body against it nutritionally."

Well, I guess it's time to check up on Alannah Myles again. See posts [1] and [2] on this singer. When we last left her, she was having problems. However, the problems no longer appear on her blog. Here are some of the entries that I quoted previously:

It is not our intention to exploit the lives of those who cannot understand the abominable circumstances Alannah Myles has been subjected to over the last 2 and a half months of her life.

We are not receiving the aid from higher authorities to put a stop to these activities because the criminals have managed to hide themselves well enough so as not to be detected in an obvious fashion. They are simply put, omnipotent and all powerful.

We hope that one day we will be forgiven for any inadvertent humiliations rendered in having made a choice to stand up for what is right, against a powerful and unjust enemy who has not the spine to come forward and show himself or his activities, which like all else that shines brightly when the right time arrives, shall one day be revealed.

You cannot hide injustice. Even in its denial it begs to be uncovered.

Like evil, it always returns.

This artist has made an abundantly clear choice to not allow herself to remain the victim of injustice !
This is should explain the malevolence of what these criminal hackers will stoop to...

Alannah's 80 year old, sick in bed mother called her this afternoon, 25 minutes after she had put down her phone which worked fine only to find that after her mother's three attempts of calling both her cell, home and office numbers, all of them repeatedly informed her that Alannah's phone lines had been disconnected....

Alannah found out through her sister who emailed her from California to find out what was going on.

We reported it to the phone company who have already placed a report and sent a tech out to check on a reported mysterious interference on the line and as we spoke over the phone (that worked just fine) we could here another party on the line with us listening in.

Didn't party lines go out in the 50's?...

It would seem we have enraged these criminals with our postings here to such a degree that we are now unable to receive any internet correspondence whatsoever. We have been literally obstructed illegally to the point of being shut down!!!
Tuesday, February 07, 2006

4:52 PM - IC3 - FBI REPORT COMPLAINT i0602071909474082 RECEIVED

FBI - Internet Crime Complaint Centre - www.ic3.gov


A report of has been sent by the webmaster of Alannah's Myles guest book address:



There was, up until this original posting a 1980's rusted out white GMC Voyageur van, Ontario Plate number 379 6KH that followed my every move. But no, after my last two swarthy posts it has felt the need for a much higher form of surveillance and has returned to the illegal parking zone at the cul de sac at the foot of my street spotted Feb. 10th 2006 at 12:15 am. I wonder if they feel they will get a more intimate view of the goings on, if they will hear my brain farting at that laser happy, satellite enhanced distance?

There are other vehicles, all of them American, all of them highly discreet so as not to draw my attention. But I am clearly not a stupid woman. I do not use evil tactics to frighten people into submission. Just the truth!

The hand of an aggressive assailant that maps out my every freedom from within the confines of my server and my computer, reported static on my telephone line indicating reported illegal entry by an outside party. Calls made to alert my server are hacked into like some secret service agent, and I am met with face to face exposure with the evil in an attempt to utilize fear tactics to force me into submission.

Mysteriously, on a Sunday, where there is plenty of available parking in the parkade off to the west, where a lesser vantage point to my front window would be, instead, the white rusted out GMC van had parked itself overnight since Jan. 1st, 2006, illegally, and oddly, it never received one parking ticket. The mysterious thing is that precisely at the point of having made this post, it suddenly decided to move itself quick like a bunny out of view so as not to be witnessed by yet another of the many who already have.

Jan. 1st, 2006, when the party hats started showing up on myspace and other's Blogs, I had a lovely photo of myself scanned with a pretty blue party hat on to join in the celebration which was to my utter shock, MANUALLY taken down by the hackers. NOT ME!

There are no coincidences in life. Just truths waiting to be exposed. How fortuitous that the criminal force is aiding us all in it's exposing itself.

This ubiquitous and silent force that rages, particularly when a flair has been set off by anyone wishing to communicate with me has become like a family to me. Never in my life have I felt a force so ominously present, not there to protect, or for any beneficient aid, but there to extract information, to spy on me, and to arrest my freedom of movement in setting up tours overseas and other related business correspondence that will secure me an income and the promotion of my new, long awaited CD, X.

There are witnesses everywhere in my life to account for the mysterious goings on, The Toronto Police have been alerted and are well aware of the misfortune I am undergoing, but no face will show itself for fear it will be exposed and made public enough to reverse the tactic of humiliation it desires to place on my head.

I feel no shame, nor no fear of this force, though it is highly disappointed that I do not. I can tell by the oppression it has placed me under.

What on earth would I be afraid of? What do I, a mere singer possess that would be of any interest to anyone???

Exposing the truth of the matter in the halls of the government?

Exposing the mission of the madness behind such subversively unjust acts?

The attention they have drawn to themselves is undoable, not only in the eyes of God but eventually by a prying public, eager for the knowledge that there exists a mission deployed to silence the truth that may save the world from potential ruin if not from an evil choice.

The only thing I fear is that the choice they have made to unjustly prevail over another's life cannot be somehow corrected, or brought to its conclusion with the knowledge that harmony may be created between all parties involved. That there is a right choice to every wrong one.

"Weak character coupled with honoured place.
Meager knowledge with large plans,
Limited powers with heavy responsibility,
Will seldom escape disaster"

But that is a choice.

So did someone hack her blog and post these things originally? Or did someone hack her blog and remove them? Are there other choices?

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

It is downright terrifying that these people live and work among us.
"He started doing bad in school, all of a sudden. He started having big changes in his moods ... happy one time, and then just quickly change over to be angry without any reason whatsoever."

I just realized that my teenage daughter MUST have a brain implant from Stanford.
I think all teenagers do.
Dang Herbert Hoover and his brother J. Edgar.
My name is Tannie Lee Braziel. My story has been a part of Mind Control Forum for about 10 years. My new website domain is Amazon Web World, www.amazonwebworld.com.
Please go to my site and look at the links for the 1977 MK-Ultra Senate Hearings on psychotronic/ non-lethal weaponry attacks on the American population. Also, please look at the link for the U.S. patent numbers which have been assigned to many types of non-lethal weaponry, and which is used by the NSA and CIA on American citizens. Also, please read the letter to me from William Filer, a current or former NSA agent, who telephoned me and e-mailed the information which the link "NSA" on my website. Then, also, plesae look at former President Bill Clinton's letter which denies the existence of such weaponry and attacks, directed to Julianne McKinney, who disappeared afterwards, I believe, by violence of Bill Clinton and his criminal administration. In fact, after I exposed Clinton and his wife on my former website (amazonco.com) for their criminal activities in Mena, Arkansas for drug trafficking, gangsterism, money laundering and the murder of two young boys; and for the Whitewater affair at their Rose Law Firm (the investigation of which was quashed during his administration, the Clintons became part of the group of my tormentors. They have, with President George Bush, committed many violent acts against my body and mind, along with other names in the news, including other politicians of the Bush administration and entertainment celecbrities, which violent acts are composed of painful attacks with energy to my head, and unconscionable attacks to my genitals. They have demanded that I give Hillary Clinton my life and body (especially, my face and skin), along with my job as a teacher, teaching credential, college degree and my assets. George Bush has tortured me to force me to give him my identity, and says that he and I are one person -- sometimes he's on the west coast as me teaching school, and sometimes he is in Washington or elsewhere acting as President. He has tortured me incessantly by throwing painful energy attacks at my womb area to change me "into a man" so he can impersonate me in peace -- as a man. When I dress for work each morning, they torture my body and genitals, and Bush dares me to wear a bra and pantyhose, because he can't. He has tortured me to force me to give him my credit union VISA card for the last two years; and to force me to worship his father as God. He, the Clintons and others, including Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy (who attended the 1977 MK-Ultra Senate Hearings, but did nothing about it to this date) threaten my life to force me to stop being a Christian and to become a Satanist, as they say they are. Since I have become a teacher, many more attackers have joined in, and I will be more than happy to give the names. Please check my website's "mind control" for a list of politicians and entertainment celebrities (who have been alligned in politics for years) who are a part of the group of my attackers with many others who have joined in for sport.

I will be filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all victims of mind control by the end of this year or the first of next year, and will use my 39 years of legal experience and first year law school training to sue the NSA and the CIA for the crimes they have committed and have been getting away with for decades against us, the American people, who make it possible with our taxes for them to have jobs, so that they can use our own tax money to torture us to death.
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