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Monday, May 15, 2006

It could have been worse. It could have been Camp Hello Hello Fox Football Friday. 

How about sending your kids to a secular humanist summer camp?

Camp Inquiry is a summer program for young people ages seven to sixteen years old, with special junior counselor programs for young adults ages seventeen to twenty. There are also opportunities for college students, guests and adult counselors.

The Center for Inquiry, a non-profit organization with offices around the world, will be launching Camp Inquiry in the summer of 2006. The dates for our first year are July 12th to July 17th, 2006....

Along with regular activities planned at Camp Seven Hills, programs and events are being developed especially for Camp Inquiry. Our goal is to introduce young people to skepticism and free inquiry and to help them develop an appreciation for science and humanism. Through fun events and activities young people will learn about extraordinary claims within the paranormal and supernatural realms, about human values and decision-making, and they will enjoy adventures in nature that will help them to appreciate our universe and the wonderful discoveries humanity has made....

At Camp Inquiry we will explore the night sky and learn about the constellations and how ancient civilizations explained what they saw in the skies above. We will learn about astrology and UFOs and the idea of heaven. On our nature hikes we will explore topics such as cryptozoology and evolution. Arts and crafts will feature fascinating looks at holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween....

Specifically, the program includes a Superstition Fair on Thursday, July 13; an "evolution vs. creationism challenge" on a nature hike on Friday, July 14; "Sunday School a la Freethinker"; and the all-important celebration of diversity.

But I doubt the camp counselors will be reading this paper during story time. They certainly wouldn't want to inquire into it:

I venture to explain the thesis that not only Islam and science are inseparable from each other but also that in the present age, science is the most effective medium for the propagation of Islam....

By observing, perceiving and contemplating on the creation of the heavens and the earth, men of faith inevitably come to the conclusion that this creation cannot be without a purpose. Man has to live in this world for a fixed duration and get his subsistence from it. This universe is replete with tangible and intangible Bounties and Blessings of Allah which sustain and support man’s life on the planet. He is the vicegerent of Allah on this earth and all the things of the world have been subdued for him. He has been vested with powers over them and by their judicious use can reshape this world according to his plans and wishes. The world is capable of melioration and improvement.

This worldview of Islam gave birth to modern science. Muslims in their glorious period of history raised science to great heights....

The present dichotomy of science and religion should be abandoned. In its pursuit after Godless truth, science has no doubt bestowed power on man but its potentiality as a God-appreciating source of knowledge has been totally ignored. This has made it amoral, secular and atheistic. Islam can provide the solution by its principle of Tawhid. By using this principle, we will be only using science as the most effective medium for the propagation of Islam in the present day world.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

the world was running out of crazy foil hat wearing people who dream of being probed by aliens

glad to see there going to make more in these camps
what exile said.
I would think that this crowd would believe the aliens to be delusions.
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