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Thursday, May 11, 2006

At Least I'm Not A Poodle 

You Are a Chihuahua Puppy

Small, high strung, and loyal.
You do best in the city with a adults - young kids could crush you!

From here. And here. Relevant quotes from the latter:

I try to stay on the trail, but I can’t help it. I see a patch of gorgeous wildflowers off to the left and just have to check them out. I chase a painted lady butterfly down a ravine to get a photo. I notice a bird nest to my right and wonder if it’s holding any eggs. Why would God plant so many enticements deep in the woods if He didn’t want me to find them?
Jennifer, I have concluded that you are a puppy....And I mean that in a good way; it's nice to see something neat and want to go take a look at it.

Your "stay on the trail" buddies may be more worried about nature harming you, than you harming nature.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

No way! You rigged that. And that doesn't look like any chihuaha I've ever seen. He's too furry and...cute.
No, I didn't rig it. And I haven't seen the picture yet; whenever I look at this page, the picture doesn't display. (Firewall issues, perhaps.)

I had a chihuahua when I was about 4 year old that we ended up giving to my grandparents (our apartment wasn't the best place for a chihuahua). They spoiled that dog...
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