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Friday, December 05, 2003

Oppose Traffic Calming Obstructions
The Oppose Traffic Calming Obstructions web site has been created. In addition to a few reasons to oppose traffic calming (which will look familiar to Empoblog readers), the site includes a reposting of the song "Non Sequitur 15", a number of anti-traffic calming links, and even a blog that is solely dedicated to traffic calming issues.

About the music: The Ontario Emperor song "Non Sequitur 15" (mp3 format, 764K, 0:48) originally appeared on the CD Besieged, issued in October 2000 by mp3.com (R.I.P.). This was the only Ontario Emperor song from the mp3.com period that included lyrics. The lyrics: "Oppose traffic calming in Ontario California."

About the blog: The first couple of postings in the Oppose Traffic Calming Obstructions blog were obviously taken from this blog, the Ontario Empoblog. However, in the future I plan to place any traffic calming-related comments in the other blog.

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