An Era Is Over cannot be found.

I started with back in 1999, posting the mp3 "Days Summer Days" to the site in January of that year and releasing the four-song CD "Cheating at Solitaire" in February of that year. Back then my Macintosh didn't have CD-writing capability, so the facilities at were much appreciated.

Forget Ontario Emperor for a moment: what about "Taco Taco Taco" by Doctor Orange?

I hope someone can come up with a financial proposition that will allow independent artists to publish their music on the web. I hope that the current proposals don't end up degenerating into a "we only want your music if everybody will like it" ho-hum.


Anonymous said…
Just curious, what is your catalog of Doctor Orange tracks?!

I have 9 tracks of his back during the old days, but I'd love to get the rest.
Ontario Emperor said…
That's nine more than I own, and seven more than I've heard. The only two songs I ever heard were "Taco Taco Taco" and "Buried Alive."

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