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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Fake Interview with Saddam Hussein
Some people are convinced that the US did not capture Saddam Hussein, but an imposter. One article notes that:

Many Arabs who saw Saddam as a champion of Arab rights did not want to believe it was really him in custody.

“If it were really Saddam, he would have resisted capture. But if in the end, it is proven that it is really him then these pictures are humiliating for every Arab and Muslim,” said Yemeni salesman Ali al-Zebaidi. “I still think the pictures are of a Saddam look-alike. They don’t prove it’s really him,” added fellow Yemeni Badr Obadi.

While this may irritate Americans, think how Saddam must feel about this. He makes a statement to someone, and that someone doubts that it was Saddam who made the statement.

See the December 16 entry in the KOER blog for the consequences of this view.

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