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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hayley McQueen in the Ontario Empoblog 

Hayley McQueen has been mentioned in passing several times in the Ontario Empoblog, but these three posts are probably the most significant:


In England, it appears that the daughters of sports stars don't become boxers or whatever - they become newscasters (or presenters or whatever they call them over there)....Hayley didn't join Manchester United, but she didn't fall straight into presenting. She has at least one production credit, as producer of something called the Roary Roadshow Summer Special from Boro TV.

While Blogpatrol has been iffy, it turns out that this blog has become one of the major sources of information about Hayley McQueen. (Korpi schmorpi, I guess.) In fact, a Digital Spy thread prominently mentioned a post in this blog....Gordon McQueen actually played much of his career at Leeds before moving to Manchester United. Leeds now regards him as a traitor. And apparently dad has a Sky Sports presence also.

[quoting Hayley McQueen] "The first World Cup I actually remember was 1990, before then I was too young to even realise the importance of it....I wasn't even born in the days when Scotland were a half decent team but I'm aware of the importance of Argentina 78, but there were two extremes for our family in that tournament. My Dad damaged his ligaments just 2 weeks before the team were due to travel to Argentina and was devastated. Like Rooney, he travelled with the team in the hope he was going to be fit for the latter stages but of course they never made it passed the group stages."

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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