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Thursday, July 06, 2006

At least it wasn't a bidet 

Annika links to blogagog.

This seemed like such a great and comfortable idea when we were installing it yesterday.

Unfortunately, I awoke this morning and it was clear that I hadn't thought this through, and had made a horrible mistake.

More here about applications and fabric absorbency.

Speaking of which, various eco-friendly Brits are obviously saying that disposable diapers (nappies in Brit-talk) are utterly evil. Their solution?


The new eco-fabric as it takes up less land than cotton and there are no social exploitation issues. On a practical level hemp is more absorbent then cotton.

Main drawback being that it can shrink noticeably. However when nappies made with pre shrunk hemp are attached to other fabric, such as fleece in the bum hugger, then it holds its size and shape well.


When Susie Little of What's Hempinin' Baby?™ began making cloth diapers, she wanted a cloth diaper that was more environmentally friendly than the traditional 100% cotton cloth diapers. In the six years since she decided to use Hemp in her cloth diapers, Hemp cloth diapers have become on of the favorites among cloth diaper users. This is because cotton and synthetic fiber can not match Hemp's ability to absorb moisture. Hemp fabric is three times stronger than cotton of the same weight, absorbs more moisture, and will last much longer than cotton alone. Hemp is a high yield plant producing the strongest natural fiber known to man. It can be grown pesticide free and has no known insect enemies. Hemp has inherent antifungal, antibacterial properties, is breathable, recyclable and non-allergenic; making it the ultimate cloth diaper fabric.

But the story takes an abrupt change (emphasis mine).

All of the hemp/cotton knit fabrics used in cloth diapering are produced at a mill in China. The importer who originally designed the hemp/cotton fabrics that are imported into the US visits the mill a number of times per year. She monitors the conditions of the mill, the quality of the fabric, and makes any necessary adjustments in production.

And does she also ensure that the workers are making US$6 an hour? I think not. Fascist scum.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

I believe it would be ideal for the young lady to get her hemp in Mexico ... that way they would be doubly reuseable.

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