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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two good places for tree-sitting and crop-growing 

We talk about tree-sitting at a very young age. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself uttering the words, "[co-worker] and [another person], sittin' in a tree...." So obviously the whole idea of tree-sitting resonates in us beginning in our youth.

Tree-sitting is a wonderful thing. It engages your senses - the visual sense of seeing the world from above, the hearing sense of listening to the rustling of the leaves, the smelling sense of the scent of the bark, and the tactile sense of feeling bark, leaves, and smooth branches as you're up in the tree. (And if you choose to eat part of the tree, you can engage the sense of taste.)

Gardening, growing, and harvesting are other things that are very nice and wonderful. You give life to plants, allow them to grow, then harvest them for sustenance and medical needs. A true thing of beauty.

Some baby seal clubbers want to limit your right to sit in trees and grow crops by expressing views about things like "property" and "ownership." As if humankind has any control over God's creation.

So let's say you want to sit in a tree or grow crops. Where can you do this? I've found a place (taken from a March 2005 article):

[Daryl] Hannah is often referred to as the Blonde Goddess of Hollywood, but as far as we’re concerned she’s the Green Goddess of the Rocky Mountains. Hannah lives there, off the grid....

“I have been a vegetarian since I was 11, and I eat organic , and my belief is that all these things are tied together, everyone says to me “what’s your issue”? but its all the same (its about) humanity — all environmental interests are tied together.

And really that is Daryl’s consistent theme — which she has been able to put into practice in her off-grid home:

“My house in the Rockies was an old stagecoach stop. Its pretty small, and I restored and put solar power in, and we have spring water because there’s a spring next to it. It basically all runs on solar, and we have a back up bio-diesel generator.

“I took a barn that was being torn down to put up a new post office, all made of old growth hazel (wood), and they said that if I took it before they tore it down then I could have it. So we took it all apart and numbered it and put it back together and that’s now the winterised dwelling.

The stagecoach stop was not insulated really except with newspapers, for about a hundred years every traveller who came through would put up an extra layer of newspapers from wherever they were from, so it was not very warm but there were newspapers from the 1800s….

“Anyway, so we winterised the barn and we turned it into the hillside (on one side) and directed it towards the Southwest (on the other) so it is getting both passive and active (solar energy),

“I call it the art barn, and I have a big art space for creative endeavours, whatever that may be, music or painting or what movies or whatever.

“We also have an organic garden, and we get worm juice, ” she giggled. ” The bottom portion of it is all greenhoused in , and we let the water come running through – there’s a little creek – (which) keeps it half humidified as well and waters the plants.”

We saved the most amazing detail for last. If there was an Oscar for recyling, Daryl Hannah would be the only nominee. She has actually made a couch out of mossy stone.

“All the stone and scrub oak that needed to be moved when we put the barn in, we used it inside the house. The stone that had moss on it we use as a couch, and we water the couch to keep the moss alive.”

Now that’s what we call off-grid.

Isn't this beautiful? And I'm sure that Daryl would love it if you enjoy this beauty also. So head up to her magical place in the Rockies, climb a tree, and grow some maize. But she's mysteriously about the exact location:

Grist: Where do you live?

Hannah: I'm in the Rockies. My house is bermed into the hillside, and so the front is all greenhoused in so I can grow indoors.

It turns out that she revealed a little bit more in Whole Life Times regarding the locations of both of her homes:

In Colorado, [my house is] an old stagecoach stop. Our couch is a rock covered with moss—we put cushions on it and the moss stays alive—it can go dormant for months at a time. We take the cushions off every few days and water it and keep it thriving.

Summer is my favorite time up there. Summer and fall are when all the wildlife are having their babies.

My home in Malibu is small. I have a greywater system, it’s all on solar power, radiant floor heat. I think it was a hunting lodge in the ’20s. It was a big nursery, too, so there are lots of incredible fruit trees: plum, grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, apple, fig, avocado, persimmon, apricot, pear… it’s crazy. Giant cactuses that grew out of their pots and into the ground. I have a one-room house but my living room is outside. There’s a moss deck—it’s like carpet.

So if you can't make it to Colorado, go ahead and join Daryl Hannah in Malibu. Even if she doesn't have any trees on her property, you can grow crops out there. Just ignore the ravings of cameronga:

By: cameronga on June 03, 2006 at 06:16pm
Flag: [abusive] [best of]

Its private property. Ante up the asking price or leave.

Couple days living on a tree on the property? Wonder how long i'd last if i entered darryl hannah's property and set up camp. Not long i'd think.

Poor cameronga is misguided. I'm sure that Daryl Hannah would love it if people would come visit her and enjoy nature with her. She wouldn't want to hog all of that beauty for herself. After all, she doesn't own it. And if you visit at the right time, you might not only get a nature view, but a naturist view (from a 2003 article - emphasis mine):

Hannah Strips for Playboy

Actress Daryl Hannah has agreed to appear naked in Playboy magazine, at the age of 42. The Splash star will feature in the November issue of the legendary male interest publication after stripping for a shoot at her Malibu, California, home. Hannah is said to be in the best shape of her life - thanks to a rigorous regime of karate and sword fighting for her role as an assassin in upcoming Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill.

And if you can't find her place, you can perhaps climb trees and plant crops at her friends' places:

Usually it's the reverse, The Colony has more d-listers and Carbon [Beach] has the A group, but not this year.

Sitting on the beach in front of two catered and full-bar parties (one a TV station owner, the other a music label owner) from 3-10, it was a virtual parade of the b through d group. Gone from the walking tour this year were regulars Leo and Tobey, Courteney and David, various Osbournes and others. Easiest to just list them, the comments almost write themselves:

Kenny G
Melissa Rivers
Daryl Hannah
Jonathan Antin
Bruce Jenner

So go, all peoples! Climb trees! Plant crops! Love the world!

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

I say "Go Daryl!"
Ah, but one needs to treat others the way you want to be treated. If Daryl believes that the landowner at the site of the South Central farm should allow others to grow crops on his land, will Hannah allow the same rights on her properties?
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