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Friday, June 16, 2006

In this post I'll probably talk about Napoleon 

It happens without fail. Someone writes about "Person X," and people automatically assume that Person X is doing the writing.

I talked about this before. It all started when Annika blogged about an e-mail to Lindsay Lohan. (At the end of the post, Annika notes, "i got a strange response. From somebody named Mailer Daemon. Must be her publicist.") Initially, the comments were from Annika's friends, and the usual people who lap up all that is Annika. But after a couple of weeks, people started writing TO Annika:

lindsay lohan i want to know you, please can you send me a mail to my email adress to know me and then we can talk in the msn please give an oportunity'

Posted by: David on Mar. 12, 2005
Dear Lindsay or whoever is reading,
Hey, what's up? I would like to know more about Lindsay Lohan. If anyone know her phone no & e-mail or one of them pls give it to me.If this e-mail reads it lindsasy lohan ,can u give me your phone no & e-mail pls. Thanks . Bye

From your Fans

Posted by: Marlene on Mar. 16, 2005
hi i think you are cool totally (sister) yeah he likes to talk about you i think you are cool to! bye!

your #infinity fans Marla and Jonathan Villamar! writ us back!

Posted by: jonathan on Mar. 28, 2005
my brother totally loves your songs! especially "rumors" oh well bye! ps. can i have your phone # and e-mail address?

Posted by: KINDEYKV on Mar. 28, 2005
you guys are really sad.. u honestly think Lindsay would respond to that.. and wat makes u think tht by telling her u noe a cool guy shes gonna care. Oh and for those saying if lindsay is reading this can i have ur email/phone number oh yea cuz a famous celeb like her doesnt have enuf paparazzi bugging her she needs ppl like u bugging her too.. why wld she ever give out personal info like tht to u guys. oh and PS she did change her email a LONG time ago.. if u wanna mail her.. i suggest u send a letter to her fan club in LA.

Posted by: julia on Mar. 31, 2005

And so on and so forth. And so forth. Eventually, Annika's Journal will start getting comments from starry-eyed fans of Robert Redford.

But it's not just Annika's Journal readers that think that they're talking to a celebrity when they aren't.

I recently encountered this again while searching for the most obscure post about Enya. Google returns a maximum of 1000 results per search, so I went to one of the results at the end of the list and found an Enya discussion at gnoosic. The very first entry was written directly to Enya, as was the second:


>>By LIzA
hey enya do you have any idea that blink-182 listens to you ????????

>>By tom d's girl

It seems that almost half of the entries are directly to Enya personally.

I appreciate your music, ever since you left the corrs, you've been very successful on your own, enya. Your music makes many people visualize dreams, and places beyond which you don't find in alot of music. I'm no hippy, but good luck!

>>By Odessygrl

And there's this question:

Enya Hiiii
How I can get your song

>>By bright star

Bright Star, you just have to plunk down some bills. Credit cards also accepted. (Bright Star may be under the impression that Enya gives all her songs away, letting them float on the mists of time. The music bizness don't work that way.)

Eventually, kae pointed out the obvious, and cantilena91 responded:

why is everybody talking like they're talking TO Enya ??

>>By kae
Maybe they don't know the fact that Enya might not read these messages as she is quite well hidden from the publicity...! She has never ever given a live concert nor toured but still has over 40 million copies of her albums sold!! Think about that! ;)

>>By cantilena91

Ah, but do we know that Enya has never performed live? Maybe she was a backup singer on the Sex Pistols reunion tour.

But perhaps I'm being too harsh when I say that Lindsay or Enya or whoever never read all these things written about them. Take this excerpt from the June 2005 edition of blackfilm.com, which published an interview with Lohan at the time of the "Herbie: Fully Loaded" release> (blackfilm.com???)

[blackfilm.com] So do you read what's written about you?

Lindsay Lohan: If it's there, I'll read it. I grab it

By way of contrast, here's what Enya said in a 1996 interview:

MK: Mmm hmm. I know over in the UK, the music press can be brutal. (Enya laughs) They can, you know, say wonderful things about you one week, ("Mmm hmm") and the next week, you're -- you're in the can. How have they treated you over there?

Enya: Well -- I think they find it -- they find me quite confusing, because -- they know the music, but they don't know anything about me . . . because I keep a very private lifestyle so they -- they end up, ah, making up stories as such. But I don't really concern myself too much about them (laughs).

So Enya and Lindsay, if you read this blog entry, could you provide your phone number? Thanks lots and lots!

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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