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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It beats writing about hacks of the highest order 

Blogpatrol has been somewhat stable lately, so this is a good time to figure out why people are coming here.

christopher nance (Google)

No new trial date has been publicized.

michelle lissel (Google)

Michelle is alive and well and reporting from Germany. Just saw her on "Ticket to Germany" last night, filing a report.

"bluegrass institute" (Google)

There's a related story that, as a regular contributor to Word Search, hits close to home.

A site dedicated to Bible study was included on a government "blacklist" of Internet pages blocked to state employees in an effort by administrators to boost workers' efficiency.

State officials had also blocked employees' access to other Web sites including at least three Jewish-related sites, newspaper blogs and the University of Kentucky's Institute for Rural Journalism....

A Finance Cabinet spokeswoman said last week that the sites were blocked after a review nearly two weeks ago of those most accessed in state government and were intended to boost employees' efficiency. State officials were not targeting particular sites, spokeswoman Jill Midkiff said at the time....

State officials first said in a document explaining coding on the "blacklist" that it included two different categories of sites, those that were blogs, and those that were "pornographic in nature."

Among the sites marked on the "blacklist" was www.blueletterbible.org, a Christian Web site dedicated to Bible studies.

However, Pinson later said the religious sites were among those that had been on the blocked list "for some time" because of complaints and were not necessarily pornographic....

Tony Romero, a project manager for the California-based organization that operates blueletterbible.org, said certain biblical terms found on the site, such as "bondage," may explain why it's blocked.

Krystal Fernandez (Google)

No new news. Her Yahoo Group isn't all that active.

Mike Froland (Google)

This blog is the third most important source of information on Mike Froland - and I had to do a search to remember who he was. See here.

Angi Taylor (Google)

Don't know if the kid has a Junior Broadcasters' kit yet.

tim liotta (Google)

Don't know what he's doing.

jessica hahn images (Yahoo)

Perhaps she could start a bus ministry.

van earl wright (Google)

Speaking of vans, what's up? What's happening? What's going on?

Star Jones (Google)

Harry Reasoner is rolling in his grave, guffawing at Walters' embarrassment.

Karunakar Yenikapati (Google)

Whatever happened to that danged cartoon competition? If they had held the competition in AD 800, you know they would have finished it by the deadline - in fact, they would have finished it before the deadline.

shanel lu (Google)

An associate of Stacy Nadeau. By the way, there is now a Wikipedia entry for Dove Beauties.

peter Popoff’s ministries (Google)

Ah, but does he have a bus ministry? Can he heal a bus?

Anthroposophical studies (Yahoo)

No new info here, but I did find out that you may not want to invite anthroposophists and theosophists to the same party:

[Anthroposophy is] [k]nowledge and practical techniques based on the body of teaching given out by the spiritual philosopher and esoteric scientist Rudolph Steiner. Although very similiar in overall cosmology to Theosophy, Anthroposophy differs in many important details, and also in an entire attitude which is more "organic" whereas Theosophy tends to be intellectual and rather dry.

orel hershiser jughead (Google)

While I guess this is true, I prefer the "Conan the Librarian" moniker. He is now on ESPN.

Updated: Feb. 13, 2006, 9:54 PM ET
Hershiser will serve as studio analyst this seasonESPN.com news services

BRISTOL, Conn. -- Orel Hershiser is rejoining ESPN and will be a studio analyst for the network this season.

"We're thrilled to welcome Orel back to our deep lineup of established baseball experts," said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, studio and remote production. "He possesses the unique ability to articulate a complex dynamic within the game -- pitching and the pitcher/batter duel -- which resonates well with our viewers."

The former NL Cy Young Award winner was an analyst for ESPN and ABC during the Little League World Series from 2000-01 and was on ESPN's major league Wednesday telecasts during 2001. He joined the Texas Rangers in November 2001 as an associate to former general manager John Hart, became pitching coach in June 2002, then was shifted in November to executive assistant to team president Jeff Cogen. Hershiser quit the Rangers this month.

"I couldn't pass up the opportunity to rejoin the ESPN family," Hershiser said. "I have loved my time with the Rangers and it has had a tremendous impact on my post-playing career. While I will be analyzing them as objectively as the rest of baseball, I have some great relationships and fond memories of my time there."

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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