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Monday, September 18, 2006

Additional observations on Boten Anna 

OK, not everyone is enamored with the song, or the video. For example:

Scandinavia - the strong hold of design and style and impecable taste. This stereotype is true, apartments are stylishly decorated, people are tall blond stunning and oh-so-stylishly dressed. It is enough to give anyone else an inferiority complex . . .

The Danes are not the only ones responsible for bad pop music. The Swedes are still going strong! Another big song here at the moment is "Boten Anna"by Basshunter. You have to watch this one as well. I've linked to the English subtitled version, so you can truly appreciate how cheesy this song is. Whilst Boing is just cringingly awful, this one has a cute cheesy appeal. Many Danes originally thought this song was about a boat, a super boat that cleans up channels, but no, it is about a 'bot', of course, what else. How can anyone have a hit singing about an IRC application!!! This guy needs to get out more. You'll notice in the film clip not only is he paddling a silly boat and dancing as though he is trying to follow a Jane Fonda video, he is also driving a yellow dune buggy type vehicle . . . with his laptop on the seat beside him. He is quite an atractive young man but he really needs to get out.

Is there a problem with a song about Internet Relay Chat?

Lucky that synthetica never really took off. I don't think the world is ready for a series of songs about the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

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