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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Curses! Foiled Again 

From downtown Ontario, California on Sunday, October 8. [PICTURES NOW IN CORRECT ORDER]

This is the former site of Mexico Lindo, and is the new site of Mi Mexico Lindo. Mexico Lindo sold very good 75 cent tacos several years ago, but then it suddenly closed and was closed for a long time - it felt like years, and it probably was. Recently, while driving down Euclid Avenue, I noticed that there was a new business there, with the imaginative name of Mi Mexico Lindo. I looked forward to visiting it to see if it was the same type of business, and if the tacos were still good.

So this afternoon, after washing my wife's car (or, more accurately, having it washed - yes, I am the problem, not the solution), I figured I'd go to downtown Ontario to (a) take photographs, and (b) have a taco. I plan to post my self-portrait from that excursion on my MySpace account later tonight.

So I started at Logan's Candies (yes, the one connected to Hannah Rowley), walked down B Street, then walked down Euclid toward Holt to get to Mi Mexico Lindo. Unfortunately, I ran into this sign:

I hope this "maintenance" doesn't last too long.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

My Pretty Mexico? Well, as long as it tastes good we don't care how pretty it is.
I for one would not eat an ugly taco. But I would apply my usual preference for minimal makeup to tacos. I don't want a Tammy Faye taco.
LOL! Well, that's good to know!
Well I dunno about this taco thing but I'm POSITIVE that Zeke's (off Vineyard???) is a WONDERFUL place to go for breakfast... I just wish it wasn't so far from LV
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