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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Daniel Lawrence Whitney Video 

Followup. Found this at Dead Frog.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

I just sent the following message to Blogger. Until this is fixed, you can find me at blog.myspace.com/oemperor

- - - - - - -

On Friday morning, I tried to add the new blog "Ontario Logoblog" at ologo.blogspot.com, subsequently was then told it already existed, but was unable to modify it. Later I successfully added ologo66.blogspot.com with the "Ontario Logoblog" name. I successfully posted to the latter blog. Later that day, I logged on via Blogger and received an "Unexpected error" message. Apparently I was logged on - I could comment on messages from other blogs - but I could not get to the screen to post or maintain my own blogs.

Tried the same thing from a second computer later that day, got the same message.

Just happened to look at my profile http://www.blogger.com/profile/2102803 and noticed that TWO Ontario Logoblogs appear. However, the first Ontario Logoblog (ologo.blogspot.com) is "Not found."

In short, I can't get to my dashboard, can't post to any of my blogs, and I have a "created" blog that is inaccessible and cannot be deleted.

Can this be fixed?
Blogger sent me an automated email that pretty much said, "look at our help, and if you still have problems, reply to this message." I replied, referencing this discussion, and asking when the problem would be fixed.

I've subsequently started blogs on Yahoo and Frappr (in addition to the blog that I already had on MySpace), but all of these services only allow one blog per account. If Blogger can't do anything, I'll just put cross references in the comments in my existing blogs and go from there. Bible verse comments? Go to Frappr! Radio parodies? Go to Yahoo! Technology? Go to...I dunno, Livejournal or sumfin.
I figured out another alternative. I might just continue my blog as a series of comments on this Larry the Cable Guy post.

If nothing else, it will enforce a word limit on me, which will keep you from having to read never-ending stories.
Gosh! I had no idea you were having so much trouble. I've never encountered anything like that. Blogger is really wacky sometimes.
I've posted a bunch of additional stuff in my MySpace blog as of late, but I'm proudest of this joke.
Pride goeth before a fall...
I don't get it.
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