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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OEMR - A Series on Moral Relativism 

Yes, I know that the Blog Etiquette Powers That Be state that blogs are supposed to be spontaneous written diarrhea and all that, but I'd like to attempt to author an orderly exploration of various topics pertaining to moral relativism.

So far, I've decided that I'd like to touch upon a few issues:
  • Those who insist on battling one sin (e.g. greed or homosexuality) while ignoring other sins (e.g. greed or homosexuality). There's a whole list of sins to look at. (Actually, there's a similar list somewhere else; I just have to find it.)

  • Those "open borders" advocates in authority who maintain that illegal immigrants are not morally obligated to follow U.S. rules about jumping fences, but are currently criticizing students who refuse to follow school rules about jumping fences. [1] [2]

  • Last but not least, I'd like to touch upon selective application of the Bible in a more general sense. Whether we label our view of the Bible as "inerrant" or "inspired" or "a good read," all of us (including those who believe in inerrancy) like to choose some parts of the Bible and ignore others. I recently discussed this in terms of those who discount the Pauline Epistles, and I once discussed how Thomas Jefferson's denial of anything miraculous led to the Jefferson Bible, but I'd like to delve into this issue a little more.

And I'm sure I'll find some moral relativism thing that hits closer to home. THAT oughta be fun.

More later.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Yes, I know that the Blog Etiquette Powers That Be state that blogs are supposed to be spontaneous written diarrhea and all that…

Hilarious! Gross. But hilarious. Bitten by the philosophical bug. I love it! These are all great topics.
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