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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In which I again visit Blogpatrol and use the opportunity to veer into tangential commentary 

According to Blogpatrol, I have crossed the 100,000 visitor mark. So this is as good a time as any to see what is on the minds of the Americans, Sumois, and Ivory Coasters that are coming here:

christopher nance

Don't know if there's a new court date or not, because his website doesn't appear to have been updated. Incidentally, I happened to see one of his books, something along the lines of "I'm going to see the weatherman today, and he is my hero and is completely wonderful." Kinda sad when you write a fiction book to promote hero worship about yourself. Willard Scott, for all his faults, looks better and better every day.

Angi Taylor

Haven't heard if she's working full time or not.

Helen Marnie

She is DEFINITELY working. Since Ladytron is one of my close personal MySpace friends, I'm informed of their touring schedule. And no, I didn't see Ladytron in Hollywood on Halloween. It requires a major effort to even see my cousin when she's playing out that way.

krystal fernandez

This is probably as good a time as any to note that AM 570, purportedly a sports station, has now actually shifted to a sports format. Phil Hendrie has been replaced by Joe McDonnell, and Greasemancow or whatever (Mancow) has been replaced by a local show with Fred Roggin, T. J. Simers, and Tracy Simers. As far as I know, no Krystal Fernandez on the air out here (except perhaps in Lancaster).

michael jackson

Mama, tell us 'bout the good ole days.

bart mckay

McKay is with McLane Company. (Wonder if you have to be Irish to work there.) See here and here.

nikki cappelli

Again I'm going to go off on a tangent. It's early December, and already people are afraid to say the dreaded words "Super Bowl." Just heard a Troy Aikman commercial in which he referred to "the big game." (Website here.) What is this, a lion safari? (Bears maybe, but not lions.)

lee klein( Klac)

Sorry Lee, I'm usually asleep by that time. Or I'm not listening to radio at any rate.

are enya and sinead o'connor cousins

No, but the Edge and Bob Geldof are stepbrothers.

I'm kidding. Actually, Andrew McCluskey is Paul McCartney's love child.

confetti pyrotechnic

I don't even remember talking about this. Did I talk about the Pepsi commercial or something?

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